A Crystals Guide for Beginners

Date 8/14/2023
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Crystals have been around for millions of years. They are natural and of the earth. Having the right crystals and gemstones in your possession and using them properly around your home and body can help you to attract the energy you want in your life.

Since the beginning of time, people have sought out gemstones for their beauty and powers. Not only do they create energy vibrations when worn, but they are also used to supplement a healthy lifestyle and provide all sorts of healing therapy. Gemstones are commonly used in astrological remedies, so an astrologer can help you understand which gemstones would be most beneficial to you.

There are many places to purchase small crystal gemstones. Good sources can be found online, along with information about the many uses for various types of crystals. Here’s a helpful tip: shops catering to rockhounds and collectors often have much better prices than Metaphysical shops.

The Difference Between Crystals and Gemstones

Gemstones are found inside rocks, where they are only formed under specific conditions, such as erosion, heat, pressure, and even force from water. Some gemstones can be formed synthetically, but their power is never as strong as that of natural gemstones.

Three different types of rocks can contain gemstones: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Igneous rocks are formed from lava and can bear crystals. Sedimentary rocks are produced by weather conditions and can produce all sorts of gemstones. Metamorphic rocks are a combination of igneous and sedimentary rocks and can hold the rarest gemstones.

Crystals are a kind of solid that’s made up of ionic bonds. These particles create a crystal lattice structure and then align themselves in a unique way to form flat faces that are arranged in a systematic fashion. Long used in electronics, crystals have electrical and other properties that are useful in a variety of scientific applications. Because crystals contain or can conduct energy, they’re ideal for bringing balance to your home. You just need to know how and where to use them.

What do these crystals have in common? They are all colors that are soothing and easy on the eye: blue, green, purple, pale pink, cloudy quartz, clear quartz, and mixed colors. The color of a crystal will give you an insight into what it can be used for because the color is a good indication of the level of vibration of the crystal. The crystal's vibration helps to bring it into alignment with an out-of-balance area so that they both vibrate simultaneously and bring harmony. Incorporate using calming crystals while practicing other stress-relieving practices such as mindful meditation to bring peace.

Are you thinking of introducing crystals into your repertoire of spiritual practices? Here are some things to consider.

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How To Use Crystals

Crystals have many benefits and it's conceivable that there's one to help with every aspect of your life. Tiger's eye is a good choice if you hope to enjoy stability, aventurine is ideal if you need to balance erratic emotions, while crystals such as lapis lazuli and amethyst can boost psychic abilities. Take some time to carefully consider what you hope to gain from using crystals. It will help narrow down your options from the myriad available choices. If you're unsure, a guide like ours can help.

Psychic Delilah shared this personal example of how her Aunt used the power of amethyst to maintain her mental and physical health.  

"A few years ago, my aunt gave me the history of the beautiful pieces of Amethyst she had collected throughout her marriage to my uncle. As a child growing up, I would see it everywhere in her home, and she had the most extraordinary piece that had a permanent place on her nightstand. Her husband was a career Navy Officer, and often brought back jewelry from his travels. She had Amethyst everywhere, and she wore it almost every day in some form of jewelry. She told me about how thankful she was that her health had always been so good, and she had always slept like a baby. She was fit as a fiddle still, and her mind was sharp as a tack at age 95. I have no doubt the amount of Amethyst she was around daily, played a big part in her healthy lifestyle."

How To Choose Crystals

It's possible that you don't know what you want to use crystals for, and it's quite all right to just like the idea of owning some of these beautiful stones. You may like to try to let the crystals choose you. Personal experiences differ, although the crystals will usually do this by appealing to you by either sight or touch. Don't fret if you don't feel anything. It's perfectly okay to choose a crystal because you like how it looks. There's a good chance that you'll take the right crystal home without knowing.

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Bringing Crystals Into Your Life

Bringing Crystals Into Your Life

According to historical accounts, gemstones and crystals have the power to offer healing, nurturing, and strength to those who wear them. Their natural beauty lends itself perfectly to all sorts of jewelry. There is no limit to the power of crystals, and many people choose to swap them out of their wardrobe depending on what’s going on in their lives on that particular day.

Bracelets are an extremely popular choice but don’t overlook earrings, necklaces, rings, or any other form of adornment. Think about the purpose of the stone as well. A crystal that resonates with the throat chakra would be wonderful as a necklace, but if what you’re looking for is to really hear others better, consider earrings.

Some people use very creative ways of introducing a crystal’s energy to their own, for example, placing a crystal in a glass of drinking water to infuse it with the crystal’s energy. But be very careful and do your research before attempting anything like this. Some crystals can dissolve in certain mediums (more on that in the “Are There Drawbacks to Using Crystals?” section).

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Do I Have to Wear Crystals For Them To Work?

No! You don’t have to stick to jewelry. Crystals make striking home décor. Find a large piece that speaks to you and use it to bring specific energy to a room. When choosing a crystal to bring positive energy into your house, consider selenite. It’s a special stone that can generate peace and clarity. Thanks to its unique properties, celestite also cultivates peace in a home. When using selenite or celestite, consider also bringing blue lace agate into your living space. Because it encourages calm self-expression, blue lace agate is a powerful crystal to reduce confrontations and angry outbursts. Place it on a windowsill or on a shelf that’s at eye level.

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Can Crystals Keep Out Negative Energy from My Home?

Amethyst, tourmaline, and quartz are three crystals that are helpful in warding off negative energy. You can place these crystals in your home’s four corners to ensure your entire house has protection. Place Hematite near the front door of your home. The protective energies will shield you from negativity brought by others. If these crystals and their placement doesn’t seem to reduce the negative energy, consult a live phone psychic for ideas on new places to put them.

Can I Take Crystal Energy With Me Wherever I Go?

Small crystals can be quite versatile in their uses. You can carry one in your pocket as you go about your day. Some are even specially shaped to be held or rubbed if you need a boost of their energy. Take one on vacation for travel protection or emotional support. You can also tuck a small crystal for help with sleeping or in among metaphysical tools like a tarot deck to keep their vibration high. Group a few very small crystals that work well together in a small bag to create a very specific talisman. The right stones in a red or pink pouch can be used to bring love into your life. Let’s take a look at some other specific uses.

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Crystals for the Car

Think about how much time you spend traveling in your car each day. It’s important to bring good energy and protection crystals into your vehicle. To stay safe, try placing turquoise in your glove compartment. Additional protection from physical injury comes from having amethyst and garnet close to the driver’s seat.

Healing Crystals for Pets

The benefits of crystals aren’t just for humans. They apply to four-legged creatures as well. For older pets, give them renewed energy by placing lithium quartz near their favorite resting spot. With rose quartz placed where your pets usually sit, they’ll feel more secure and peaceful. This crystal also brings calm and peace to humans. To enhance your furry friend’s digestion, position leopard-skin jasper near their food bowl.

Crystals for Restful Sleep

Doctors have set guidelines for how much sleep children and adults need each night. When nightmares, restlessness, and worry interrupt your sleep, you feel tired the next day. Fortunately, crystals can help.

Place fluorite near your bed to reduce worry. As a bonus, it also helps you break certain thought patterns. For anyone who is interested in dreams, kyanite is an excellent crystal for helping you recall what you dreamed. Place it on your nightstand to achieve the benefits of this stone. Once you remember your dreams, you can connect with an online clairvoyant to see if your overnight visions may foretell a coming event.

If you struggle with sleeplessness, crystals can help. Rose quartz, for example, can ease the tension and worry that could be causing your lack of ability to sleep. If you struggle to calm your mind prior to bedtime, try placing citrine or amethyst by your bed. This can help to soothe you and help you get to sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, place Hematite under your pillow to aid in providing a restful night's sleep. Try contacting a psychic network for more resources about crystals and restfulness.

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Crystals for Creativity

Your muse can be fickle, but the right crystal can woo it back to your side. If you work in a creative industry, crystals can amplify your creative process. If you are in a rut artistically or are wrestling with writer’s block, working with crystals can help get you back on track.

Crystals for Courage

If you are in a tough situation and need extra courage, aquamarine, amethyst, and carnelian are the right gemstones for you. These gemstones can give you courage during a particularly rough time in your life. Aquamarine is also known for releasing fears, relaxing a person, and providing mental clarity. Amethyst can aid you in balance and inner strength. Carnelian can give you a confidence boost and strength to take on tough situations and make tough decisions along the way.

Psychic Delilah shares this story of how she advised a woman who was facing some challenges with public speaking.

"Recently I spoke with a woman who was required to speak in front of a large group of employees twice a year in the conference hall. Just the thought of doing that made her nervous, even nauseous. She was embarrassed because her voice would quiver at times. I suggested she wear a piece of Carnelian as a necklace, bracelet, or earring, or even put one in her pocket. I told her the Carnelian might help to give her strength and courage while motivating her to succeed at what she had to do. She decided to do this and to her surprise, she felt more confident than ever before going into the meeting, which led her to be much calmer. She did fantastic and was even complimented by her boss. He asked if she was taking some type of public speaking class. Her secret is safe with me."


Crystals for Clear Communication

Have a tough conversation ahead? Bring along a crystal to help with communication or diffuse negative energy. Professional psychics sometimes use crystals to communicate what they see or hear clearly to their clients. Many psychics use celestite, also called celestine, to open up the throat chakra.

Crystals for Concentration

Most people turn to coffee or tea when they need a quick pick-me-up, but crystals can help with both energy and concentration. If you need energy, concentration, and a clear mind, surround yourself with quartz, which many people believe improves mental clarity. If you want to increase or stimulate your memory, citrine, and amber work for that as well. If you are a student, fluorite can help balance your brain hemispheres making it easier to study. It is an ideal choice to stimulate healthy brain function. Sodalite works well alongside fluorite and can improve communication skills. Amethyst not only gives you courage, but it can also help increase brain transmissions making it easier to think.

The students in your life can benefit from crystals too. Some have a hard time focusing on lectures or getting their schoolwork done, especially in the afternoon hours. This is because there's no designated nap time at schools anymore and most cultures don’t incorporate a siesta. Some crystals that can help students with concentration issues include topaz, apatite, pyrite, calcite, emerald, and ruby. These crystals work best when worn around the neck, close to the brain.

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Crystals for Energy

A lack of energy serves as the root cause of many bodily ailments. When you feel that you can't function to the best of your ability, try using red or yellow crystals. These work to stimulate your mind and body. Hold a clear quartz crystal with the point upwards. This can give you a boost of energy.

Will Crystals Help with Electromagnetic Frequencies?

In today’s society, everyone has a cell phone, computer, and other electronic gadgets at their fingertips at all times. Schools are also full of technology.  Televisions, computers, and other electronic devices emit artificial electromagnetic fields that can contribute to stress and negative feelings. These electronic items are a necessity to most of us, and the energy can be balanced using Lepidolite, a purplish, silvery stone. Fluorite, Smoky Quartz, and Amazonite can also be used to dispel electromagnetic stress. 

Crystals for Motivation

It’s common for people to get depressed and feel down every once in a while. In adults, it makes it hard for them to take on new tasks. It causes students to lose the motivation to learn and enrich their lives. Crystals like black onyx can stimulate the root chakra to get you moving forward, while sunstone can harness the motivating power of the sun to unleash your creativity.

Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

Who doesn’t experience a little anxiety now and then? Children aren’t immune either. Starting a new job is stressful but so is giving a presentation, performing in a play, or simply standing in front of others that you don't yet know. Luckily, there are several crystals that can help people overcome stage fright and the fear of starting new things. Some crystals to try include amethyst, chrome diopside, clear quartz, rose quartz, and lapis lazuli. If you're an empath in need of psychic protection, these crystals can help, too.

Crystals for Self Confidence

Crystals can help when you are having self-esteem issues. A few that are helpful with this problem include aquamarine, red tiger eye, watermelon tourmaline, green tourmaline, sodalite, garnet, and carnelian.

