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Fortune Favors: Top 7 Money Tarot Cards for Financial Insight by Psychic Lexi

Date 7/9/2024
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Welcome everyone! One of the most often asked topics in a Tarot reading tends to be about money and finances, and rightfully so. First of all, money is energy and like other energies, we do need it to survive.

I am going to discuss my top 7 cards that favor the fortunate in a Money Tarot Spread. It is by no means the only money cards that are positive. These cards are not listed in any order of importance. You may notice that there tends to be a lot of pentacles that appear. The reason for this is because by their very nature, the pentacles in the Tarot tend to be about money. You will also observe that two of the major arcana have made my top 7 list as well. This is because it’s not so much about the cards, but where they appear in a spread. For example, are they in the past, the present, or the future? This being the case they play an important role in financial tarot reads as they bring in things such as intent, emotions, and outcomes as well.

Before we get started on the actual cards, I’m often asked if it’s necessary to use a certain Financial Tarot Spread. The answer to that question is no. Most tarot readers over time develop their own personal spreads that connect with their energy as well as the cards in general. Many of us use the same spread for a variety of different needs/questions of our client. If you’re a beginner at reading the tarot, explore! In the end, whatever you’re comfortable with and works for you is the answer.

7 Tarot Cards that May Indicate Money

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune

By its very nature, The Wheel of Fortune is a card most of us desire in our spreads as it tends to be positive. When it appears in a financial tarot spread, it reminds us that nothing is ever permanent when it comes to money. You may be riding high with your finances and that’s a great feeling, but it cautions you to be careful as things can and do change quickly. The same holds true if your funds are depleted; that too will not last forever. It relates to effort not luck. How much of you are you willing to sacrifice?  This can be time, or energy, or a combination of the two.

The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun

The Sun card in the spread is very much an abundance tarot card as it relates to growth, in this case money. The very nature of the sun is to illuminate both the good, and sometimes the errors, of our finances. It also deals with the fact that it’s your hard work and diligence that has brought you the success that’s coming to you now. A lot of times a financial tarot spread is not just about money, it’s about business. Is the business you are in capable of providing the income you need? Should you close a business that is struggling, or will it come to fruition where money is concerned? Is your intent to make a lot of money, or feed your soul? These are all components that need to be looked at in a money tarot spread.

King of Wands Tarot Card

King of Wands

For many this may seem to be an odd choice for appearing in a financial tarot reading but hear me out. It’s about your intention and your creativity. So much about money and finances is not just making it, it’s about keeping it as well. It’s also about you making serious decisions regarding the maintenance of your money, including how you invest it. It requires you to be very direct not only in making money but educating yourself in the best way to keep it and help it grow. Because the King of Wands is about action, and diligence in putting effort and energy into something, it’s a great card to have appeared in your money tarot reading.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

Four of Pentacles

Stability is one of the main things we look for in our finances. It’s really what we want to achieve so we are comfortable with the changes that tend to happen in our financial world for a variety of reasons. Many feel that when the Four of Pentacles appears it’s about being stingy with your money. On the contrary, it’s actually about being cautious and frugal but also reminding us to loosen up a bit. Find that balance and happy medium that allows you to use the money for the better and not be focused on hording it for a false sense of security. If you cannot find that balance, what ends up happening is that you become a slave to the accumulation of the money, and not the enjoyment or security it can provide.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

Five of Pentacles

I included the Five of Pentacles because it’s a reminder that even at your lowest point financially, it’s never hopeless. The ever-changing ebb and flow of the energy of money means that most of us, at one time or another, find ourselves in this situation. This is a card that reminds us to look outside of fear or helplessness, and often the struggle itself, for another path. It’s about asking for and seeking help, which many of us don’t do for a variety of reasons. Ego and pride keep us isolated when it comes to money. We take it way too personally and forget that the lesson in this case comes from choosing to asking for help.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

