Yoga and Willpower

Published Date 4/9/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Participating in a yoga class can help generate willpower in the rest of your life.

Yoga is one of the most diverse physical and spiritual practices in the world. It unites mind, body, and soul so that each element of your existence works in harmony. If you have experienced deficiencies in your willpower, you can use yoga to empower yourself and find inner motivation.

Make Small Commitments

Since yoga is comprised of many movements, most of which take little time to perform, it's an ideal exercise for strengthening willpower and resolve. Start by committing to a single pose. Tell yourself to hold it for 30 seconds.

After you complete this simple exercise, you will have generated a sense of accomplishment. This rush of pride encourages you to develop more willpower because you'll want to feel it again. The more you meet your commitments, the stronger your willpower becomes.

Join a Group

Numerous experts have written about the ability for groups to foster accountability. This concept works on the personal level when it comes to building willpower. If you place yourself amidst a group, you'll find yourself more motivated to finish what you start.

For one thing, you'll voice your goals aloud. This cements your resolve and allows others to provide encouragement. Additionally, groups generate a very specific form of energy, which can propel you forward as you reach new levels of willpower.

If you're not comfortable joining a group, find a single partner. Encourage one another to practice yoga daily and to commit to other tasks in life. You can also voice your resolve to your online psychic so he or she can check in with you and discuss your progress.

Lean Into the Stretch

Many people lose willpower when it comes to exercise because they associate physical activity with pain. Yoga, however, is a highly adaptable and low-impact form of exercise. Once you realize that it won't cause you pain, you'll feel motivated to continue the practice.

While you can always stop with yoga, it's also possible you'll gain a new respect for physical activity. You might want to use your newfound willpower for other sports and activities down the road.

Focus Your Mind

During yoga, you're encouraged to breathe deeply, clear your mind, and be present in the moment. This practice isn't just calming and balancing; it can also improve your willpower.

The more you focus, the more your mind craves stimulation. You'll start to look forward to your yoga sessions because you're interested in improving. 

Set Reasonable Goals

Willpower can fade if you set insurmountable goals, then berate yourself for failing to meet them. Because yoga is low-impact and light on movement, it allows you to gain comfort from baby steps.

If you're prone to overextending yourself and losing motivation, a clairaudient can help. He or she can help you tune into your inner self to find what you truly want out of life. You can use that knowledge to set better goals and take care of yourself.

Yoga is an excellent tool for improving your willpower, whether you're focused on yoga itself or other aspects of your life.


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