How to Get an Inspiring Tarot Reading by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 11/10/2014
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Prepare for a tarot reading by having an open mind and heart.

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Tarot cards are symbolic. The symbolic reality is a subtle one and the energies involved between the seeker and the reader can affect the cards and the ability of the reader to accurately pick up on the meaning behind the cards.

It’s important to bring yourself to the experience with an open mind and heart! If you’re suspicious and want to try to fool the reader, your reading will not make sense to you.

But if you come to it without negative preconceptions and are open to the process and the symbolic power of the ancient wisdom encoded in the tarot, then you’ll have an astounding, magical experience. Your tarot reading will enlighten and inspire you, giving you a glimpse deep into the matter and far into the future.

This symbolic power, if you’re open to it, can look deep into your soul and the soul of those around you; it can even communicate to the realms within, where we live between physical incarnations in our true spiritual form.

The spirit world is a therapeutic dream time where we explore our inner psyche and eventually come to understand our past life and begin to plan another. Because it’s a symbolic realm generated by our consciousness, the symbolic power of the tarot can communicate with those who’ve passed on.

But I warn you that it’s not an exact science-it’s a sacred, psychological, and mystical experience and a very difficult art to master. If you need proof that it works I can only assure you that if you’re in the right frame of mind and heart, it can actually form new pathways in your brain to expand your awareness of the symbolic and poetic mind of the universe; a refined and perfect consciousness of which we’re all a unique and essential part. Namaste!  


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