These crystals can also help the young ones in your life. Unfortunately, bullying is a common occurrence in school, whether you’re in elementary school, high school, or even college. It can do all sorts of negative things to a student’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Sending your child to school with a crystal worry stone to hold can help their ability to cope.

Some crystals that can help with motivation issues include citrine, rutilated quartz, rhodochrosite, tiger iron, chrysoprase, and red tiger eye.

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How Do Healing Crystals Work

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

People have used crystals as a source of natural healing power for years. Each crystal has a unique internal structure that impacts how the stone resonates. This creates a specific frequency that gives crystals their ability to heal. Each possesses a different set of healing properties. Depending on your ailment and your body's reaction to the crystal, you could start feeling better sooner than you think.

When you apply healing crystals to various areas of the body, they contribute to a gentle, non-invasive healing process. They also aid in restoring your body's stability and balance, along with working to encourage your body's natural healing mechanisms.

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Crystals for Headache Relief

Amethyst and Amber are two types of crystals used to treat any pain in or around the head. Place these stones near your head to feel improvement. Lapis lazuli crystals have also been shown to be effective at treating migraines in some people. An online psychic reading can walk you through finding the right crystal to address your ailment.

Crystals for Stress Relief

There’s no doubt about it—life is stressful. Some crystals that help with stress include chrysocolla, blue calcite, green aventurine, amethyst, morganite, angelite, and selenite.

If you need to release negative energy and heal your mind, turn to green jade, rose quartz or opal. Green jade boasts the ability to focus and heal the mind. Rose quartz is known for detoxifying the mind and cleansing negative energy and thoughts. Opal helps with emotional stability as well. Some people set up healing patterns with these different crystals during an especially difficult period in their life. Others choose to wear these crystals to always make sure that they have a clear, healthy mind.

Interested in learning more? We have a full guide on how to use crystals for energy healing.

Crystals to Raise Your Vibration

It’s not always easy to be your vibration high. But working with a high-vibration stone can help you feel better not only by discouraging negativity, but they can also encourage healing and improved health all around. These stones include moldavite, diamonds, gold herderite, and phenacite.

Crystals for Developing Psychic Abilities

Psychics have used crystals for centuries because of their ability to develop and boost psychic abilities. Experienced mediums know how and which crystals to use for the most effective psychic readings. They can help you too, even if you aren’t a professional psychic.

Crystals are brimming with natural energy. These energies flow through us and help center us, open up our intuition, and heighten our psychic abilities. There are certain stones and crystals that every psychic medium has in their toolbox. Amethyst is one of those crystals. Amethyst is powerful in clearing blockages in the psyche and opening the crown and third eye chakras. If you're starting to develop your psychic abilities, amethyst is recommended for its ability to kickstart intuition. As your psychic abilities start to strengthen, move on to more powerful stones like fluorite. Use fluorite with caution, though, as it can bring on strong visions quickly and vividly that can overwhelm you.

One more crystal you may find especially useful to further enhance the benefits of your next reading with a Psychic Source Advisor. A Moonstone frees the subconscious mind, dispelling any blockages and clearing the way to receive messages from Spirit.

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Can Crystals Give Me Psychic Dreams?

In your dream state, you're often able to connect with spiritual planes that are difficult to access in your waking hours. You may receive important messages from spirit guides or guardian angels. Receiving psychic messages in your sleep is easier when you take a mindful approach to this practice. Setting your intention and creating the appropriate vibrations for your journey will increase your chances of success. Keeping the right crystal under your pillow or beside the bed might give you the nudge you need to fully receive the messages that are waiting for you.

Crystals for Clairaudience

Most people think of clairvoyants when thinking of psychic mediums. Many are not aware of clairaudients. Clairvoyants are able to see psychic visions. A clairaudient, on the other hand, is someone who hears messages from spirits. Certain stones and crystals can help enhance a clairaudient's ability. Selenite crystals and lapis lazuli stones are known to stimulate psychic hearing. Labradorite stones worn as earrings are also a good way to enhance clairaudience.

Using Tarot Cards with Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals are a great tool to use before and after a tarot reading. Rose quartz can help increase your sensitivity and empathy during a reading. Blue quartz can help in interpreting tarot cards correctly. If a tarot reading has been especially difficult or emotionally draining, use smoky quartz or black tourmaline. Both offer excellent protective properties and are good at absorbing negative energy.

Crystals for Meditation

Meditation is the first step in developing stronger psychic abilities. Receiving psychic messages is difficult when our minds are buzzing. Meditation helps to reduce mental noise. Clear quartz is ideal to use during meditation and before a reading. White and transparent crystals help open the mind and connect us to the spiritual plane. Rose quartz is a powerful crystal for manifesting love. You can press the crystal against your third eye when you're meditating. The third eye chakra is the center of intuition and doing this can make you more receptive to psychic messages.

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How to Take Care of Your Crystals

Take Care of Your Crystals

Crystals offer a range of diverse benefits. You can use them in your home to dispel negative energies, in your car to help prevent accidents, as a meditation aid, or to help develop psychic abilities. No matter how you use crystals, you need to take proper care of them. Here's how to keep your crystals working as they should.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Before you begin to use your crystals, it's important that you cleanse them properly. Of course, it’s nice to keep them clean, but cleansing crystals is not the same as cleaning them. Cleaning removes dirt while cleansing removes the negative energies that crystals absorb over time, both before they came into your possession and after. You should cleanse crystals that come into your possession and then regularly, depending on how much you use them.

There are many accepted methods you can use to cleanse your crystals. One of the most popular is known as smudging. Basically, you pass a crystal through the smoke of a purifying herb as it is burning with the intention that the smoke will carry away any negative energy or even just unnecessary energy as it passes over the crystal. Sage is one of the most well-known herbs used for this, but you can also try sweetgrass, lavender, or rosemary. Resins like frankincense, copal, and myrrh will also do the job, as will sandalwood incense sticks or palo santo. Just make sure you get it from an ethical source to ensure the vibes are as high as possible.

If you aren’t fond of smoke, there are other methods. Passing it through running water can clean stale energy, as can letting your crystal rest on a bowl of salt. Some people use salt water or gentle dish soap while others are content to rinse them under a hot tap. Letting your crystal sit out at night during a full moon can also clear its energy. If you have one handy, the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl can also cleanse a crystal. The most important thing is to clean crystals gently and avoid harsh scouring pads which may scratch the surface of the crystal. If you wash your crystals, you can dry your crystals with any soft cloth, although a jeweler's cloth will give an attractive finish.

It's worth trying out different cleansing methods to find the one that works best for you. Just be aware that some crystals respond better to some methods than others. There are also some methods that will damage certain crystals. For instance, never clean selenite in any method involving water. It will dissolve. Always check to see what things react well and what reacts poorly with each type of crystal.

Charging Your Crystals

Now that you have cleaned and cleansed your crystals, you'll need to charge them. Some people refer to this aspect of crystal care as re-energizing. One way to charge crystals is to place them in the path of sunlight and moonlight for up to seven days. You can also bury crystals to allow the earth's magnetic field to draw out any negativity and charge them at the same time. If you're in a rush to use your crystal, you can place it on top of a larger quartz crystal for two hours and get the same result.

Programming Your Crystals

Your crystals are now ready for programming (their instructions). Most crystal users simply sit quietly with their crystal and focus on a specific energy, but you can also write your wishes on a piece of paper and then place your crystal on top of the paper to absorb your thought energy. You might also try the circular breath meditation technique if you know how to do it to program your crystals with your desired instructions.

How to Store Crystals

There is no universally agreed way to store crystals, so how you do so is a matter of personal choice. You might not even put them away at all, in favor of displaying them around your home, or you might choose to carry them on your person. If you do want to store them away, try to wrap them in natural fabrics such as cotton or silk. Chatting to a psychic online can help you decide how to store your crystals.

Following these tips will help you enjoy your crystals and get the most benefit from them. It takes just a little effort to keep crystals at their best, but the rewards for doing so are enormous.

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Drawbacks to Using Crystals

Are There Drawbacks to Using Crystals?

Some people are extremely sensitive to the energies that emanate from crystals. It's understandable that you would want to surround yourself with gorgeous crystals, but it's better to acquire a few at a time. By building your collection slowly, you give yourself the chance to get used to the various energies. You'll also notice immediately if a certain crystal doesn't work for you. It does happen occasionally and it's hard to pin down the crystal responsible if you have too many.

Can Crystals Be Used Wrong?

Many people wear gemstones to heal ailments, whether they are physical or mental. Gemstones can be very useful when worn correctly, but they can damage the body and mind if used or worn improperly. For instance, wearing too many pearls can negatively affect health instead of inspiring healing. Similarly, some gemstones are best used when worn around the neck while others are most beneficial when worn on fingers. Consulting with an online psychic before trying gemstones as remedies is always recommended, so that wearers can make sure that they are using gemstones correctly and for the right purpose.

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Do All Crystals Work Well Together?

Not only can crystals have a less-than-desirable effect on you, but they can also have an adverse effect on each other. Take carnelian and blue lace agate; carnelian acts as an energy booster, while blue lace agate is more often used to calm things down. While attempting to use these crystals together won't do you any harm, you probably won't reap the benefits either. They will simply cancel each other out. It's worth educating yourself about which crystals work well together.

Every gemstone has a different purpose. An astrologer can look at your astrological chart and tell you which gemstones would help you to best improve your life or achieve certain goals. Astrologers are some of the best psychics to consult about gemstones since these objects are all related to planetary bodies and the way they affect the energy and vibrations in your own body.

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Can Crystals Be Damaged?

With proper care, most crystals will last a lifetime. But some crystals are more fragile than others, so take that into consideration if you want to carry it with you. Keeping delicate crystals in their own pouch can help protect them when you are out on the go. Try not to store softer crystals in the same container you have harder ones to avoid getting them scuffed up. Pearls especially should be stored in a silk bag or jewelry box to preserve their luster.

Be careful around water with some crystals. Certain ones can be damaged or even completely dissolve in water. Don’t wear or carry any of those while swimming, and do not store or display them in a place that might get wet. Selenite is lovely, but pick another stone for an outdoor gem display or it will be gone in the next rain storm.

Even sunlight can damage some crystals, if you leave them out long enough. Amethysts and opals will fade or even change color with too much sun. Citrine will become clear quartz given enough time in strong sunlight.

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Can Crystals Be Harmful to Me?

Although we are using crystals for spiritual intentions, it’s always good to keep some physical world considerations in mind. Before deciding to use any crystals, keep in mind the environment they will be used it. Loose stones can be a choking hazard for little ones and pets.

While crystal elixirs are becoming more popular (placing a crystal in a glass of water to infuse it with the crystal’s energy) remember that some crystals can be toxic if ingested or otherwise introduced to your body. Even if they don’t completely dissolve in water or other fluids, they can release compounds that are harmful. Avoid making elixirs from malachite as it releases copper into water. Also, be aware that many crystals are porous and be mindful that immersing them in unsuitable mediums can encourage bacterial growth if not cared for correctly.

Wearers can use gemstones for a variety of purposes, so when you’re trying to find the right one, make sure you do your research. An online psychic can help you find the stones that will best help your life and goals. Do some research on the healing properties of crystals, they just may change your life for the better. The best crystal for you is the one you feel most drawn to, so wear it as a talisman, place one on your nightstand, or use it in meditation to reap the benefits.

Using Crystals in Your Everyday Life

Experiment with crystals and see which ones work best for you. A lot of using gemstones is believing in their power. Get familiar with them. Hold them and really ‘feel” what energy they give off. They are part of our natural world and are a gift for you to use in your search for love happiness!

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Types of Crystals

Types of Crystals



Available in a variety of colors and patterns, agates are a good stone to work with for anything involving relationships. Agate takes its time providing healing support, but this quality makes it ideal for working through issues and situations that require time and patience.

Blue lace agate – Ideal for releasing built-up tension in the body, blue lace agate is the perfect stone to calm you down when you feel overwhelmed or high-strung. If you're experiencing turmoil in your life or you just want to relax more often, this stone is one that you'll want to have around you, whether it be around your neck or wrist. It’s great at blocking bad vibes.

