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Try a Career Tarot Spread to Help with Your Job by Psychic Delfina

Date 5/2/2024
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Tarot readings can provide answers about job security, career path, and other workplace issues

Tarot readings can provide answers about job security, career path, and other workplace issues

I first discovered Tarot when I was branching out of my comfort zone to do psychic readings for people I was unfamiliar with. What started out as a way to curve my social anxiety by giving my hands cards to shuffle, turned into an amazing exploration of all that Tarot can do.

One of my favorite parts of Tarot (besides admiring and trying to not buy every gorgeous deck that I see), is Tarot's ability to be used by any person for any situation. By asking the right questions, you can discover answers about yourself, your life's path, and what to look out for in your current and future situations.

Today, I am going to share with you my favorite methods of seeking answers about job security, finding your career path, and navigating workplace issues using Tarot with the decks special to me.

First, I always start by separating the deck into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana is typically numbered as 0-21 but can also be known as by their names: The Fool, The Magician, Wheel of Fortune, Temperance, etc. depending on the deck.

The Minor Arcana are the suit cards that are numbered 1-10 with 4 royal cards consisting of: King, Queen, Knight, and Page cards. The four Suits are separated as Wands (alternately batons, clubs, staffs, or staves), Cups (chalices, goblets, or vessels), Swords (or blades), and Pentacles (coins, disks, or rings).

A Career Tarot Spread Using Only the Major Arcana Cards

The Major Arcana represents your personal life journey, using these cards helps to reveal your life's purpose, best career path, and job-related strengths and weaknesses.

Phrase Your Questions Similar to This:

What are my current strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What are my special talents?

How do my talents and strengths look/appear/show up in my life?

What would the best career path for me, showcasing my talents, look like?


A Career Tarot Spread Using Only the Minor Arcana Cards

The Minor Arcana is going to show time frames, past/present/future circumstances, people or energies hindering or helping you represented by the royal suit cards, as well as other obstacles that you may be facing.

Phrase Your Questions Similar to This:

What is blocking me from a promotion?

When can I expect to find a job, receive information, a pay raise, etc.?

Who or what is hindering my progress?

A Career Tarot Spread Using The Whole Deck

You can keep both the Major and Minor Arcana together. This works for more complex questions, that will show a broader perspective of your current workplace, as well as events, peoples/energies, and job opportunities to expect.

Phrase Your Questions Similar to This:

What or Who is hindering my current strengths from being used?

When will I be able to showcase one or more talents during my job and which talents will it be?

How will I know when it is time to find a new job?

How can I manage better relationships with my coworkers?

When I can I expect a new job offer and will there be delays?

Keep the Following in Mind when Using the Whole Deck:

Major Arcana Cards are always going to represent you, your strengths, weaknesses, or other areas of talents and skills.

Minor Arcana Royal Cards will be representing other people in your life, like co-workers, interviewers, bosses; and/or can represent a hindering or helping feminine or masculine energies.

How to Start Your Career Tarot Reading

Once you decide how to split (or not split) your deck, write down your questions, according to which Arcana you want to start with unless you are keeping your deck whole.

Start to shuffle your cards in any way that you are comfortable.

I tend to side shuffle by picking a small number of cards from either the top or bottom and sliding them back into different areas of the deck. This method helps to preserve the face and edges of the cards from wrinkles, dings, and fading.

Then focus on one question at time. Once you feel ready to stop shuffling, lay down either 3, 5 or 7 cards in a row.

I pull cards from the top of the deck. But you may pull cards from the top, bottom, middle, or even further split your deck into 3, 5, or 7, piles and pull one card from each pile.

Now, it is time to read the tarot cards!

Career Tarot Reading #1

Robin Wood Tarot Spread

The Major Arcana is all about you. Each card is going to tell a short story to answer your question, along with a larger story created by all the cards together.

Example: I asked my cards, the Robin Wood Tarot: "What are my strengths that I can use in my job?"

I laid down 3 cards: Temperance (14), The Tower (16), and The Hierophant (5).

My answer for my strengths is about being able to balance situations, see solutions in the face of stress and unexpected circumstances, and being able to help others find their center of calm, rest, and peacefulness.

Career Tarot Reading #2

Mythical Tarot Spread

The Minor Arcana is about time frames, obstacles, areas to improve, what to expect coming up, and any people and/or energies that are disrupting your workplace.

Example: I asked my cards, The Mystical Tarot: "What areas or persons are hindering my progress on my career path?"

I laid down the 10 of Swords, the 2 of Coins, The Page of Staves, The King of Swords, and the 9 of Coins.

My answer (from the cards) is that I tend to lose my focus by thinking too far ahead instead of focusing on my current situations. The person/energy that is hindering me are my doubts, anxieties, and insecurities. The energy that is helping me is the guidance I have received from present role models who view me as an equal and share their knowledge and support. Once I let go of my own fears, nothing can stop me from being successful as I desire.

Reading #3

Hanson Roberts Tarot Spread

The Whole Deck is about complex questions that mix both Major and Minor Arcana’s. This will tell you more about the bigger picture around you.

Example: I asked my cards, Hanson-Roberts Tarot: "What can I expect coming up with my job?"

I laid down the Knight of Pentacles, the Ace of Pentacles, the Two of Pentacles, the Nine of Cups, and the Ace of Cups

Coming up: I have a new masculine person that at first is going to look a bit like a hinder to me then turn out to be extremely helpful. New opportunities will start open up, along with a new focus and balance, that will carry through for me to achieve goals that I was not able to before. The satisfaction and joy in my job will be renewed in a way that it will always be overflowing.

I hope you found this as useful as I have in my own life. No matter what deck you use, or what questions you ask, the Tarot is always there to provide answers and guidance. I look forward to hearing about your own discoveries and decks special to you.

Light and Blessings!

Delfina x9724

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Delfina came into her gifts at the age of three and was initially trained by her mother. Over the years, she has studied spirituality from many sources and mentors ranging from Judeo-Christian religious beliefs to Western esotericism. She specializes in energy work to help people find balance, connection, and the best paths for their life using Spirit Guides, Tarot, and Reiki.


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