Nine of Pentacles

When you see the Nine of Pentacles appear in your money tarot spread, you know you’ve made it! From start to finish, all aspects of this card scream SUCCESS! It’s not just about the amount of abundance you have, but the road you took (and in some cases didn’t take) that helped you achieve your success. It’s a celebration; a time to enjoy and kick back for just a bit to appreciate the journey and the reward. It honors all the sacrifices you’ve made to get there. It’s the ultimate pay day for sure and it reminds us that it’s ok to celebrate success as well as look forward to the next part of the journey.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

Ten of Pentacles

This is perhaps the most sought-after card in your financial spread. The reason is because it’s not just about money, it’s about big money. The Ten of Pentacles card also relates to family, legacy, and generational monies. The stability is absolute where money for not just the present is highlighted, but for future generations as well. It’s having the potential for the ultimate safety net and success for the remainder of your lifetime, with the potential to go on. This is a card that often appears in a retirement, or a lottery winning. In short, it’s about financial freedom. It doesn’t dictate how you come by the money. For example, many people think that this is winning a lottery when in reality it could be a business venture that really takes off to become more than what envisioned. That venture can continue to grow if responsibly managed for future generations.

For those that are interested, I’m including the spreads that I use for most of my money tarot readings. I have also done two reads (for clients I shall call “T” and “D” to protect their identity) and with their permission I will share the results with you now.

10 Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread for Fortune and Abundance

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread for Money and Abundance

The first one is a basic Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. Your intent when using this is about money and abundance. It’s a basic 10 card spread. My client “T” asked if they are on the right path where money is concerned, as well as will it work out in the long run.

Card 1 is the middle and represents the person. Wheel of Fortune (reversed). Not feeling secure in their path

Card 2 goes horizontal over card one and is what’s “crossing” the person. The Hanged Man. Feeling stuck; powerless. This is also a person who is in a situation where they have the tools to free themselves at any time.

Card 3 is above card one and is what “crowns” as well as goal. The World. Great card to have in this position as it shows your success (in this case financial) will be endless.

Card 4 is below card one and is what “lies beneath” as well as the distant past. Page of Swords. It’s a card that shows positive change. In this position of the distant past, it tells of changes that were helpful to the current situation.

Card 5 is to the left of card one and “is the recent past.” Five of Pentacles (reversed). It shows of a recovery from a financial loss.

Card 6 is to the right of card one and “is the future influence.”  Seven of Swords. You will need to use your skills as well as planning to move forward.

Card 7 to the right of card four, starting a new row represents “your attitude and current position”. Seven of Cups (reversed). When this is reversed, it indicates that the person asking the question is overwhelmed. They need to focus again.

Card 8 is above card seven “the situation; what influencing; the environment.” Three of Pentacles. Showing that teamwork is necessary for the goal to be achieved.

Card 9 is above card eight “hopes and fears emotions.” King of Wands. Be bold. Take control of the situation. Fortune favors the brave.

Card 10 is above card nine and is simply “the outcome.” Ten of Pentacles. Most sought after card in finances. Big money. Generational success.

Five Card Pentacle Tarot Spread for Money and Abundance

My other spread, which is a Pentacle Spread, is a five-card spread in the shape of a pentacle. Since the pentacles in the tarot tend to be about money, I feel very connected to this spread. It is laid out in the shape of a pentagram, or a pentacle depending on your beliefs. It is used to read the results for projects and goals.

My client “D” wanted to know the outcome of changes that have been made in the company.

Card 1 is lower right point. Meaning: Earth and current situation. Four of Pentacles. Meaning the current situation indicates that caution is necessary, but so is releasing of funds for balance.

Card 2 is middle left point, above card four. Meaning: Fire and goals, drive, will. Knight of Wands (reversed). Goals are solid without challenge; they are as predicted.

Card 3 is middle right point, in line with card two. Meaning: Air and things that are facts, such as what you need not what you wish. The Tower. In this position of facts, it reminds you that crisis can produce sudden change. With that in mind, it also highlights higher learning to offset disaster.

Card 4 is left of Card one on the point. Meaning:  Water and what can be changed. Variable. What you have control over. Nine of Pentacles. It shows that you control your success.

Card 5 is the top of the point. Meaning: Spirit/God/Goddess/Universal Chi The outcome. Advice on how to achieve your goal. The Sun. Hard work and diligence has paid off.

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