The Lions Gateway by Psychic Iris

Date 11/19/2020

Explore the Lions Gateway into your spiritual destiny and purpose.

Explore the Lions Gateway into your spiritual destiny and purpose.

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As we step into the role of our destiny, we may get weary or feel like we are all alone. The truth is you are always alone. Even when you take your first breath coming out of your mother’s womb, you experience your spirit being separated from your mother. This feeling of being alone is something you will always experience especially when you are on your spiritual path. Your destiny awaits you (and only you) so now you are in a space where you have to let go of people and things that no longer serve a higher purpose for you. We begin to leave the things behind that we were once attached to and you learn to move past it and let it go.

Now it is time to surrender to your destiny and let the unfolding of your new reality come into play. Do not turn back or feel guilty because this is where you should be right now at this time in your life. Live your life! Be free to explore new territories and open yourself up to the new reality you created to enjoy fresh new experiences and adventures. The present moment is all we have, and we must surrender to the here and now. The past and future are an illusion as you start to create the blueprint of your own destiny.

God is within you, so reach out and talk to him daily as he will remind you of what you need to do in order to stay aligned with your journey to your sacred self. Allow him to work through your spirit to guide and uplift you into becoming who you were always meant to be. The journey involves your full participation as your soul chose to incarnate onto planet Earth for one last time to learn karmic soul lessons to transcend your old reality and ways of living.

Be brave and fierce as the Lion, knowing that we all have a higher purpose which involves self-mastery and truth to knowing thyself. As light workers and higher dimensional beings, we can assist in the healing on this planet and even spend time in nature bringing love and light energy to Mother Gaia.

Find your higher calling and be true to what you know is right in your heart. You hold the key to your destiny and only you can allow yourself to open the doorway to your soul. The Lions Gateway is a portal that can only be opened through self-realization once you have opened your heart to allow love to grow and expand into other people's lives. Healing of the soul and transmuting that energy into love will play a huge role in your destiny and will allow you the spiritual growth to create a world of your own where all your dreams come true and heaven awaits you. The lion is your god-self and the guardian of the gate and he is patiently awaiting your arrival.

In summary, the Lions Gateway is symbolic of our spiritual destiny and purpose that awaits us as we step into our higher self and find who we are and what we came here to do on planet Earth. It is about creating your own reality and manifesting your souls’ purpose.


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