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Tarot on a Tangent: Making Miracles with the Magician by Psychic Mylie

Date 5/22/2023
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This meditation on the Magician card helps you get in touch with its powerful energy, infinite potential, inspiration, creativity, and powerful manifestation ability. Psychic Source Advisor Mylie guides you in a meditation to access the power of the Magician.

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By Psychic Mylie x8974

The Magician is a Major Arcana card and is one of the most exciting and positive cards to receive in a reading. 

Everyone loves when the Magician turns up…we see him as the answer to our prayers and that fairy godfather who can wave his magic wand and give us whatever we ask for right now…snap! He can make all of our struggles, negative situations, traffic tickets, and circumstances disappear…snap! Just like that!   All this while we lazily hit the snooze button, roll over, and continue to do…. well, nothing! Sadly, that’s not quite how it works. If it did, none of us would need a diet or a job!

When we receive this card in a reading, we are being shown that we have the Magician’s powerful energy that carries infinite potential…infinite inspiration…infinite creativity, and powerful manifestation ability. We are reminded that it is possible and favorable for us to work our magic now, the key word being “work”. 

Guided Meditation with the Magician Card

The Magician card is an archetype of a person who is diplomatic, knowledgeable, and maybe even a little crafty!  He takes the knowledge he has acquired and puts it to use to improve his life.  The Magician can always find interesting and clever ways to get what he wants. If you identify with this archetype you may be a very powerful person in your own right.  Choose the Magician card for meditation when you need to find solutions in your life.  Let this intriguing archetype help you find a way to utilize your own power and ability!

The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician is seen with his wand pointed up to the sky while his finger points down to the ground showing us that he transmutes the highest spiritual energy into its physical equivalent in our world. The infinity sign above his head and the rope around his waist indicate that this gift of truth that he imparts, and the spiritual energy required to get the job done is infinite and never-ending. The crackling lightning, we see illuminates the elements he has at his disposal and provides inspiration in what seems to be the 11th hour.

He is fully aware that he is the conduit of the Divine channeled through him into his physical reality.
He fully trusts that his word has the power to direct the Infinite to manifest through him, to create heaven on earth in our lives. He is the highest potential possible to manifest Spirit into physical form perfectly. His feet are firmly on the ground and he is ready to accept whatever direction Spirit gives him and take focused and direct action to get the ball rolling along to the final destination. 

Magician Card - UPRIGHT

He is considered the Wizard of the Tarot, a wise sage, and an inspired teacher, passing down the knowledge that he has gained on his travels. He’s taken his knocks, fallen down, and has gotten back up to try again. Through his experiences, he understands the basic Universal Laws and uses them with faith in the Infinite and with respect. He knows that he is moving in a positive direction and that he and he alone is the only one that can make or break himself.  He uses desire, focus, action, and complete faith as he uses this gift that has always been and always will be his, into his life in physical form.  

The Magician alludes to that little bit of mystery we all want to see that makes life extra-special and magical. He promises that we too can use his energy to manifest our hearts' desires if we use self-discipline, work in agreement with the universal laws, and take action to do the work required. While the Fool that goes before him excitedly says “Hey! That looks like fun!  I’d like to give that a shot and see how it goes,” the Magician confidently gives a wink and a smile as he says, “I’ve got this!”  

Magician Card - REVERSED

As with most other cards in the Tarot deck, The Magician takes on a different meaning when reversed. Negatively, the Magician can bring a weak, impoverished with a “could care less” attitude. He can be lazy expecting to wave his wand and all that he wants appears magically while he sits and contemplates his next manipulation. He can be fraudulent and trick others into doing what he wants or otherwise using them. He promises things way beyond his scope of understanding or ability. He lacks control and self-discipline, squandering all the gifts he has been given and thinking nothing of it. At the end of the day the Magician when reversed is a man standing on his head accomplishing nothing of consequence.   

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