A Sampling of Dream Interpretations by Psychic Zoey

Date 9/22/2022
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Dreams usually have a deeper meaning than what's on the surface.

Dreams usually have a deeper meaning than what's on the surface.

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Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning, sweating or scratching your head because you just had a strange or terrifying dream so real you needed a moment to remember it didn’t happen?  Well, you are not alone, it’s quite common.  However, your dreams serve a purpose and they don’t always mean what they appear to be saying on the surface.

The following three dreams and their interpretations are meant to show how sometimes seemingly scary circumstances can just be your inner self trying to get your attention to help you find a way out of a dilemma. As you read the various situations, feel free to form your own conclusions. Perhaps you’ve had similar night visions of your own… 

Sample Dream Interpretations

Dream #1
Meriel was tossing all night long in a fitful sleep. Suddenly she was jolted awake and found herself breathing hard. Then she remembered her dream: She had been walking out to a pier and saw that the surrounding water was rising fast, getting ready to spill out onto the road, her only way back. Despite the urgency, she remembers stopping to stare at the rushing, busy water.

Meriel was in an unhappy, long-term relationship. She wasn’t getting what she wanted from this connection, yet she had overstayed her visit. Her dream clearly informed her that she was getting very carried away by her emotions and needed to exert some control over them. She sorely needed to release some of her feelings in a peaceful manner before they truly overwhelmed her.

Dream #2
Kathy felt incredible pressure as she prepared for the commuter train that would take her to work. Her older sister, Pam, was waiting for the train at the same station and was not any help to Kathy when she mentioned her stress level. Kathy noticed that everything surrounding her seemed to be the color black.

Kathy’s life was on a fast track to nowhere because she had not taken control of her situation for so long. Taking the commuter train implied taking the path of least resistance, which she had done for years (instead of facing certain truths in her situation). The train also showed that she was going along with the crowd in thought and deed with no independent thought from herself. Placing her sister in the dream showed that the situation involved a closeness that she had learned to live with. The permeating color (black) indicated her fear of the unknown (moving out of the situation). This fear stopped her from moving out of the situation and creating a life of her own. Her dream was showing her the way out of the “messiness”.

Dream #3:
Irena woke up in a sweat, relieved to find that her ordeal had only been a dream. She recalled that she’d been holding her estranged sister’s head while her body had been blowing away in a hurricane-force wind. Irena had been fervently asking God to save her, or the devil to release her. Suddenly everything got very quiet as the storm dissipated.

Caught in an unhappy job situation, Irena's dream acted out the frustration within her. The intense wind portrayed Irena’s mind forces at work and the power of her thoughts concerning the current situation. A blustery, stormy wind denoted anger, frustration, and possibly a will to destroy or get even, rather than a will to do good. In other words, she was letting her current situation “eat her up alive”. The stronger the wind, the more powerful the mentality involved. The dream also showed that someone close to her might be “blowing” her off course with their strong mental powers. The devil indicated a negative aspect of Irena, and a destructive tendency within her. And finally, the sudden and overwhelming quiet depicted the attainment of inner peace. Her dream was clearly telling her that if she would just identify the negatives around her, and take control of her situation, she could indeed, and finally, find peace.

If you have a dream you’d like to explore with me, I’d be happy to speak with you and offer my best interpretation of what it may be really trying to tell you. Just give me a call and we’ll figure it out together!

Zoey x8454

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