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How to Tune Out Anxiety and Tune Into Intuition

Date 6/24/2024
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Intuition is a Superpower! When we tune into our intuition, we are immediately tapped into our inner compass that will guide us in making clear, concise and empowered choices.  This is especially useful when we are facing challenges and changes in our lives. But sometimes anxiety can act like kryptonite to that superpower. The trick is to learn how to tune out anxiety and tune into intuition instead.

One of the things I live by is choosing my intuition over anxiety when faced with a crisis, challenge or unwanted change.  Not always easy, but with practice it is totally possible.   The cool thing is we have access to tuning out anxiety and tuning into our intuition every time we are faced with a decision.  How do we do this?  Through practice and utilizing tools that keep us centered, balanced and living in the present.  

Intuition Versus Anxious Thoughts

Intuition and anxiety are both natural and powerful emotions that influence our choices, decisions, actions and our outcome.  Intuition guides us to what is best for us, while anxiety can hold us back from pursuing our dreams, goals and passions. 

When we are experiencing changes or challenges in our life we often fall into overthinking, worry and anxiety. These emotions are normal human emotions most of us feel and are simply old habits, patterns and worn-out tools we have unconsciously developed over time.  The beautiful thing is, we can create new habits, behaviors and tools which allow us to come from our inner wisdom and intuition. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Intuition and Anxiety

When we are tuned into our body, we can quickly discern anxiety and intuition simply by what we are feeling within.   This is why it is vital to use tools such as meditation, yoga, walking and journaling daily as ways to be in touch with our mind/body/spirit connection. 

Anxiety creates fear and fear tends to be accompanied by bodily sensations that are constricting or minimizing.  We often feel tense, panicky or desperate.  Fear and anxiety also tend to be dominated by self-critical thoughts. Intuition on the other hand, has an energy that pulls us towards our best interest and highest good.  We often feel excitement, contentment, and peace.  With intuition, our inner voice is more grounded and wise.  

Paying attention to these different feelings can assist us in knowing if we are coming from anxiety or our intuition. Intuitive thoughts focus on the present, and they tend to feel neutral or calm.  Anxious thoughts relate to the past and future. They carry a sense of dread or nervousness. 

To follow your intuition, you first need to get in tune with your anxiety and learn to differentiate between the two.  Remember following your intuition instead of your anxiety is a decision.  It can be an extremely difficult decision when anxiety is present.  This is when we must give ourselves a break and take a moment to pause and breathe.  Let immediate reactionary thoughts settle and uncomfortable emotions simmer down.  Once you allow yourself stillness and can start the process of untangling your anxiety from your thoughts versus your intuition. 

Intuition versus anxiety

Key Points to Remember About Intuition and Anxiety

1. Intuition is calm, anxiety is restless.

2. Intuition is clear, anxiety is confusing.

3. Intuition is certain, anxiety is doubtful. 

4. Intuition comes from within, while anxiety comes from without

5. Intuition is based on the present, while anxiety is based on the past and the future.

6. Intuition is aligned and anxiety is resistant.

How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Here are some tips on getting in touch with your intuition and tapping into that super power when faced with anxiety.  

1. Meditate 

When your energy is scattered, it's harder to get in touch with your intuition. Spending even five minutes a day in quiet reflection will get you more in tune.  Meditation can be as simple as sitting for five minutes with no distractions, or you can opt for guided meditations.  

2.  Daily Body Scans

Make a practice of really acknowledging the way your body feels and what it is telling you. Scan your body throughout the day and note any tensions you're feeling good or bad. The goal is to get more present so that you can pick up on the subtle messages your body may be sending you. 

3. Journal

Experiment with sitting down once a day and writing one to two pages about what's on your mind.  This is a great way to release unwanted thoughts and emotions and even over time get to the core issues that may be affecting your well-being. 

4. Walk in nature 

This is a simple daily practice that can change your mind/body/spirit for the better quickly.  Being in nature, walking outside is a great way to quiet the mind and find a connection to the earth.  The more you walk, the more the mind stills, and repetitious thoughts tend to quiet down. Intuition comes forth during the quiet and the connection to nature brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

Remember to give yourself grace and time to make this conscious switch from anxiety to intuition.  Like everything in life, it is a process and can take time and practice to facilitate these changes.  But it is possible!

Reach out to me anytime at extension 9393 if you desire more insight into tapping into your own gift of intuition.  As always, sending you blessings and gratitude! 






Hello there, I'm Angelica with Psychic source Ext 9393.You know, so many people ask me how can I tune into my intuition and tune out anxiety? Like when I'm going through a difficult situation or a life change, and the first thing that I always say is get present. What does that mean? That means centering your mind and being in the now.

When we're coming from intuition, we are very present tense and we can feel a calm energy, a balanced energy. And so, coming into a place where you leave the moments issue problem even for a 5 to 10 second count, you begin to get back into that place of the now. Because anxiety is often the two other areas of life, the past or the future. That is where we hold anxiety or fears.

So how do we know we're in intuition instead of anxiety? Because we feel more at peace. Our body isn't in turmoil, our body isn't feeling off kilter. So our mind, body, spirit is really one. And when we stay present in the moment and approach that new change or that challenge from the place of now, we're more apt to focus on a solution than if we're in the place of the past, where we're focused on a repeated performance or a habit of how we handle something or even fear of the unknown.

So breathing into our intuition comes from being centered, and we can do that through meditation, through yoga, through walking. But in a few moments, you just go to that place, count to 10, and say, is this feeling now from the now I'm experiencing or from the fear of the future or memories that are not so pleasant from the past?

I appreciate you connect with me anytime. I'm Angelica, Psychic Source 9393. Thank you.


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