In addition to helping you feel more tranquil, blue lace agate can potentially give you hope and a sense of unity in your everyday life. If you're not naturally a positive-thinking person, you might want to invest in a piece of blue lace agate. Use it to improve communication between you and a loved one or get a little more clarity.

Many healers choose to wear blue lace agate in the form of a pendant for maximum effect and beauty. An authentic psychic can work with you to select the ideal form and placement of this stone for your individual needs.

Moss agate - Moss agate Is the color of money and is known as the money stone in many cultures. It can also help attune you to earthy energies.

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This striking blue-green stone is often found with white veins running through it. Amazonite can help you achieve any hope or dream, whether you're looking for success in love, your career, or another aspect of your life. This stone brings you truth and clarity, so you're empowered to bring your dreams to reality. Here's how to use it as a manifestation crystal.

Amazonite is especially helpful with communication and brings soothing to a tender throat chakra. It also acts as a gentle filter for anything interfering with clear communication and helps you access your intuition more strongly when processing communication. It’s a good purifier in general for anything to do with communication, including the devices you communicate with.

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Amber is not actually a gemstone but is used the same way as others for various purposes.  It is usually golden yellow but can vary from light yellow to green, to almost black or red. It is the fossilized sap of an ancient tree that grew millions of years ago. Sometimes an amber piece will have plants, or an insect trapped inside. Amber is used in everything from necklaces to bracelets because of its beauty. A real piece of amber will also turn warm when held.

Amber has a wide variety of positive aspects that can help you improve your quality of life, making it helpful to use it routinely in readings and everyday life. Amber provides a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing. It is used to aid in cleansing its environment by drawing out negativity. Amber is used to bring purification, patience, balance, healing, and calm to those who wear or carry it. It can also provide you with energy in addition to helping you detox.

For attracting love try to find a clear translucent nugget or bead. It brings success to any endeavor and will promote self-healing from other emotional hurts suffered in the past. This mineral is considered to be a healing stone in love and marriage, helping to promote calm and positive energy simultaneously. It will help you be ready for a new love.

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A good crystal for beginners, amethyst is much more than just mesmerizingly beautiful. This purple gemstone is known for its clarity. It excels at absorbing negative energy, alleviating stress, and clearing your mind.

Those born in the month of February can claim the beautiful Amethyst as theirs. These are people with creativity and a spirit of spontaneity that is infectious. Generally, those who are drawn to this gemstone are caring, kind individuals with a warm nature.

Highly regarded throughout history for its stimulating powers and beauty, amethyst is said to soothe both the mind and emotions. Legend has it that St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring engraved with an image of Cupid, which led to its status as the "couple's stone." Amethyst can help call back a lost love, create a deeper, more soulful connection with a partner, or open one's heart to new love.

The Amethyst Throughout History

Amethyst has always been admired in many cultures. Early Arabic people held the stone in high esteem, feeling it promoted healing and higher spiritual energies. Amethyst has been put into the rings of Popes, and in the crowns of many kings. In Roman and Greek orgies, it was customary to drink from an Amethyst goblet, therefore promoting harmony while bypassing any morning-after ills.

Ancient Chaldeans used the beautiful stone to make seals, as did the Egyptians and Greeks. Egyptians used the stone as protection from treachery and surprise attacks while traveling. Jewish priests wore it to symbolize spiritual power. In the 1600s, Amethysts were considered as valuable as diamonds. Tsar Alexis of Russia had a throne set with over 1,000 Amethysts.

Amethyst was also considered to be a very powerful psychic stone to safeguard against witchcraft and black magic. It was said that Amethysts would lose their color and turn very pale if placed near an angry, threatening person.

Amethyst comes in a variety of colorings from gray-orchid to red-purple. Those who possess an Amethyst generally want to show it off, to wear it and let it sparkle for all the world to see. Those who love Amethyst seem to want more than one. Amethyst promotes loyalty. They make striking home decorations and can provide long-term, uplifting energy to your home and everyone living in it. They are also versatile enough to have many uses, like the following:

Psychic Attack - If you have people in your life who stress you out, and you just turn into a bundle of nerves every time you get around them, what you are experiencing is a psychic attack. Amethyst crystals actually help guard against these attacks by turning that negative energy into love and protecting the wearer against ill wishes. It is also thought to transform harmful energy in general while cleansing the soul as a whole.

Anxiety - Amethyst is also a natural tranquilizer. By wearing these crystals, you can relieve your stress and strain while soothing irritability. Amethyst aids in cleaning the mental and emotional facets and promotes courage.

Stress - Stress affects everyone but when you feel that it is all a bit too much, a little amethyst can help put you right. It helps you see everything in the proper perspective. Amethyst crystals are one of the best stones in alternative medicine for improving mental function and reducing stress, as well as the symptoms that come from living a busy life.

This popular and beautiful stone may be exactly what you need when high-stress levels begin to impact your daily life and physical health. If you suffer from tension headaches, which occur at the base of the skull, use this crystal. Amethyst can help you unwind, relax, and de-stress.

Intuition - Everyone feels a little like they are missing the big picture from time to time and reacting to situations instead of taking control. Amethyst crystals help open your psychic abilities and enhance your natural intuition. The rich purple hues of amethyst match those of the third eye and crown chakras, making this an excellent stone for working with these areas.

Amethyst brings harmony to one's mental, spiritual, and physical realities, especially promoting the spiritual. It is a powerful aid when meditating. Use it to uplift your mind, your spirit, and spirituality. Meditating with amethyst may help you awaken psychic abilities that you were previously unaware of. Sleeping with one will offer psychic protection while strengthening your clairvoyance as you dream. Add an amethyst to your practice when you want to look within yourself, deepen your spirituality, or connect with your psychic gifts.

Focus - Amethyst crystals also help you focus by clearing your mind. The stones align your energies and clear out the noise so that your attention is free to focus on what really matters.

Memory - If you are often forgetful, amethyst crystals can improve your memory. By opening your mind, you are free to concentrate on the things that really matter and remember the important things, as well as the little details. It's wonderful to have around as we get older to clear through some of the mental fog that can develop.

Sadness - Have you had some bad days lately? Keeping an amethyst crystal with you throughout the day can also reduce your sadness.

Healing - Amethyst is often used for healing because it does not have any negative side effects. The stone is believed to provide emotional stability and make it easier for those who are seeking sobriety. Those who possess amethyst also have the opportunity to build up their inner strength and positive attitude. It's a wonderful assistant to have in supporting an overall healthy lifestyle.

Overindulgence - Do your stress and anxiety cause you to overindulge? Do you drink a little too much? Have a hard time turning down dessert or second helpings? Amethyst crystals help to curb overindulgences of all kinds.

Prosperity - Amethyst is not the most well-known stone for prosperity, but it is actually one of the best. Amethyst therapy can be very helpful when dealing with money issues or legal problems. It helps you see everything so clearly that finding a way out of your troubles becomes simple, and pleasant.

Travel - Because amethyst helps you see things clearly and find the elements on which you should focus, it is great for travelers and well-known for protecting people from theft. The stones let you spot threats before they become dangers, protecting you wherever you go. It's especially nice to have at the beach. Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals for calming and relaxation. Use it to help let your anxieties go so you can find peace in the moment.

Sleep - Amethyst is a calming stone that works to provide balance, patience, and peace. It also promotes restful sleep. Amethyst works well with Tiger's Eye as together they allow the whole body to relax and recuperate. Keep a large piece on your nightstand or tuck a small one under your pillow and sleep like a baby.

To dream of an Amethyst usually denotes a highly spiritual or emotional dream. For instance, if you should dream about losing an Amethyst, this could indicate trouble in your love affairs, such as a broken engagement. While just viewing an Amethyst could mean a very serene emotional love, or married, life. If you should see an Amethyst lying on the ground in your dream, this most likely would mean contentment with business affairs (money). If your dream shows you receiving an Amethyst, good fortune will follow all you do. While if you purchase this gemstone for yourself in your dream, the indication is that you are certainly raising your spiritual vibrations.

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Aquamarine, the gemstone for Pisces, is said to be the stone for those in positions of authority, who know what they want out of life and are not afraid to get it. Many are attracted to this stone because of its quite intense color and clarity. The Aquamarine seems to endow its wearer with a sensitivity, and awareness of others’ feelings. Many very confident people seem to be attracted to this gem. It seems that the more clarity the stone possesses, the more energy it can transmit, frequently endowing courage and confidence to those who decide to wear it.

The stone is colored a transparent blue to sea green and is part of the Beryl family. Beryl itself is a very important gemstone mineral, which boasts emerald, morganite, and heliodors as its family members. Principle areas where Aquamarine is found are Brazil, India, Russia, and the United States. The most desired form of Aquamarine is clear blue, without any green coloring.

Aquamarine, by virtue of its name and coloring, was always believed to ensure safety when traveling over water. This is the gemstone of sailors. Ancient Roman fishermen used the gemstone for protection while working on water, and also for bringing in a good catch. Roman physicians believed the stone aided with digestion and in the reduction of body fluids. Roman craftsmen created goblets of Aquamarine because it was considered a great purifier.

Those who gravitate toward Aquamarine are usually fanciful and imaginative, although sometimes a bit self-focused. They are healers, soothers, calmers, and protectors. These folks are perfect conduits for those who are too forceful, too strong, with powerfully heavy energies.

Aquamarine is thought to be the stone that can pick up spirit energies. It is also considered an excellent aide for meditating. It can bring very peaceful and serene energies to any meditation session. It has been used to receive wisdom to discover the truth in very advanced meditations.

If you are one of the fortunate ones to possess one of these gorgeous blue stones, use your Aquamarine to cool, calm, and heal over-stressed nerves. You will find it can provide calm, soothing effects, just like the sea itself.

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Aventurine draws on the earth's renewing energy. As you might expect from its dark green color, it has an affinity towards the element of Earth. It can help you in any area where you need to grow and can help in situations where you want to bring more prosperity or good luck to your life.

Aventurine is a wonderful ally for working with your heart chakra, especially when opening yourself up to lighter or happier experiences. It can be useful in drawing in friendships with kindred spirits. Meditate with it to discover and help overcome any blockages to your heart chakra.

Aventurine also helps with other sorts of blocks besides ones to your heart or prosperity. Creative folks will enjoy its playful energy in helping them become re-enchanted with their art after periods of stagnation.

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It's believed that azurite shares the same vibration as your third eye. This point between your eyebrows is the seat of your psychic abilities. If you're trying to release blockages around this chakra and enhance your psychic intuition, working with azurite is often an effective choice.

If you are new to learning about out-of-body experiences, azurite can help make the process easier and safer. Think of it as psychic training wheels as you attempt to expand your abilities. It can also be helpful in identifying blockages to psychic development and transmuting them into energies that will help you instead.

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There's nothing quite like the beauty of a bloodstone - its rich mixture of red and green tones makes it ideal for everything from bracelets to necklaces. However, you might not be aware that this stone possesses several metaphysical properties as well.

Bloodstone is thought to have special powers, some of which can benefit you if you have it close by on a regular basis. This material is believed to be able to predict the future. Specifically, some people think that bloodstones can create signs that foretell a situation to come.

The metaphysical properties of bloodstones may also be enhanced by placing it in water - think about this next time you go to retrieve your bloodstone ring or necklace!

In the least, this stone is thought to make it easier for its holders to feel calm and approach challenging situations in a better state of mind.

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Calcite comes in many hues, but all versions are known for healing powers that include grounding and centering the wearer. You can match the colors of different types of calcite to each of your chakras for all-over spiritual cleansing. It’s not only a cleansing stone, it’s an amplifier of energy and can work well with different stones toward a specific purpose.

Since calcite also offers much-needed stability, this crystal is ideal for those who find themselves constantly oscillating between unhealthy moods. If calcite is your stone of choice, you may be seeking to break a cycle of negative energy and achieve emotional clarity.

