How Does a Psychic Use Tarot in a Reading? by Psychic Zee

Published Date 6/27/2014
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Anyone can deal the cards but a psychic can better understand and interpret the meanings.

Anyone can deal the cards but a psychic can better understand and interpret the meanings.

It's true that some people can learn the traditional meanings of Tarot cards and then deal them out and tell you what the cards say. But this is NOT how a psychic tarot reader uses Tarot.  The Tarot is a tool, just like crystals or palms can be.  The tools are always just a place to start the reading.  It helps establish a connection with you, the seeker.


I use the Tarot because it’s infinite in the meaning and images it gives. Of course I’ve studied the traditional meanings and spirituality inherent in this method.  While this helps, it doesn’t determine the psychic reading.  The initial interpretation depends on how the cards combine and relate to one another.  As a Psychic that uses Tarot, I shuffle and FEEL the right cards to use. Somehow my guides tell me which ones to choose by “energizing” them and telling me where to lay them down in the spread. 


I use different spreads (number and arrangement of cards) for different types of readings. I use my psychic vision, along with help from my spirit guides, to address your questions and show important people, influences, and concerns in your present life. More cards appear that show the most possible future outcomes.   The intended result is that this information will help you to make good decisions and move forward in the best possible way.


As a psychic that uses the information presented by both the Tarot and my guides, I see what different actions will lead to.  There’s never just one future.  Every action one takes will change what comes next.  To predict the future without allowing for change would leave no hope for the positive decisions and actions you might take to change things for the better.

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