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3 Simple Ways to Embrace Your Inner Power by Psychic Roxanne

Date 11/4/2019

You can embrace your power through this simple grounding exercise.

You can embrace your power through this simple grounding exercise.

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What is your Power?

We all have wisdom inside of us, and our intuition speaks to us and guides us to that inner wisdom. Our intuition is a sense of “knowing” that cannot be explained, and we are often dismissive of our intuition and turn to our logical side. Your intuition serves as an inner wisdom that directly connects you to your inner power.

Your inner power is there to protect you and guide you to the right path for your higher good. In addition, your inner power helps you stand strong in times of doubt, frustration and fear.

How do you access your inner power?

To access your inner power, you will have to turn off the mental chatter, including skepticism and negative thoughts, and enter into a neutral state. Quiet your mind and stay open. Ask yourself, “what do I know about myself and my ability to get through any situation?” 

Go within to stabilize yourself and access answers from this place of peace. Then, be still. Calm your body and your mind. The answer will come to you, and you will feel a sense of certainty followed by a wave of calming energy.

Embrace your power through a simple grounding exercise in 3 simple steps:

1. Breathe deeply: Imagine you are a tree with your roots planted firmly in the ground as you stand tall. Do this outside, preferably on the grass, or out in nature if possible. If you are indoors, find a quiet area where you can stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart on a stable surface. Alternatively, you may also sit in a comfortable chair with your feet planted on the floor, as long as you do not cross your legs or ankles.

2. Visualize energy flow: Imagine the energy from your mind surging from your body, all the way down to your feet and penetrating the ground. You can visualize your energy in the form of a soft white light or any color that resonates with you. As the energy flows, feel your body becoming relaxed, then heavy, starting with the top of your head, down to your shoulders into your arms, through your abdomen, and flowing down your legs. 

3. As you feel your body become heavy, ask yourself the following three questions:

1 - What is it that you want me to know about this situation?
From this new place of stability and power, you will feel a quiet sense of knowing, and the answers will start coming to you. 

2- What am I clinging to and what is making me anxious right now?
You are acknowledging the troublesome thoughts that block you from accessing your true inner power. They usually take form in phrases like “Yeah, but….” “When will I ever….”, and “this will never get better. When you identify them from a calm and grounded place, their ability to influence you is diminished.

3 - What do I know about myself and my ability to overcome situations?
In this place of feeling calm and centered, along with a sense of knowing, ask yourself about the times where you have gotten through difficult situations. How did you overcome it? You are a stronger person today, and you can handle things that come your way.

Reflect, observe and record – write down your impressions and findings

Take a few minutes afterwards to take a few deep breaths and write down your thoughts after this exercise. Many realizations and intuitive visions come from accessing your inner power, and you don’t want to forget any of these valuable points!

One of the easiest ways to stay grounded is to practice regular self-care. Try this guided meditation to help you live in alignment with what is important to you, for the upcoming holidays and beyond!

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