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This fiery stone is connected to the sacral chakra and helps attract success, build confidence, and hone intuition. The stone's reddish hues are often associated with the fertile menstrual blood of the goddess, while its browner colors represent masculine energy. In a relationship, carnelian is worn to boost passion, promote desire, and attract love.

Carnelian is a wonderful gemstone for a beginner. Thanks to its connection to the sacral chakra, carnelian is closely connected with passion. This crystal can inspire creativity, improve confidence, and even increase stamina. Consider choosing carnelian when you want to motivate yourself, avoid procrastination, or simply move forward with your intentions. This vivid orange-hued crystal can easily stimulate your creative juices and give you a new perspective that propels you forward.

Wear a piece of Carnelian as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, before a big public speech or work presentation. Or even just put one in your pocket. Carnelian can help give you strength and courage while motivating you to succeed at what you have to do. You might even surprise yourself with how confident you feel, not to mention calm.

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Those born under the sign of Gemini are often drawn to this calming blue crystal. If you’re constantly feeling as if you’re bouncing in between two extremes or torn between dueling decisions, this crystal offers helpful balancing powers. Celestine also provides clarity when you need it most.

If you tend to think most clearly when your mind is free to dream, this crystal couldn’t be a better choice, as it’s known to help the wearer recall dreams.

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Although a lesser-known stone, Citrine is quite the lovely one and offers much to its wearer. Citrine is a variety of smoky quartz crystal. Its coloring ranges from yellow to yellow-brown, orange, orange-brown, dark orange, and reddish-brown. Citrine crystals can also form with Amethyst or smoky Quartz. This fusion creates a multi-colored quartz called ametrine. Its name is derived from a French word meaning “lemon-colored”. Originally called “yellow quartz”, citrine became the name of choice as early as 1556.

Citrine is the modern birthstone for November, although Topaz was the original stone associated with this month. Citrine was acclaimed the official birthstone for the month of November by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Additionally, Citrine is the gem associated with the 13th and 17th wedding anniversaries. It is also the stone associated with the sun sign of Virgo.

Citrine has been adored for centuries. For instance, in ancient Greece during the Hellenistic Age (300 – 150 BC), it was used as a popular decorative gemstone. Interestingly, in 17th-century Scotland, the gem was popularly used on the handles of daggers and swords. Sometimes entire sword handles were made from this beautiful gemstone. During the Art Deco period between World War I and II, Citrine was widely used for decorative purposes. Movie stars of the time were known to wear large and very elaborate jewelry crafted from Citrine.

This gemstone favors those with courage, who dance to their own drum, and those with a strong will. This stone also vibrates well with selfless giving and creative impulse. Citrine gives its wearer comforting strength, peacefulness, and stability. If you sit quietly with your Citrine and allow it to do its work, it will promote balance, quiet, and peace of mind.

If citrine is your crystal of choice, you’re constantly searching for ways to eliminate negative energy from your life. As any accurate psychic readings would reveal, you thrive on positivity. Fortunately, this warm, honey-colored stone exudes the optimistic yet grounded energy you need.

This beautiful, sunny-hued stone is used in everything from jewelry to art, and it's thought to possess certain powers that positively affect those who hold it. Citrine supposedly has the power to make individuals more intuitive and better able to open themselves up to new energies in their lives.

Known for its cheerful yellow tone, citrine radiates positivity as brightly as the sun. It’s an excellent choice if you are new to working with crystals in general. If you're struggling with negative energy, you'll want to incorporate citrine into your life. This crystal excels at clearing negative energy, and it can alleviate lingering tensions from unhealthy relationship dynamics. This yellow stone's positive energy can also inspire prosperity and wealth, and it tends to be an excellent motivator. Consider using citrine if you're starting a small business or embarking on new financial endeavors. Citrine, known as the lucky merchant's stone, is perfect if you're looking for money and prosperity.

Citrine is also considered a success stone. While it doesn't deal directly with stress, it does encourage the alternative. That is, citrine helps to ensure that you have a positive outlook. Simply place a small crystal in your wallet, and this stone can help to tame your emotions. It can also aid in reducing stress-related digestive concerns, such as heartburn and stomach aches.

Furthermore, this golden gemstone is believed to provide people with energy boosts when they need them most. It can also help establish a balance of chakras throughout the body, which is one of the many reasons why people keep it on hand on a frequent basis. To combat nightmares, place citrine under your pillow.

This understated yellow-orange stone is associated with the sacral chakra and attracts happiness and love. It also guards against those who might break your heart. If you're already in a relationship, you'll be happy to know that citrine promotes incredible orgasms. Try meditating with citrine on the sacral chakra just below your naval or carrying a tumbled stone in your pocket.

There is another facet to this beautiful stone. It exudes such amazing positive energy that it has become known as the “stone of success”. In other words, whether in business or personal life, citrine can help to make your dreams come true. Citrine is a good crystal for your business or workplace because it encourages prosperity and abundance. Citrine has the ability to diffuse and dissolve negative energy. Its bright and happy energy can help people burst through blockages that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Citrine is best used for ailments having to do with negative thoughts and can help turn them to positive ones. It is a general strengthener and can bring new energy to the body on a cellular level, especially working with the heart, kidneys, liver, and muscle systems. Citrine is a good crystal for your business or workplace because it encourages prosperity and abundance. Citrine has the ability to diffuse and dissolve negative energy.

If you dream of holding a large citrine in the palm of your hand, this indicates that you will experience great peace and enjoy personal freedom. If you are given a Citrine gift in your dream, it indicates that someone close to you will ask for your trust. If you dream of wearing a piece of Citrine jewelry on your wrist or finger, it symbolizes that you will finally be able to release dated attitudes that no longer serve you. If you dream of seeing a brown Citrine lying alone, you will begin to learn something in a new way!

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This stone, which is frequently found in red, is believed to quiet inner emotions and create a sense of peace. If you're struggling with your feelings, coral might be the gemstone you want to keep on you more often than not. Harmony typically goes hand-in-hand with coral.

Another belief behind coral is that it can help awaken energy to pursue your passions and goals in life. If you've been having trouble motivating yourself to go after opportunities in your career or relationships, this gem can help you get on the fast track toward productivity.

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It’s been said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This might be slightly changed to read “Diamonds are everyone's best friend,” or at least most people's favorite gemstone. Apart from its beauty, there is a certain vibration within the Diamond that appeals to most people. This gemstone is for those who have problems with their reproductive system. It also gives users peace of mind.

Diamonds are flashy, noticeable and can be downright stunning. Consider the 67-carat Hope Diamond, and the 186-carat Koh-i-nor ("mountain of light") Diamond. Although both these stones had a somewhat sordid history involving greed, want and power struggles, they both ended up in relatively safe places. The Hope currently rests in the Smithsonian Institute, while the Koh-i-nor resides in the Tower of London, where countless visitors can view it along with the crown jewels.

Physically, the Diamond is one of the prettiest gemstones with colors ranging from blue/white, pink, green, red, blue, black, gray, to colorless (or better described as a flash of beauty). The Diamond is the hardest of gemstones. Only a Diamond can cut a Diamond. And financially, Diamonds seem to only go up in value.

Birthplaces of Diamonds include Africa, India, Brazil, Borneo, Russia, Australia, and Arkansas.

It is said that the intense vibrational force of the Diamond will bring a true lover into its wearer's life. Serenity in another aspect that the Diamond can render its wearer. On the other hand, legend tells that Diamonds will repel all aspects of malefic energy, nightmares, poison, and pestilence. Diamonds are exceptional aides in clairvoyant work and help in attuning vibrational forces to the higher self.

Diamonds are powerful healers, especially in the hands of a skilled teacher. They can aide in drawing toxicities out of the body, and actually hasten the discharge of toxicities from the human system. For centuries, natural healers have used diamonds to treat a variety of ailments from diabetes, epilepsy, menopause, to psoriasis.

Diamonds are great conductors of energy, and as such might feel cold to the touch. This is because of their high internal conductivity. Diamond energy can greatly influence your own. Because of its great ability to magnetize energies, it can reflect the negative as well as the positive. Therefore, it's best to cleanse your Diamonds on occasion to ensure their psychic energy. One way to accomplish this is by holding your gemstone in your left hand under cool tap water, then ideally putting them on a windowsill where they can absorb the vibrational force of the night sky. It's best to leave them overnight.

Over time Diamonds have become known for their association with love (engagement or wedding rings). Diamonds symbolize the expression of love and have also come to be known to symbolize power, prestige, and wealth. Essentially, they are a beautiful, strong, and powerful stone. This is a stone for the confident, the strong.

Dreaming of Diamonds is very telling. For instance, if a young woman dreams of receiving a Diamond in her dream, she will marry someone of high position and prestige. For a woman to dream of wearing a Diamond bracelet, it implies she will be with her mate for life. If she dreams of wearing Diamond earrings, she will experience a disagreeable event in a friendship. While wearing a Diamond ring shows that you will have great patience and adaptability.

If you see Diamonds in your dream, this implies your fortunes will increase. If you dream of owning Diamonds, this portends special honors and accolades from those in high positions will be coming your way. And lastly, if you dream your Diamonds are stolen from you, this shows that you are surrendering any false pretenses you have previously held.

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Dioptase is a bumpy yet more fragile, emerald green or darker stone with a powerful, concentrated presence. It can enhance stamina during an extended period of time with a succession of different people, such as at a work or a social event.

If you have trouble ‘being in the moment’ try keeping a piece of dioptase with you. It can be especially helpful with that if part of the reason you are having difficulties is due to past emotional wounds. As you might guess, it resonates well with the heart chakra.

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The birthstone for May is Emerald. It is often associated with the goddess Venus, who is representative of beauty and love, as well as the sign of Taurus. It also is linked to the planet Venus, as well as Mercury, and the moon itself. Emeralds are beautiful green members of the Beryl family, formed between the fissures of older rocks. Although the stone can be found in several locations, the major sources of the best-quality emeralds found today come from Colombia in South America.

It gained its name from the Persian word meaning “green”. Its coloring can range from true green (the most preferred), to sea-green, to rose-red. The most prized, and highest quality emerald is that of true green without a hint of yellow or blue in it. Famous poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote about the Emerald as follows: “the emerald heaven of trees”. This crystal is known for its imperfection and inclusions which are not only expected but accepted. Emeralds imperfections make them special, giving each gemstone its own look and identity.

The history of the Emerald stretches back to Egypt where tombs with beads and scarabs made of emerald were found. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, wore emerald jewelry made from her own mines. The Roman emperor Nero used to view the gladiator fights through an Emerald, feeling that this sharpened his eyesight. Empress Catherine the Great of Russia had a passion for the Emerald and wore it often. During the Spanish conquest of New Granada, the local Indian tribes burned both gold and Emerald in the belief that they would be considered love offerings by their gods.

The ancient Greeks believed this stone was perfect for the goddess Venus. They thought it ensured true love. People in Asia believed the emerald helped strengthen memory, increased intelligence, and helped with the power to foretell future events.

Some amazing emerald pieces can be viewed today. One such piece is a jar carved out of one Emerald crystal. This jar stands four inches high and weighs 2,680 carats. From the Hapsburg Empire, the jar is in Vienna. Another example is the former crown jewels of Iran, adorned with countless emeralds, and hundreds of years old. These jewels are currently in Tehran.

The Emerald also holds a popular place in Pop Culture history. Who can forget Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion’s eventful journey through the magical land of Oz to, where else, the Emerald City. Sing along… “We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!”

However, emerald is more than just a shiny green gem used in everything from necklaces to earrings. This stone is believed to be able to heal the body and bring energy to each of the organs. Emerald is also thought to restore spiritual balance and preserve love, which makes it valuable to those who are going through a difficult time in their lives.

