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Tarot on a Tangent: The Reckoning of the Judgement Card Guided Meditation Podcast by Psychic Zamara

Date 10/18/2023
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Psychic Zamara helps you gain deeper insight into the Justice card and how it asks us to take full ownership of our choices in the past to create a better future.

Judgment is one of the last cards in the Major Arcana, with a numerical value of 20 (balance, harmony, renewal, spiritual growth, transition, patience/waiting, decision, reckoning destiny, and reincarnation).

Pictured on the card we see an angel, representing an awakening to things that exist outside old traditions, and belief systems. We are being guided by "that we cannot physically see or touch" in this dimensional reality. In the traditional artwork, the angel blows a trumpet exemplifying the need for us to veer from stagnation, or "waking up from the dead". The coffins pictured could in fact be an approximation of the black coffins we see in the devil card. We require an external force to free us. 

The judgment tarot card meaning can be summed up as seeking forgiveness of another person who has done you wrong. Just as it is important to forgive, we should also actively make amends to receive forgiveness in the instances where we in fact do wrong.


Legal disputes resolved, awakening, spiritual realization, realization, abandoning old values, liberation karma & turnaround. Judgment acts as a mirror to your actions, intentions, and vibrations, up until the exact moment in which you are dealt this card.

Judgment represents taking the courage to face your choices since your present is a direct reflection of every action you've taken until now.

 Positive traits

  • New beginnings afoot
  • Past efforts being rewarded
  • Karmic in nature
  • Resurrection to wherever was seemingly "dead in the past"
  • A time to be happy

Negative traits

  • Legal Judgment against querents favor
  • Lack of spirituality (should be a concern for the seeker, but isn't)
  • Wrong conclusion
  • bias
  • prejudice
  • Failed justice
  • Misconstruing the truth
  • misinterpretation
  • Misreckoning
  • Superficial spirituality

Time of the day: Midday - determination, strength, will power & obstacles

Element: fire (Mars, Jupiter, the sun, awaken, blessings, focus, honor, the mind, desire, release, war, and passion) or water (Change/adaptability, dream-work, purification, wisdom, subconscious, empathy, and sorrow)

Energy: Yang (being authoritative, assertiveness is required here)

Zodiac Associations: Scorpio

candle in the darkness

The Judgment Tarot Card Meaning in Our Lives  

The Judgment tarot card represents a dark night of the soul period in our lives. By experiencing painful karmic lessons first, you are then enabled to become a wiser version of yourself. What can be the uncomfortable part of this lesson? Sometimes the reflections of our actions (or mistakes) force us to accept our accountability in our own lives, including our wrongdoings. Facing judgment takes the courage to face yourself, look at your choices, and understand that where you are today is a direct reflection of every action that was taken, until now. There are times when we are too hard on ourselves, and there are times when we must apply tough love. Pulling the judgment tarot card would likely be one of those times.

After the uncomfortable self-assessment, we make room to liberate ourselves from old habits and move into our higher inner calling   Diamonds are made from pressure, but only after the pressure is applied.  If you're unhappy with your life be honest with yourself and acknowledge what is not best for your true calling. Notice how the judgment tarot meaning usually focuses on judging ourselves rather than others?

Judgment acts as a mirror to your actions, intentions, and vibrations, up until the exact moment in which you are dealt this card. When pulled in the future position, the Judgment tarot card meaning would indicate to face up to our actions so far and make a choice for where we will go next. Legal disputes resolved, awakening, spiritual realization, karma & turnaround.

Judgment Reversed

When this card shows up reversed, it indicates poor judgment is being made. Either you aren't facing your karma, or you're delaying an inevitable change in your life. As I mentioned in the judgment tarot meaning upright, there is a call to action from a higher source. The more you put off this change, the more you will attract disturbances to your flow of life. Another negative attribute for the meaning of Judgement reversed could be in the form of bigotry and racism, depending on the question being asked. 

Judgment in a Love Spread (upright)

Sudden epiphanies on relationships arise when Judgment is pulled in position representing love. When Judgment appears in a love spread, there may be accusations thrown around against you or your partner. Have you considered that you could be overcritical about your person of interest? Sometimes, when those criticisms accumulate, we may ask ourselves, "What's the point of your union?" But this is a chance to start fresh in your relationship without guilt. 

Judgment in a Love Spread (reversed)

If you are using reversals in a love spread, the Judgment tarot meaning reversed could be many things.  Maybe you haven't forgiven someone who betrayed you. There is a feeling of a weight being taken off when shedding this negative resentment.


Judgment can indicate pregnancy in a tarot reading. This would be the time to better yourself as a parent for the sake of your child. Giving your all to your offspring is God's calling for you, the mother or father to your children. This could also point to a reincarnated soul. Could your baby be a reincarnated spirit? Drawing Judgement when asking about your unborn would have positive signs of this being true.

Judgment as Advice 

Rethink your choice, act accountable, be intentional, and change your approach. Let go of the past to make room for your true calling. Resentments only hold you back, release them for your own growth.

Yes or no  

If the judgment card was pulled to a question that was looking for a yes or no answer, upright it would clearly indicate yes. Pulling this card in the reverse to a yes or no question indicates: Not now; restructure your plan.

Thoth's Interpretation of Judgment (Aeon)

This card represents the destruction of the world by spiritual fire. Pictured on the card is Nuith (ability), the star Goddess of mystery and unlimited vision and possibility. Her mate, Hadit (concept) is the tenable conception of reality, represented by a globe of fire, symbolizing eternal energy, with wings to show his power ongoing. Upside down is the egg representing their "birth of Horus/Hepokrates). This metaphor links the beginnings of the past which originated the future, and the outcome of our futures in respect to the past.  

At the bottom of the card is the letter shin, which is supposed to represent a flower. Behind the letter is the human representation of the zodiac sign Libra. This is the foreshadowing to represent the Aeon which is to follow our current one. What we do in this Aeon affects the next one in about 2,000 years from when "The Book of Thoth" was written.


In conclusion. We are always being tested. Revival and renewal of life's purpose happens only after a breakdown of former structures. Remember, while trial is assured for all beings on the Earth plane (and beyond our dimension), you always have a chance for redemption. Firstly, you must forgive yourself for your wrongdoings and forgive others who have betrayed you. Karma is a moving wheel. Every day is an opportunity for improvement. You will always face yourself in the end, Judgment is just a cosmic mirror. 


Llwellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences by Sandra Kynes

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw

The Book of Thoth By Aleister Crowley

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Psychic Zamara has fifteen years of consciously being clairvoyant and empathic. Helping others understand the mysteries of our galaxies is one of her passions as a metaphysical counselor. No matter what age of her clients, Zamara is an expert at connecting with every human's inner child, understanding them, and working with that child in all of us. As a Claircognizant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient, Zamara is a well-rounded psychic serving her purpose as a healer. She enjoys making all of her clients feel heard, and seen for who they truly are meant to be.


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