Instantly Increase the Positive Energy in Your Life by Psychic Amanda

Date 8/3/2021
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Do you ever say "I should have the salad, but I really want pizza"?

Do you ever say "I should have the salad, but I really want pizza"?

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Three of the most common emotional states that drive us to seek the counsel of a therapist, a psychic advisor, or a life coach are fear, regret, and anxiety. Your personal advisor can guide you in the intricacies of your specific situation but YOU can give yourself a jump start on tackling challenges and reaching your goals by adopting two simple new strategies.

1. Never use the word “should”. Not even when you’re having an internal dialogue. Replace it with “want” instead.

2. Never use “should have” or “should’ve”. Ever. From now on make it “Next time I WILL...”

This may be the nicest gift you will ever give yourself. You are going to change your internal (and outward) communication and you are going to be astonished at the result!

Salad vs. Pizza?
Let’s start by talking about “should.” This word implies obligation, sacrifice, or task. You’ve been conditioned to associate that “want” is the opposite or vastly different than “should.” Think about when you say, “I should have a salad, but I really want the pizza”. If that thought has crossed your mind then as soon as you have the pizza you feel regret, guilt, or anxiety. Change “should” to “want.” I want a salad. You will not have the pizza: you didn’t want pizza. You will have a salad because you wanted it. And if you do have the pizza, try this when it’s time to hit the gym, “I want to go to the gym at 6AM today.” 

It feels good to give ourselves what we want so we do it. This is more than the “speak it into existence” tenet, when we change our internal dialogue we change our thoughts which changes our actions. This works and you become a happier, less anxious person. No longer will you look back over your day at the small failures and setbacks. You will look back happy and satisfied with how often you were able to give yourself what you wanted. 

Which leads us neatly into the “should’ve” or “should haves”. From now on, all “should haves” in your world become “Next time I will... “If your regret comes from a situation that will never ever repeat itself, then why are you “should’ve-ing” yourself? It’s over, done, absolutely unchangeable and it is time to let it go. For all other situations, there is simply no productive, rational, or logical reason to ever “should have” yourself. If you find that your actions, inactions, or behaviors led to an undesirable outcome feel free to say that. 

Positive Thoughts Breed Positive Energy
We grow by adjusting our thoughts and behaviors to have more desired outcomes. The only productive course when we have erred is to use it to adjust our future actions. Instead of “I should have not eaten that whole bag of Doritos”, change it to “Next time I will buy only the snack size bag of Doritos.”  You have just changed your internal dialogue from seeing a setback or transgression to seeing an achievable opportunity for success. Positive thoughts breed positive energy and positive energy will enhance your life. 

These two simple strategies will change your life. You’re going to be surprised at first at how many times a day you are using those two defeatist words. It’s time to be your own best friend and take control of increasing the positive energy in your life. 

Talk with your advisor today about these and other strategies that lead to a happier, peaceful, and joyful you! 

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