These beautiful green crystals offer myriad healing powers, especially in their raw form. If maintaining focus or staying positive presents a constant struggle, raw emeralds can help you concentrate and eliminate negative thoughts. If you’re drawn to these vibrant green stones, you may also find that they help you become more sensitive to those around you. This gemstone is used to help users excel in academics and improve concentration and focus. The Emerald is basically a calming stone but has many other attributes. When worn by men, Emerald generally promotes joyousness, on women, ambition and change.

People have also used emeralds for various metaphysical reasons, ranging from paranormal sight to protection against otherworldly beings. The Emerald is a crystal that is great for helping one with psychic insight, abundance and assists in creativity. The metaphysical energy associated with Emerald helps to increase mental clarity, improve memory, and has a calming effect on the emotions bringing peace and assurance. Whether or not you believe in all of these rumors, the properties of crystals are worth exploring. Emerald has also been known to restore clearness to tired eyes, and aide in foretelling the future.

Emeralds are associated with the heart chakra. It is an excellent healing crystal for it is thought to assist healing of the lungs, immune system, eyesight and the Heart. It also promotes peace, harmony, love and honesty. This stone has the power to reconcile quarreling and restore friendship. This crystal protects your heart in troubling times, and it can help you see through dishonesty in others and speak truth Above all, Emerald is a quieting stone, bringing peace to its wearer. It is said that this stone has the power to transform the air around it to a lovely, calming green energetic quality, and promote peace. It works its magic by attracting kind and good energies toward the wearer.

In mythology Emeralds were known as a traveling stones, because of their association with Mercury the messenger to the God's and travel. People still to this day wear or take an emerald with them when the travel. Remember to wear your Emeralds when Mercury is Retrograde; it could help to make the road a little easier to travel and the map a lot easier to read!

Emeralds attract wealth and abundance. This stone can help you improve your confidence, which will in turn help improve your fortune. In addition, emerald has been known to help when it comes to property and land deals. When you’re looking to improve the flow of money in your home, add an emerald to your collection. The peaceful vibrations of the emerald will also help improve your intuition and memory. Talking to an online psychic can help you determine where best to place the stone in your home or business.

This is the gemstone for those who are forever young at heart, regardless of their biological age. It is the gemstone for those who are creative, outside-the-box thinkers, and who embrace life wholeheartedly.

It is a gemstone of springtime. It has been considered a talisman for Monday and is the gemstone for best used for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Emerald’s favorite time is 2:00 in the afternoon. These are the times when its energies are strongest, finest, and most powerful.

For those who like to interpret their dreams, know that dreaming of an Emerald will lead to a life of affluence. For those thinking of marriage, you will marry into an affluent family. If the Emeralds in your dreams are associated with other gemstones, you will have dealings with society and acquire much prestige. However, to dream of purchasing an Emerald means that you will soon discover someone you trusted has destroyed that trust. And, if your loved one happens to be wearing an Emerald in your dream, you may find yourself left in the lurch for someone who possesses more money.

If you are fortunate enough to own this beautiful stone, please wear it in good health, knowing that your own energies are being instilled with calmness, as well as those around you!

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The name “Garnet” comes from the Latin word “Granatum” meaning “pomegranate because the most well-known variety resembles the dark red color and seed-like formation of the fruit. Those who love the red garnet may be surprised to know that this gemstone comes in a variety of other colors—orange, a rare green, a colorless version and black—depending on where it is found. It is a silicate mineral formed from silicone and oxygen. The various colors are determined by the degrees of calcium, magnesium, iron, and aluminum found within each stone.

However, as the birthstone for January, it's best known as a brilliant red gem for those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Giving a gift to someone looking for love? A garnet inspires love and passion, helping the wearer let go of past patterns and get a self-confidence boost. If you're a Taurus, however, garnet is one crystal to avoid. By directing anger inside of you, it can create suppressed feelings. A Taurus needs to express emotions and talk, so they should look to other stones for luck.

Garnet is one of 3 stones that have natural star formations within, the others being sapphires and rubies. Garnet generally has four-point stars, but on rare occasion six-point stars have been found within the stone. For all its beauty, garnets are smaller stones, large garnets are rare. However, there is a legend that tells of the King of Saxony (in long-ago Britain) possessing a garnet weighing 468 carats!

As one of the oldest gemstones to be discovered - as far back as 3100 B.C. in Egypt - people have always appreciated the garnet's beauty. With such an intense red color, the January birthstone was used by pre-Columbian Aztecs and Native Americans as ornaments. Egyptian artisans created garnet beads, bracelets and other types of jewelry just as designers do today.

For centuries, garnets have been found in Australia, India, Spain and parts of Asia, South America and North America. Today, most garnets come from Sri Lanka, India and parts of Africa. They emerge as small pebbles in streams once the igneous and metamorphic rocks that contain them have weathered away.

In ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks and Sumerians all prized the garnet for the healing power they believed the gem possessed. During medieval times, people wore the gemstone to protect themselves from poisons, wounds, bad dreams and depression.

For centuries, warriors of different nations believed that garnets protected them in battle. The Crusaders, for instance, viewed them as protection against wounds and accidents during their travels. Asiatic tribesman were known to use garnets as bullets.

The history of this stone shows garnets were used as protective amulets for travelers. Stories persist of the stone turning dark when danger threatened and returning to its former brilliance once it had passed. Garnet is said to be the stone of the Apostle Peter. Pope Gregory associated the stone with the Archangels. It has come to be known as a highly resonating gemstone.

When you're looking to advance your career, garnet provides a great boost. This powerful stone makes other people want to work with you. Encouraging positive business relationships spurs you on to success! Garnet: This stone is said to help protect against accidents and injury. It's a great crystal to bring along when you'll be going on daring roller coasters and other adrenaline-pumping thrill rides.

The garnet symbolizes eternal friendship, trust and loyalty. From these attributes, people through the ages have believed the garnet exudes confidence, promotes courage, attracts success in business and protects travelers. Taken a step beyond its power over friendship, the garnet is also seen as a symbol of love and passion for those in a romantic relationship.

The garnet is also a good gift to give someone who meditates regularly and is interested in spiritual growth. Among gemstones, it's known as the stone of truth. To benefit from its mystical strength, the gem should be held close to the body, either in the hand or on top of the head during meditation. Spiritual experts believe it will help increase a person's imagination and make a strong connection to a person's inner self.

Garnet is a powerful stone with an array of characteristics that benefit relationships. It's used to improve feminine sensuality, inspire love, strengthen relationships, and stimulate sex drive. As a stone associated with the root chakra, garnet is a stone of physical love and psychic protection. It's so powerful, in fact, that many online psychics wear garnet jewelry.

This stone represents consistency, honesty and trustworthiness, much like those born in Capricorn, the astrological sign for January. This is also a stone of individuality, and of someone who sets themselves apart from the crowd, which is another typical Capricorn trait.

On the more arcane side, bullets made from Garnet were said to cause profuse bleeding in enemies, while in the hands of healers, Garnets stopped hemorrhaging. In the middle ages, Garnets were used to help heal boils, and inflammatory diseases. The garnet stone was used in all aspects of homeopathy. It is highly effective in dealing with any health issues related to the heart, lungs, or blood. It is frequently used to heal any inflammation or halt hemorrhaging. The Garnet will bestow peace and tranquility in its wearer and certainly enhance spiritual growth and healing.

Garnets have the capacity to keep your energies flowing, and therefore bring balance into your system. They promote regeneration throughout your entire body.

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Hematite is a great stone to carry if you work with the public. It's also helpful to place Hematite near the front door of your home. The protective energies will shield you from negativity brought by others. If you suffer from insomnia, place Hematite under your pillow to aid in providing a restful night's sleep. Often magnetic, this metallic stone is heavy, shiny, and promotes a strongly grounded connection to the physical realm. It’s helpful to wear during extended experiences with groups of people.

Achieving stability isn't always easy, but hematite can help. This multicolored crystal aids in keeping your emotions in check, thanks to its ability to handle negativity. If you frequently deal with stress or anxiety, hematite can absorb these unpleasant feelings while keeping your emotions even and your mind clear. Consider adding hematite to your practice when you need to hold steady during rocky times.

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Iolite's entrancing deep purple-blue color makes it a perfect pick for connecting with the crown and third eye chakras. Also known as the “Viking's compass,” this crystal is believed to awaken your psychic abilities. Iolite also helps balance your aura and cleanse you of negative energies, so this stone is a great choice when you're feeling muddled and are hoping for some psychic clarity in your dreams. This is known as a vision stone, opening the intuition of the holder, aiding in understanding, and clearing negative thoughts.

Iolite can also bring clarity to everyday situations too. If you need clarity about why you find yourself repeatedly falling into the same traps in relationships or have issues with any sort of addiction, try working with iolite.

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If you've ever worn jade before, you know that it tends to attract good luck. For thousands of years, those experienced with gemstones have considered jade to be one of the best for attracting wealth and prosperity. However, this green stone can do much more.

The energy of jade helps you to make better decisions in business and gives you better insight when it comes to stressful situations. It encourages happiness and prosperity, yet it still keeps you grounded. If you own a business that is having trouble, consider using jade to help turn it around.

This stone is also known as a great option for those looking for energy that incites happiness and joy. Having jade in your home or business can attract these positive energies toward you and your family. When you want to give a gift that helps the recipient feel grounded and stable, raw jade is the perfect option. It's a healing stone that provides support and grants the holder a feeling of peace and calm.

Incorporate jade into your life when you're seeking good luck and clarity, especially if you're traveling away from home. Consider jade if you are just starting out in learning about crystals.

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This gem is thought to stabilize your mood. Some believe that it can even help with matters pertaining to blood pressure. In the Far East, it's been long thought that jadeite can provide you with spiritual protection as well. In Chinese tradition, the gem is believed to represent wisdom, compassion, justice and modesty.

Others claim that jadeite has the ability to heal the body and deter fatigue. This might make you think more deeply about how jadeite affects your inner self. After you've been through emotional turmoil, you may want to seek out this stone for rehabilitation purposes.

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Jasper is thought to bring tranquility to individuals who are suffering from large amounts of stress. This stone is also believed to absorb negative energy, making it ideal for people who are attempting to restore balance in their lives. Jasper is crystal with a powerful grounding energy that wards off bad vibes and helps the holder direct their energy.

The most common belief about jasper, which can be found in several different colors, is that it can combat exhaustion. If you're constantly on the run or you simply feel fatigued more often than not, jasper might be a stone worth keeping by you on a regular basis.

Another assumption about this stone is that it can protect you from evil spirits. Jasper can balance your inner energies and give you more stability. This can put you in a better position to handle emotional stress in your life.

If you're seeking a way to give yourself an energy boost, you might want to seek out jasper. The stone is thought to be helpful in rejuvenating individuals, and it can ward off illness as well. Those who don't already have jasper in their collections of stones might want to consider adding it for these prime reasons.

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Kyanite was discovered during the nineteenth century. Its name comes from the Greek word for “blue,” since the blue colored variety was commonly found at the time. Found in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Burma, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. Kyanite’s range of colors include blue, orange, green, indigo, black and some uncommon white, yellow, pink and grey stones. However, the most common variety is still blue kyanite.

For years it was not used for jewelry; however, today crystalline gemstone Kyanite is sold worldwide as necklaces, rings and pendants. They have a powerful metaphysical energy, while being beautiful. And while it’s useful to wear Kyanite as jewelry, you can keep a piece in your pocket, or just place it under your pillow before going to sleep. You’ll be amazed at the sense of calm you’ll have in the morning. If you went to bed with questions, you just might wake up with the answers.

Blue Kyanite is a versatile stone that is useful for both beginners and those seasoned in crystal use. It will aid you to clear and align your chakras, stimulates your psychic awareness, while it helps to protect and ground you.

Kyanite quickly creates stillness and tranquility, which calms the mind. This allows for the deep, restful, and relaxing state often required to “open the third eye,” which promotes telepathy, as well as develops intuition, clairvoyance and other psychic gifts. This state of deep relaxation can also allow you to contact spirit guides and beings in the higher spiritual planes.

