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Published Date 11/20/2017
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Tarot takes time to master!

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While the many gifted Psychic Advisors at Psychic Source would love to offer guidance and wisdom with a Tarot card reading, there may be times you want to try your hands at it yourself too.  Either to give a reading to a friend or family member or just to look at your own future, a Tarot reading doesn’t have to be overly complicated or confusing if you know how to read the cards in your deck.  This is just a high-level overview of a much more involved process, but it will offer some tips and suggestions on how you can learn how to quickly read Tarot Cards yourself!

First you need to buy a Tarot deck that has pictures that resonate with you. After purchasing the deck it’s a good idea to place it under your pillow for 2-3 days to absorb your energies. After 2-3 days count the cards and make sure you have 78 or 79 depending on the deck. Then shuffle and shuffle more to really mix up the cards. Many folks don’t like reading reversed (or upside down) cards so you can shuffle in a way to make sure the cards end up standing straight up. I myself, only read reversed cards if they happen to come out that way. The reason I do that is because there are already enough negative cards, you don’t need to add even more negative cards to a reading.

Your First 3-Card Spread
Begin with a past, present, and future spread. It’s a simple 3-card spread. First shuffle with your question in mind until you feel you are done shuffling. If you are like me (a bit OCD) you can shuffle four or five times if you find yourself shuffling for an hour. Then cut the deck any way you wish. I personally cut the deck to my left side three times and take what has fallen into the first pile and place that on top. 

You are now able to set out the 3-card spread. The past, the present, and the future and after you’ve mastered that you can go to the Celtic Cross—there are many versions of this and I came up with my own way of spreading the cards in the Celtic Cross on accident, but it works for me. What works for one might not work for another so experiment until you get it right—there are no wrong ways with Tarot the cards talk so to speak. 

Mastering the Tarot Takes Time
After you feel comfortable with that, you are free to go forward with other spreads and you can even make up your own. I have read countless books on Tarot since I was 12 and I still buy them to this day for added insight. Mary K. Greer is very good with her Tarot books and I recommend her highly. Please be aware no two Tarot readers are alike. They might get a different definition for the same card. That is why I mention reading different books. Some say Pentacles are fall and some say winter—I get fall for that. Some say Cups are spring and others say summer. It’s what works for you after a period of time. You won’t instantly memorize Tarot, it is a journey like the path we are on in life.

Tarot is an art and reading and interpreting the cards takes years and years of practice. But once you learn the cards you can read for anybody. Personally, I’m clairvoyant, but I start all my readings with Tarot as it helps me to connect quicker with an individual. The best way to start with Tarot and the interpretations (besides reading books) is to consider the pictures and your first instinct with what you see is usually the correct interpretation (depending on the question). Tarot is a gift and it is full of beautiful imagery. The deck I constantly go back to (and I have numerous decks) is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. It’s the best to start with if you do not resonate with any other deck!

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