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Connecting with Your Guardian Angel Guided Meditation Podcast by Psychic Hope

Date 4/19/2024
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Connecting to your guardian angels makes it easier for them to guide you to your highest good. This guided meditation by Psychic Hope helps you communicate with them. 

Blessings! Ever since we were born into this world, we are never alone, especially on a spiritual level. So, you ask who is watching over us? They are the ANGELS!

As humans, we have angels that are divinely assigned to us by God. Angels are already with us from pre-birth, birth, death, and crossing over the veil back to God. They are excellent messengers of hope and peace, along with giving us unique signs and answers when needed. Also, they function as our protectors when there is harm and shield us from negativity. Lastly, the angels do things for us energetically and for our best interest without knowing it. To learn more of what angels are in their different forms, please check out, “Calling Your Angels.”

Here is a little secret that we all know but could use extra validation to acknowledge. We all have guardian angels.

Guardian Angels

What are Guardian Angels?

Primarily, guardian angels exist within the Judeo-Christian faiths, but similar beings are mentioned within other cultures and histories. Interesting enough, all religions and cultures include beings who bring humanity messages from God(s) or the spirit world.

Guardian angels are also assigned to you before birth and will stay with you until death. You can have more than one guardian angel (depending on your soul contract) to help you on your spiritual journey. They also say a guardian angel can follow you from one life into the next.

Our guardian angels are not created with us at the time of our birth. They have always existed, from the instant at which God/the universe created all the angels. It was a single event, a single moment in which Divine Will generated all the angels, by the thousands and more. After this, God no longer created any other angels. There is an angelic hierarchy and not all angels are destined to become guardian angels. Even the angels differ from each other in their tasks, and in their positions in heaven compared to God. Some angels are selected to take a test (in the spiritual realm) and, if they pass it, they are qualified for the role of guardian angels.

Our guardian angels cannot oblige us to follow the path of goodness. They cannot decide for us or impose choices on us. While they act as silent and trustworthy advisors, we humans remain free to decide and make our own choices. They never abandon us, no matter what we choose to do. Our guardian angels are not the spirit of a dead person. However, I do feel our deceased loved ones are spirit guides that have a guiding and protective energy that is similar to guardian angels.

I feel that guardian angels don’t have names, but they don’t mind using names to help identify their presence. In addition, our guardian angels are androgynous, but can appear as either male or female, when delivering their messages to us. Also, our guardian angels are our personal messengers, charged with bringing our messages to God, and vice versa. Lastly, our guardian angels fight on our side with all their strength. They are like warriors, strong and courageous fighters, who are by our sides in every battle and protect us when we are too fragile to do it alone.

Guardian Angels

Ways Our Guardian Angels Communicate with Us Daily

Emotions and Physical Sensations: Pay attention to intense emotions like feeling an overwhelming sense of love and support, or unexpected physical sensations, like getting goose bumps or a feeling of a slight breeze brush past you.

Angel Numbers: Look out for angel number sequences like 111, 222, 333, or 11:11 etc. They like to speak in numbers which represent different things on higher vibrations. For instance, the angel number 11:11 is a universal symbol of spirituality and of the divine connection between the cosmic vibrations. It represents new beginnings and transitions coming up. It is usually associated with creativity, motivation, and innovation. It also suggests that prayers will be answered, and aspirations achieved.

Unique Sounds: You may start hearing unique sounds, like a buzzing in your ear can be a sign that angels are trying to connect with you. Start to notice when this happens and see if you can find a pattern. Does it always happen at a certain time of day? Does it happen when you're stressed? It could be your guardian angels reminding you to calm down.

Smells and Taste: Lovely floral smells with no obvious source may envelop you. Unexpected tastes of sweetness in your mouth, like the taste of sweet nectar in the mouth, are a wonderful sign that your energetic vibrations are heightened. This can happen especially during meditation when your higher vibrations make it easier to connect to your guardian angel.

Soul Sight/Third Eye Chakra: You might see visions of your guardian angels with your Soul Sight in your mind’s eye, also called your third-eye chakra. This chakra is located between your eyebrows. People find it easier to connect with the inner eye by relaxing it more (it’s like a flexible muscle) and being more open to see whatever comes your way.

When you receive a sign from your guardian angel, act on it. The more you act on guidance given, the more you will notice guidance given. When your guardian angel sends you a sign, something in your spirit will be activated and you will know what it means and what to do. You might have an "aha" moment, and you will know which road to take based on this new understanding.

Guardian Angel

How Do I Connect with My Guardian Angel

Prepare Yourself:  Read books, magazines, and online articles, or watch shows or listen to podcasts about guardian angels. Have an open mind about angelic forces around you. Also, you can follow a psychic medium, angel reader, or energy worker who uses their knowledge of healing to counsel, teach, and enlighten others.

Cultivating an Open Mind: Just affirm your desire to your guardian angel and open your mind and heart to receive the messages. 

Use the Power of Intention:  Intention is a clear and powerful declaration of something you desire to attract into your life. When you state an intention to your guardian angel, you set forceful energy into motion. Your intention is an invisible force of energy that can turn desires into reality, which can be extremely rewarding.

Raise Your Vibrations:  Ground yourself by tuning into your guardian angel’s vibrations, which means you may first have to raise your own vibrations to detect and receive the subtler and higher energy vibration levels. I believe that prayer or a simple meditation is one way to relax and connect to be more in tuned with your vibrations. Also, it’s good to include some deep breathing exercises in your daily routine.

An Attitude of Gratitude: Regardless of the world’s challenges, a loving and conscious connection with your guardian angel means you must start focusing on and appreciating the blessings you already have in your life. 

Creating a Sacred Space:  Your connection with your guardian angel can be enhanced by time spent in sacred spaces that have quiet and peaceful energy. For instance, lighting candles to create the right vibe and arranging crystals and statues or pictures of guardian angels are incredibly good steps to begin with.

Talking to Your Guardian Angel:  Again, your guardian angel(s) have always been close to guide and protect you from birth until death. A guardian angel’s love is very unconditional; nothing you say or do changes that. Your guardian angel is your friend, ally, and powerful companion by your side, but just invisible. That is a blessed gift. Start cultivating self-awareness to know your guardian angel is with you. 

Our guardian angels are around us 24/7, making it easy to get to connect with them at any time. They are there to calm our greatest fears and worries, while providing us with guided solutions. It is important to learn and maintain a positive and strong connection with our guardian angels.

On a special note, I hope you enjoy this guided meditation on how to connect with your guardian angel. Just know our guardian angels are always a source of unconditional love and support. They will always be with us.

Peace and Light!!!


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Hope has been guiding people with her healing modalities as an intuitive empath, psychic medium, reiki practitioner, empowerment life coach and much more. She inspires people in areas of improving love, career, business, spirituality, self-confidence, and over-coming fears. Hope is your compassionate listener and cheerleader. She has 25 years of legal and government experience. She has a diverse background working as a paralegal in different areas of law and earned a degree in Government and Public Policy. She has worked for law firms and state and federal governments. She also once enjoyed working as an event coordinator.


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