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Tarot on a Tangent: Walking with the Hermit by Psychic Annaleigh

Date 4/19/2024
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More than just a powerful divination tool, tarot can be useful to help bring more positive traits into your life. Psychic Source Advisor Annaleigh will help you access the wisdom of the Hermit.

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By Psychic Annaleigh x9812

This is a guided meditation with the hermit card from the tarot deck. Enjoy the journey of enlightenment and gentle relaxation.

Upright Position
Let's begin with the Hermit Card from the Tarot and the card's meaning in the upright position. This card reveals to us an elderly gentleman who has wisdom and knowledge. He hold a guiding illuminating light toward our self-discovery through patience and persistence.  There are many symbols in this card that helps us take a look at our past and where we're going in our future. The hermit lets us know that there is guidance through knowledge of age or changing times. 

The hermit staff keeps him steady and going forth and even in difficult times or overwhelming decisions.
The hermits illuminating lantern that guides the path as he walks symbolizes the ability to go forward to self-discovery, creative ideas, new beginnings and the path of reassurance.
The Hermit represents self-discovery and self-love leading us to a place of clarity and gentle guidance when called upon his healing light of wisdom.

Reverse Position
The reverse position of the hermit card indicates that we are in a place of isolation and that we are needing time for ourselves to reflect on our thoughts, feelings. and desired change. The reverse position is not negative, but instead a needed time of silence and reflection. The hermit's illuminating lantern is always lighting the path regardless if the card is upright or reversed. Wisdom, kindness and duty focuses the Hermit's energy on awaking the subconscious to enlightenment. 

Starting to Meditate with the Hermit
Meditation is deeply personal. More than a practice or a technique, it is an uplifting and very personal experience that is truly rewarding. The following are great questions to ask when going into a meditation of any sort:

What are your goals? 
Where is your intent in your relationship?
Do I need to change my life Path?

Meditation Outline
1) Sit or lay in a comfortable position and visualize the Hermit in your mind’s eye.
2) Play relaxing music or sit in silence if desire. You decide what works best.
3) Close your eyes gently, think of your question, and then calm your thoughts.
4) Breathe deeply. Then invite the white guiding light from the Hermit to you. Follow him to the river’s edge on the beautiful meadow, and to the house of the very wide hallway with many doors.
5) At the first door the Hermit will guide you to ask your spirit guide for a thought involving your joy, new beginnings and life gifts.
6) At the second door, the Hermit will take you to your next spirit guide to ask about your regrets, fear and past choices. 
7) After you have received your words of wisdom the Hermit will guide you back to the healing waters of the river. The Hermit will hold your hand as your let your fears and shame leave your body and wash away into the cool clear healing water of the flowing river.
8) Open your eyes and let your relaxed mind and body come back to the space you are in during the guided meditation.
9) Breathe deeply a few more times before rising or standing.
10) know your happiness and relaxation is only a breath away.

Be Happy. Be you.

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