In addition, Blue Kyanite has a vibration that creates a protective shield around anyone working with it. Used as a spiritual grounding crystal, it also grounds any excess vibrations stimulated by any spiritual work. If you have accidents or surgery, Kyanite can also bridge any energy gaps for a quicker recovery.

What makes Kyanite so amazing is that it’s one of only two stones that never need to be cleansed or cleared. It automatically aligns all the chakras with a gentle and balanced energy. It does so without the user even needing to direct it by thought. In addition, it replenishes energy if you’re depleted.

Want to stimulate your psychic awareness? Kyanite can help! It quickly creates stillness and tranquility, which calms the mind. This allows for the deep, restful, and relaxing state often required to “open the third eye,” which promotes telepathy, develops intuition, clairvoyance and other psychic gifts. This state of deep relaxation may also allow you to contact spiritual beings in the higher spiritual planes as well.

In addition, Blue Kyanite has a vibration that creates a protective shield around anyone working with it. Used as a spiritual grounding crystal, it also grounds any excess vibrations stimulated by any spiritual work. If you have accidents or surgery, Kyanite bridges any energy gaps for a quicker recovery.

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A go-to power stone, and gorgeous to boot! Wear labradorite to hold space, like a solid container. That space also acts a shield to repel negative energy. If you are looking to let go of bad energy, whether it comes from inside or outside of you, labradorite can help.

If you are trying to be more contemplative about areas that can trigger anxiety, labradorite can help you find your center so you can approach those shadowy places and come out stronger.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a dark mysterious midnight blue stone treasured by the ancient Egyptians. Its color is rich, dense and not shiny. It has been worn by rulers, kings and queens for over 5,000 years as a symbol of power and wisdom.

Lapis lazuli is a powerful choice if you're interested in contacting spirits on the other side. This stone is known for its ability to help individuals transcend this reality and make contact with those in the afterlife. It may also help you connect with angels or spirit guides. Lapis is wisdom-boosting crystal, encouraging self-awareness and revealing inner truths.

Lapis Lazuli helps you to think clearly and make good choices, a something we need when looking for love. It will enhance your intuition and help you look in the right places for an honest love. It's thought that this stone can improve intellect and insight into everyday situations. Lapis lazuli is also believed to bring out honesty in its owners. For this reason, it's perfect for individuals who are in a relationship and want to establish a foundation of trust.

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What spiritual individual doesn’t love purple! Lepidolite is not only beautiful, but is great for extending emotional balance, especially when in an emotionally vulnerable state. Looking for a stone that helps with connecting to those who have already passed? Lepidolite, especially with visible layers, is known as the stone of transition. It gently induces change and connects you to the past.

This stone is a purifier, gently removing negativity. It resonates with the four upper chakras especially well. If you have blocks tied up with obsessions or depression, lepidolite can put you on a more even keel.

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Magnesite (not to be confused with magnetite) is a whitish gray stone whose raw state is said to resemble the brain. But despite its cerebral appearance this is a good stone to work when dealing with emotions.

Magnesite crystals can help to deflect some of the energy you feel when you are irritable. If you’re feeling extra sensitive, wearing or using this stone can help soothe those emotions significantly. Magnesite also pairs well with meditation, creating a completely relaxing environment around this crystal and its wearer.

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This green stone is an interesting one because it encourages healthy relationships based on pure love and not need. Malachite resonates with and boosts the female libido. It also blesses wearers with extra passion and stamina during lovemaking. As such, malachite is ideal for both young women seeking a partner and married women looking to reignite the passion in their marriage.

Malachite is valued for its protective qualities. It literally absorbs anger, jealousy, fear, and all sorts of negative energies. Malachite should be cleansed on a regular basis to maintain its vitality. Malachite works wonders for success in business. Malachite tackles another aspect of business; it protects you from misfortune and negative business associations.

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Moonstone is a beautiful gem that enhances your intuitive abilities. If there's a message from the other side that's appearing subtly in your dreams, keeping a moonstone under your pillow might help you perceive this message more clearly. Moonstone also increases your sensitivity to emotions, so you'll enjoy greater empathy if you're communicating with those on the other side in your dreamscape.

Moonstone has a special significance for lovers too. Associated with the moon, it acts as a stimulator of love. It's a traditional wedding gift in India and was believed to reconcile estranged lovers in European history. Moonstone attracts affection and passion, encourages acceptance, and arouses tender passions. A Moonstone frees the subconscious mind, dispelling any blockages and clearing the way to receive messages from spirit or a trusted conduit of spirit.

It’s a gemstone that is especially helpful for women as it boosts the pheromones that attract sexual energy. For women with a few years behind us, it balances hormones and revives our youthful attitudes and energy. Moonstone helps put our energy out there so it can be noticed by the right person.

Moonstone helps to protect you and your belongings while you travel. Slip a piece of moonstone into your luggage before you board the plane to make sure it arrives safely at your destination.

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Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Related to pearl, but slightly different is mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is also made up of nacre, a luminous form of calcium carbonate, but it comes from the lining of a mollusk, so it is thin and flat instead of rounded. Mother of pearl is a stone that can be extremely beneficial in your life. It is as lovely as its pearl cousins and also used for jewelry and decorative embellishments on surfaces.

Not only does this stone attract prosperity, but it also is a protective stone. It can be used to heighten the imagination and attract money to any endeavors you choose. Wearing mother of pearl is a great way to improve your psychic sensitivity and bring wealth to your home.

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There are many stones that are known for their healing properties and ability to help people overcome trying times in their lives, and one of them is onyx. This stone primarily comes in black, although it can be found in brown or white when mined.

Onyx is used in many pieces of jewelry today, and it has always been a mainstay in various cultures because it is thought to have metaphysical and healing powers. Onyx may increase the chances of receiving guidance through dreams and meditation. This can be especially helpful to those who are having trouble realizing their destiny.

Many people believe that onyx can help you stay grounded and refocus your energies, which may be important if you are going through a difficult period in your life. Onyx is also thought to provide holders with additional strength and protection against negative people and conflict.

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The word itself, opal, could come from many sources. From the Sanskrit, “opala”, (precious stone); and the Greek “opallios” (change of color); the Indonesian “maya” (illusion); Javanese “kali” (river); Indonesian “kalumaya” (river of illusion). Depending on the type and colors, some opal can cost more per carat than diamonds. Opal can exist in many different types, size and colors. Opal is found in the US, Australia, Mexico, Africa, Czech Republic and many other localities.

Opal forms in cracks and crevices in the stone native to the area it is found. It can even replace the organic material such as shells, teeth, bones and wood. The iridescence and color of opal is caused by small silica spheres that, due to their arrangement, diffracts light and gives opal a glittery color appearance. Water content of opal can vary from 5% to 20% and is the reason to avoid rapid temperature changes to opal as it possible to crack.

Throughout the millennia, Opals have gotten a bad rap, because of fabricated fables or simply wrong energy. Opal demands much of its owner: purity of heart and motive in every way. Opals are all about psychic vibrations and ideas being manifested. They exemplify thought patterns. Since this is such a powerfully magnifying stone, those whose thought patterns are muddied, or who just cannot handle such energy, should stay away.

Of course, those born in the glorious month of October or whose birthdays fall under the zodiac sign of the equally creative Libra (September 23-October 22nd) are heirs to the stone and therefore immune to any insidious energies. Looking at this from a different perspective, you might say this lovely stone with its powerful energy can help with the manifestation of your dreams, but only if you are focused and clear. After all, this gemstone is all about hopes, positive actions, achievements, and of course, love. Honor your Opal, keep it safe, and it will become your personal “lucky” stone.

This magnificent stone comes in an array of colors. Basically there are four types of opal: white, black, transparent and common.

The different varieties of Opals are as follows:

  • White Opals which are either pure white or milky white.
  • Black Opals come in shades of blue or gray, or are simply pure black.
  • Transparent Opals are either fire or water Opals.
  • Fire Opals are colored in a range of yellow to orange-red. Most show a magnificent play of colors.
  • Water Opals usually have little color or iridescence.
  • Common Opal has a milky colored opalescence, but no play of color. The patterns found within this stone are either harlequin, flash, flame or pin-fire shapes.

The most desirable Opals are black or white, and the most sought-after pattern is the harlequin. But whether harlequin or pin-fire, all Opals have a magical rainbow of color within them.

This beautiful gemstone actually loses some its life energy when it is away from its owner. For instance, its intensity is increased when it is being held in the hand of its owner and decreased when not being held or worn by its owner.

In metaphysics, opal is believed to enhance memory, creativity, and imagination. Opals are associated with the manifestation of ideals, creativity, and intuitive, mystical inspiration. They are also believed to ease change as well as bring pleasant vivid dreams to the owner of this stone. Some believe Opals enhance Psychic and intuitive gifts. The healing properties include regulation of metabolism and circulation to the heart. Opal is associated with the heart chakra. Opal also attracts desire, passion, and love. It encourages fidelity in romantic relationships.

If you dream of seeing Opals, you will have a season of very good fortune. Rainbows, like the colors within the stone, are symbols of good fortune, and happily ever after. If you dream of an Opal-colored sky, this means you will reconcile with someone you had a recent rift with. If you see Opals flashing their delicate rainbows of color all around you in your dream, you will soon be enjoying a wonderfully warm and relaxing vacation. However, if your dream shows you receiving an Opal or wearing one, you will suffer a misunderstanding with a loved one. Three Opals set in a ring or brooch means that your life will suddenly become much more harmonious. Wearing several Opals shows that you are an independent soul and will follow your own path regardless of what others say.

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One natural beauty that can provide several advantages to the holder is pearl. Pearls are the only gemstones that are made from an organic substance. They are formed inside live oysters and mussels as a result of sand entering the shell. The oyster reacts by covering the invading sand particle with organic matter, conchiolin, which contains nacre, that natural lacquer with a distinctive sheen made of calcium carbonate. This is the same substance that lines the oyster’s shell, from which we get mother of pearl.

After several years, a beautiful pearl is formed. Cultured pearls are formed by humans physically inserting a bead of sand into an oyster, which is then placed back into the sea. The oyster reacts the same way, covering this bead with organic matter and mineral. After several years, the oyster is then harvested.

Pearls come in varied colors ranging from white, creamy white, rose, yellow, green, black, and sometimes gray. The most highly valued pearls contain a smooth surface, thick coatings of mineral (aragonite), and an ability to reflect light. Pearls actually lose luster after a time, with a century and a half being the average lifetime of a pearl.

Pearls were first widely used in Asia and were considered to be the “tears of angels”. They have strong energies of modesty, purity and innocence. A perfectly round pearl has come to signify love and beauty.

Pearls as a fashion statement always seem to be “in”. And if we take a quick look through history, we can see that this is true. In the time of Jesus, we recall his using the pearl in one of his soliloquies. Wasted effort was defined as “casting pearls before swine.” Hindu mythology tells of a beautiful crystal tank created by the god Maya, the bottoms and sides covered with pearls. Everyone who came in contact with this gorgeous tank was immediately drawn to it, feeling cleansed by its very presence.

In ancient Rome, Pearls were very desired possessions. A look through the royal treasuries has shown many quantities of pearl necklaces, rings, and many other types of jewelry being found. One collection of a rich merchant included a carpet of pearls measuring ten and a half feet long by six feet wide.

Meanwhile, in ancient India, warriors had pearls set into the handles of their swords. The meaning implied the tears and sorrow the sword might bring. Pearl-handled revolvers, which came into vogue many years afterward, shared the same sentiment.

Catherine de Medici was given a gift of six ropes of pearls and twenty-five teardrops by Pope Clement VII, upon her marriage to King Henri II of France. It was said these jewels were the largest and finest ever created. Catherine wore them constantly. These same pearls were passed down to Mary, Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, and other Queens. After many years of wear and tear, the huge ropes finally, become just a string of still-beautiful Pearls.

There's more to pearls than their unique development. Pearls are thought to have a series of metaphysical powers. This gemstone is a remedy for a weak moon. It is a very good aide for someone who has an inability to nurture others, as it will help to bring out the caregiving of its wearer. It gives users courage and helps to cure diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Pearls from farms can be just as useful as natural pearls.

These pieces are representative of purity and innocence. Pearls are believed to restore balance and flow in our lives, making them extremely valuable to those who are looking for a sense of direction. If you're going through a difficult time in your life or you're constantly surrounded by negativity, it might be worth the effort to surround yourself with pearls. They are thought to remove negative energy from an environment and purify it.

Pearl is the gemstone that attracts people who are generous, seek peace and harmony, and are artistically inclined. Pearl exudes a certain serenity that appeals to those desiring a quietness, and serene sanctuary of inner space. Pearls speak to those who are true individuals, who “march to their inner drum.” Pearls have an aura of peace and comfort. Those who are fortunate enough to possess these gemstones, will most likely pass them down to heirs, for they become like family.

If you should dream of pearls and your birthday falls in June, this means you will know success by your hard work and patience in any given situation. If you receive a string of pearls as a gift, you will know a happy marriage. However, if the string breaks you will have unhappiness descend upon you. And if you dream of gathering up the broken pearls, you will have a small reversal of any misfortune. If you dream about being a collector of pearls, you will know much success in business and have a gain in social position and wealth.

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Peridot is the modern gemstone for August. It a transparent olive green stone that comes in only one color, green, but many shades thereof, ranging from light yellow/green to dark, brown/green. The lemon yellow variety was highly prized by the ancient Egyptians who believed this gemstone was capable of shining in the dark like a gorgeous lantern. The High Priests adorned themselves with Peridot to keep themselves grounded and free from any envious or jealous thoughts they might have about the all-encompassing powers of their Pharaoh.

In the Middle Ages, Peridot was thought best to be worn in beads in a collar around the neck. During this period, people thought the stone would help direct the sun’s energy toward its wearer, therefore guarding against depression or fear.

Peridot is one of the few gemstones found in meteorites. Interestingly and corresponding with this, ancient legends tell about Peridots being ejected to earth by an explosion on the sun.

Peridot is believed to help the body heal and bring vitality to its holder. In addition, the gem is thought to be an efficient purifier and strengthener. Those who are feeling negative emotions such as anger and jealousy may be able to benefit from peridot, which can remove them from the body.

On a physical level, many people believe that peridot can be effective when it comes to overcoming an illness or an accident. However, it can also be beneficial on an emotional level to those going through relationship troubles by quelling heartache.

Those who are structured, disciplined and practical are very much drawn to this gemstone. Also those who are gentle and cooperative admire this beautiful stone. The energies of Peridot include faithfulness, fairness, and trust. Harmonies created by Peridot will interact with its wearer’s vibrational force. Peridot can also raise its wearer’s consciousness, bringing out clairvoyant abilities.

If you dream of a Peridot in a jeweled case, this means someone around you is keeping a secret. If you wear a Peridot on your right hand in your dream, this indicates that you are an honest and open person. If your dream consists of finding a Peridot while working in a garden, this is a signal that you will hear unexpected news or have unannounced visitors. If your lover gives you a Peridot in your dream, this indicates that your relationship will be tender, caring, and in harmony with who you are.

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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is actually a fossil. Little to no wood actually remains at the end of the petrifaction process. It forms when wood is buried under wet volcanic ash or other sediment. The plant portions gradually decompose and are replaced by minerals found in the water. This occurs in such a way that the details of the wood and bark are perfectly replicated by the stone deposits.

Petrified wood helps to make the holder feel calm and secure, as well as create strong spiritual connections. It imparts lessons about survival and transformation and can help when undertaking any new projects for the benefit of Mother Earth.

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This stone’s color can range from gold to dark brown. Crystals help with emotional needs, but they can also help in attracting wealth and abundance. Pyrite is known as fool's gold, but it's also believed to be the abundance stone as it grounds the holder and reminds them of what they're working toward.

This stone works well for people trying to overcome imposter syndrome and foster leadership traits. It’s a bit too much for already bold personalities though, so keep that in mind. It helps in gaining the wisdom that leaders need and allows you to see through illusions.

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One stone that psychics rely on is clear quartz. You might already know that stones such as rubies and emeralds have special healing properties that can enhance your everyday life, but did you know that clear quartz can provide similar benefits? Although it's not as shiny and sparkly as gemstones, clear quartz has plenty to offer if you keep it by your side regularly. This translucent crystal is beautiful in its simplistic style. An outstanding stone for nearly any purpose, clear quartz is one of the most versatile crystals that you can work with.

Clear quartz is referred to as the ultimate healing stone because it can bring numerous benefits. Some of the most common advantages of using clear quartz is a boost in energy and improved focus. These crystals have stood the test of time, being used in various cultures all over the world.

This stone is thought to be the strongest when it comes to healing - many believe that clear quartz can absorb negative energy and remove it from your life, helping you feel better daily. Wear clear quartz as a pendant around your neck to detract any radiation that attempts to enter your body. Clear quartz also aids in improving mental clarity as well as in calming your emotions. In highly stressful situations, it is suggested that you place the crystal at your solar plexus. Hold it there and take a few deep, calming breaths. In doing so, you'll feel your body relax and your mind clear.

It's also thought that clear quartz can enhance psychic ability, which makes it ideal if you're interested in exploring your underlying talents. If you would like to enhance psychic dreams, consider using clear quartz points in conjunction with some of the other stones mentioned here to create a crystal grid at your bedside for this purpose.

Clear quartz is believed to be the best for regulating energy levels. However, quartz comes in many different shapes, sizes and varieties. Here are a few other types of quartz:

Lemurian Quartz - Between traffic jams and road construction, travel snags are inevitable when you travel by car. Bringing along some Lemurian quartz can help you maintain a peaceful, patient disposition.

Orange Elestial - Elestial is a type of quartz that's known to house angelic beings, facilitating strong karmic release, trust in the universe, and healing deep in the soul.

Rose Quartz - According to legend Cupid brought Rose Quartz to earth because its beautiful color arouses love and desire. It is pink and transparent and was often given as a love charm for young girls in ancient cultures. Rose quartz has been known to open the heart to beautiful things.

Like many types of quartz, rose quartz is known for its ability to transmit positive, glowing energy. If you find yourself seeking out the rose version of this crystal over other types of quartz, you may find value in its ability to help relationships flourish. Rose quartz is often called the "love stone" and has a high energy vibration that can promote love in any situation. With its combination of positivity and calm, rose quartz helps to set the stage for loving, supportive relationships.

Life has a tendency to get busy, and hectic schedules and jam-packed days can quickly become normal. If you're seeking to slow things down and achieve a greater sense of calmness and contentment, rose quartz is a smart choice for a beginner. It helps to open up your heart chakra and works to attract love or needed fortune in any marriage or relationship. A love tarot card reading can guide you where to look for love and rose quartz can help you attract it.

This stone can also add a boost to any relationship you're in now. This crystal excels at helping you find harmony in many aspects of your life, and it's particularly effective in romance. When you add rose quartz to your meditation practice, be prepared to open your heart and embrace new connections.

As a stone of lasting friendship, it sometimes shows love that is waiting there to blossom in someone we think of as only a friend. Rose quartz can help open our eyes to this type of love. This dreamy pink stone tops most lists for good reason.

Rose quartz’s ability to foster love also includes love of the self, lowering stress, and soothing those who are around the stone. It can help extend the patience, forgiveness, and acceptance needed in a healthy, loving relationship to its holder. Rose quartz is also used to raise self-esteem. Emotionally, this stone is helpful in relieving stress, balancing emotions, and bringing peace and calm.

Rose quartz is also one of the most inexpensive stones you can buy. Add it to your love altar, wear it as a bracelet or pendant, or keep one in your pocket to attract and cultivate more love in your life.

Smoky Quartz - Smoky Quartz is a great stone to improve your environment at work. It has a powerful vibration that deflects negativity from co-workers. Smoky Quartz placed on your desk will provide a positive energy field, protecting you from gossip and easing tension.

This stone is said to protect against disorienting energies, which can be an issue when you're moving from place to place. Keep this stone nearby to help ground you as you explore new destinations each day. When you want to give a crystal that helps with spirit cleansing and wisdom, smoky quartz promotes rational thoughts and clears out negative thought patterns.

Tourmalinated quartz – This interesting stone most often appears clear to milky white with black rods or fibers running through it. The fibers are of tourmaline, so they hold that same type of protection while helping remove unnecessary energies from the space between the reader/healer and the client.

Tourmalinated quartz is a particularly lucky stone, so using it will pull in all the good fortune you can get. It holds the lucky energy of both tourmaline and quartz and clears bad vibes from your life, removing energy blockages to bring you prosperity.

If you're a Sagittarius, though, move forward with caution. Some types of tourmaline crystals can be too much for a fire sign, boosting your communication to such an extent that you end up hurting people. Astrology readings online will help you decide if you should stay away from a particular stone because of your star sign.

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Ruby is a beautiful, powerful, strong stone. The middle of the summer, July, fittingly brings the fiery Ruby as its own special identifier. The natural owners of Ruby, and to whom it truly belongs are those who like a challenge. They are true individualists—creative and original thinkers. They also tend to be childlike in their admiration for the wonders of this world. Those born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 - July 22) are inherited owners; however, there are others who possess the qualities of the Ruby and gravitate toward this wonderful stone. This gemstone is used to offset the weakness of the sun. When worn, it helps the wearer feel powerful and become a leader.

Ruby is part of the Sapphire family. Colors range from pink to yellow, but only the red is called Ruby. Rubies have wonderful inclusions within them, showing they are clearly natural and not man-made stones. Some of these designs form web-like lacy lines while others have needle-like designs. These can come across as shimmers of light. Others form a stunning six-pointed star.

Rubies have a varied history and have been admired for centuries. For instance in India, they are called “ratnanavaka”, which means “Lord of the precious stones”, because rubies are valued above all other gems. In the Orient, if a Ruby is engraved with the figure of a dragon, it is believed to have power to bring its wearer increased material possessions along with immense joy. In ancient days, the warm flaming glow of the Ruby was associated with fire itself. Ancient people thought Rubies could boil water or melt wax. One delightful legend from India tells that the home of the gods was lit with large, glowing Rubies! The largest Ruby, weighing forty-one carats was discovered on Armistice Day, and consequently called the “Peace Ruby”.

Perhaps the most famous appearance of the Ruby occurred in the movie version of the classic “The Wizard of Oz.” Who can forget how Dorothy eventually found her way back home to Kansas from Oz. The magic happened as she clicked together the heels of her fabulous Ruby Slippers and uttered the iconic phrase “There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home!” Even all these years later, no Halloween costume of Dorothy is complete without a pair of Ruby Red Slippers!

The energies of this fabulous stone will bring peace to its owner, who will always walk in harmony among both enemies and friends. Ruby will bring health, peace and contentment to its wearer. In the East, the Ruby is called “a drop of Mother Earth’s heart’s blood.”

Ruby’s prime healing energies, used either in the form of the gem stone or elixir, are excellent for treating the heart and circulatory system. The vibrant stone is also great for treating infectious diseases and fever. Ruby has been known to help cure negativity in all its aspects. The ruby will help to promote tranquility in its wearer.

Rubies symbolize passionate love, so to dream of wearing more than one Ruby, you will have more than one very passionate lover. If you are the recipient of a Ruby, you will find success in winning over a reluctant lover. However, if you lose your Ruby, your lover will become distant. If you buy a Ruby in your dream, the size of your purchase will determine how powerful you view yourself. If you or someone in your dream is wearing a large Ruby surrounded by diamonds or gold, this shows the integrity and honesty of that person.

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September's birthstone is sapphire. When people think of Sapphires, they generally think of a blue-colored stone. Of course the nuance of the coloring can range from a sky-blue to an opaquer royal blue. However, this gemstone comes in a host of other colors including pink, gold, violet, orange, (dark) green, yellow and even white. Sometimes the stone comes in a magnificent blend of colors like one showing purple in regular daylight but sparking to a red coloring under artificial lighting. Each color has their own special properties assigned to it.

Sapphires are made up structurally and chemically the exact same as rubies. The only distinguishing feature is their color. Sapphires and rubies are the second hardest mineral known to man; with the hardest being diamonds. Sapphire, like the garnet and ruby, can sometimes have natural star shapes within their structural form. The six-pointed star becomes visible when light is shined into the stone.

A wonderful story involves the ancient Persians belief that the earth rested upon a giant sapphire, which colored the sky. This story magnifies the importance and beauty of this exceptional stone. Sapphires have been used as talisman for centuries. During the 13th century, books depicted the uses of sapphire as a talisman. For instance, a picture of a ram, or a bearded man, engraved upon a sapphire was believed to help protect the wearer from disease, poisons and demons.

Because sapphires were so rare, only the kings and the wealthy could purchase them. In the sixth century, the Pope ordained that every cardinal was supposed to wear a sapphire ring on his right hand (the hand used for blessing). Sir Richard Burton, a nineteenth century British explorer, author, translator, and Oriental scholar, owned a giant star Sapphire which drew him much attention and favor. Only those who served Sir Burton faithfully were allowed to view this magnificent stone. In the Far East, sapphires were regarded as protective, guiding lights. They were used as guards against witchcraft and evil. This stone was believed to bring good fortune to its wearer and help them to focus.

Another poignant example can be found in English poet John Milton’s verse when he referred to the stars as “living sapphires”. The poet Percy Shelley referred to the gemstone as such “the sapphire ocean”, as Sapphire was considered to be the gemstone of Neptune, the God of the Sea.

For those who have a humanitarian bent, and deep empathy, and those with great emotionality, sapphire is their stone. This is also a stone for those seeking something different, those who are sure of their individuality and not afraid to show it. Those who inherit this gorgeous stone, of course, are Virgos, born August 23 through September 22rd.

A Sapphire used during meditation will aid oneself in finding your hidden potential such as psychic abilities or mediumship. This stone will help your mind to clear and focus on the path you take to begin your journey. In Europe the Sapphire was believed to protect against “the evil eye.” It would protect the wearer from evil spells and reflect the spell back to the person casting it. If you feel that you could use more protection from negative energy in your life, this might be the gem for you. Sapphire greatly aids in astral projection, channeling, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Sapphire will help its wearer to find inner peace.

The Sapphire is believed to help obtain your desires of wealth. This stone will also help you keep this wealth once it is obtained and help you focus in decisions pertaining to your finances.

Sapphires are reputed to help their wearers focus on their health. It was thought that you would achieve full recovery sooner if you focused on health while you were ill. Sapphires generally help cure physical ailments and injuries. The gorgeous gem’s healing powers are strongly centered around the areas of the solar plexus and pituitary chakras. The sapphire is very powerful in treating any mental imbalances such as depression, stress or hyperactivity. It also helps the body to assimilate any nutrients and proteins more easily.

Sapphire is also thought to bring wisdom to those who hold it. If you want to tap further into your intuition, this might be the key to doing so - sapphire is thought to help individuals receive more insight from above easily.

If you should dream of wearing a Sapphire, this is a wake-up call to check if your behavior has become too impulsive. If you dream of someone else wearing the gemstone, this implies that a friend will help guide you in social situations. If you see the blue of a Sapphire in your dream, this means any worries you were suffering from will dissipate. Dreaming of a Sapphire will tell you that your lover will be there for you. If you dream of Sapphires in regard to business, this indicates that you will enjoy good fortune and financial gain. If your friend is wearing the stone, this shows that they will have good luck bestowed upon them.

Blue Sapphire - The stunning blue sapphire should be the choice for those who are looking for amplified creative expression. The stones can also aid in meditation and peace and can have a calming effect, which allows a person to bring out their highest levels of creativity.

Blue sapphire is beneficial in personal expression as well. Artists or people who need to delve into their creative selves can benefit by surrounding themselves with blue sapphire. Many people who work in creative industries wear sapphire daily to bring out the best in their minds and creative processes.

Yellow Sapphire - While many stones that attract money and power tend to be green, the yellow sapphire is a powerful tool when it comes to improving your finances. This stone helps you attract prosperity and wealth, along with helping you achieve your dreams and becoming more successful.

If you use a yellow sapphire in your business setting, it will help you find better business ventures and expand your business. In addition, this gemstone is known to help you improve your mental skills and concentration, further improving your business life in significant ways.

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Sardonyx is the traditional birthstone of August. It is a quartz gemstone with parallel flat bands. The colors range from rose/orange/red to white and brown. Sardonyx has been used extensively in cameos and for making seals. A beautiful necklace made of Sardonyx and Carnelians was discovered by archaeologists in one of the Egyptian tombs.

Sardonyx was most popular in biblical times, in ancient Greece and Rome, and somewhat into the early 1800s. Its healing qualities were thought to be especially good in treating any wounds inflicted by scorpions or spiders.

Sardonyx inspires courage and strengthens love. Self-control and good luck are offshoots of its powerful energies. Swedish theologian, mystic and scientist, Emanuel Swedenborg called the stone, a symbol of “love of Good and Light.”

If you see a selection of Sardonyx in your dreams, you will have an influx of abundance. If you should purchase the gem, this indicates the start of a new and creative adventure. Seeing a very large Sardonyx means you should begin balancing the varied elements in your life.

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Shungite was reputed to be a purifying stone in Russia, in the small village it gets its name from (Shunga). Farmers and gardeners can use a ground version of it to clean up heavy metals and pesticides from polluted soil. No surprise that it naturally resonates with your root chakra.

This is handy to have on a trip to an amusement park or other high-tech entertainment centers. Electronic devices will be all around you at a crowded amusement park. This stone helps minimize your exposure to the effects of scanning systems and technology.

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Raw smithsonite has the appearance of pink, blue, purple or gray pearly bubbles. Its energy is pronouncedly sweet and gentle. If you do any work with your inner child, smithsonite can be very helpful in fully embracing it.

Smithsonite is a "comforter" stone and is helpful to keep nearby if you suffer from stress-related anxiety or panic attacks. Try sleeping with it under your pillow to promote calm and restful sleep. Smithsonite can help to ease the symptoms of stress and calm your fears. Talk with a dream analyzer to learn about what your dreams mean and what they say about your stress level.

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This crystal is typically a dark electric blue color with white swirled through it. It has an affinity for communication issues, especially ones involved in spiritual pursuits.

Lie down on your back in a flat position and place the stone where the third eye should be. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Once the third eye opens up, you will feel the pain being sucked out of your head.

This pretty blue stone with white markings is a go-to for protecting electronics! While it’s not clearly documented, many have reported less technical difficulties in the presence of this stone.

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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

This intriguing stone might not boast the sparkly, dazzling qualities that other crystals have, but it offers beautiful luster and infinite depth instead. One stone often used by psychics who specialize in crystal readings is the tiger's eye. This beautiful crystal has a golden-brown hue and is composed of iron and sodium. Those born under the sign of Capricorn are often drawn to tiger eye stones, which ground you while boosting your awareness of the world and forces around you.

Many people believe that tiger's eye has the mystical power to provide determination and patience to those who use it - characteristics often associated with the animal. Over time, tiger's eye is believed to help individuals gain clarity while going through a tough moment, whether it be a divorce or the loss of a loved one.

This stone is also thought to give people the ability to relax and unwind if they are having difficulty meditating. Tiger's Eye is the best crystal for stress because it works on multiple levels. It is an earthy crystal and is known to be grounding and steadying. Tiger's Eye helps to ease the stress of the adrenal gland, soothe the immune system, and calm one's nerves. It is also helpful for gaining back one's confidence. It is a good "main" crystal for fighting stress.

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November's Birthstone is topaz. Topaz is most associated with a golden yellow color (these colors being the most valuable), but you can find blue, magenta, green, or near colorless specimens. Yellow stones can be heat treated to make them pink, as that color happens very rarely naturally. If you are uncertain about your spiritual path, topaz can act as a guide to get you back on track.

The name topaz is a word from Sanskrit that means Fire. In Egypt, topaz was colored with the orange/golden appearance of the Sun God, Ra. This gem was believed to protect i's wearer from harm and showed their faithfulness to the gods. The ancient Greeks believed topaz to give the wearer the power of invisibility in a time of attack or emergency.

Physically, topaz assists with blood disorders, gout, skin and tissue regeneration, poor or small appetite and aging. It is believed to help lessen mood swings, worries, fears, stress, anxiety and depression.

Topaz is a love gem because it helps us to realize the joy in life! You cannot attract love if you are withdrawn, angry or resentful about past mistakes in relationships. Happy people are attractive people and topaz will boost your good mood and help banish the blues. It’s a great gemstone to take to social events because it helps you to relax and be open to new people.

Topaz is a strong crystal for the solar plexus. It’s handy to have close by during psychic readings as it is great for mental clarity, focus, connection to inner self and stamina. Topaz is also believed to bring good fortune, and synchronicity. It is also used for protection, particularly protection from greed and the evil eye.

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Most people are familiar with black tourmaline, but if you look you can find this striking stone in blue, green, yellow, and various shades of red.

This is a grounding stone. It has a strong protective energy, especially from bad vibes given off by people who do not mean you well. Think of it as a burly bouncer for any bad energy that tries to get near you. Place raw black tourmaline in various locations around your home/office for increased connection with the earth, which creates increased calm.

Green tourmaline draws on the earth's renewing energy, while dark green crystals bring you good fortune. These darker gems and minerals bring in a strong element of growth coupled with perspective and power.

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Turquoise is the accepted modern gemstone for December. This beautiful blue-green stone favors those who are assertive, independent thinkers, who are true individuals, confident, and have a free spirit. Although most people think of a blue-colored stone when they imagine a turquoise, this gorgeous gemstone has colors which range from yellow green to greenish-blue to sky blue, and even darker sky blue.

Originally turquoise was known as a protective stone. Early civilizations used it to keep away evil spirits and protect its wearer from harm. Ancient Egyptians were among the first to mine this stone. But today best quality is believed to come from Iran and also the southwestern part of the United states.

Many Native Americans feel turquoise is sacred. Many beautiful carvings of birds and animals can be found in tombs in this area. These creations were believed to protect the dead and to summon positive spirits. This gemstone was also used by Medicine Men and healers in this area. Ancient healers believed that turquoise would actually change color when its wearer was in danger. Later in time, around the medieval period, it developed a reputation as a love charm and was used to help with situations surrounding the heart and its desires.

Today’s healers realize that Turquoise helps its wearer to relax the mind. The color of turquoise itself helps concentration and calming of the nervous system. It builds confidence. If you are about to make a public speech, it might be a great idea to print your notes on turquoise paper. It is generally known as an all-around charming gemstone to call your own.

Known as the stone of protection, turquoise is another must-have for stress relief. This stone can aid in protecting your body's organs from taking in toxins. In doing so, turquoise can help you avoid the negative health consequences associated with stress. Also, try wearing a turquoise stone around your neck to improve communication on stressful workdays. This stone also encourages you to speak the truth, which can ease stress for some wearers.

Turquoise is a marvelous healing stone, which is not restricted to any particular part of the body. Wearers will notice any condition will improve near where the stone is worn. Headaches may be relieved or even prevented with the help of this gemstone. By the way, this gemstone is especially protective against environmental pollutants, which as we know, are everywhere these days.

If you should be lucky enough to receive a Turquoise as a gift, it truly represents luck and friendship, and this should bring you much of the same.

If you dream about an oval Turquoise set in silver, this means that you will become very adept in your job situation and overcome any obstacles. While a polished Turquoise of a deep blue coloring shows that you have helped someone close to you with their problems by your astute grasp of their situation. If you should dream of someone wearing a Turquoise pendant over their heart, this shows this person has much self-confidence and is quite trustworthy!

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