Yoga and the Mind-Body Connection

Published Date 7/19/2016
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Yoga can help calm the mind and heal the body.

Yogis and many alternative health practitioners believe that the link between the mind and the body proves stronger than most people think. In fact, some assert that there is no difference at all. This illustrates the mind-body connection: A belief that the state and condition of the mind can impact the body, and vice versa.

Mind Over Body Over Mind

Most people intuitively understand that the mind can influence the body. That's why therapists advise clients to visualize peaceful, calming settings when they experience panic attacks or chronic pain. However, the body can also influence the mind.

Writing for the Yoga Journal, Dr. Timothy McCall points out that taking slow, deep breaths can help settle uneasy thoughts. Similarly, people often experience depression, irritability, or anxiety when they suffer an injury or come down with an illness.

Yoga: Creating an Enhanced Connection

According to the Public Library of Science, yoga creates an enhanced understanding of how the body and mind work together. Yogis, whether beginners or masters, perform posture sequences accompanied by intentional breaths.

The yoga practitioner becomes highly attuned to both body and mind during a session. They might even close their eyes to help them focus more fully on themselves.

Using Yoga to Defeat Negative Thoughts

During times of stress, grief, fear, and other negative emotions, you can use yoga to battle destructive thoughts. Sessions on a yoga mat can accompany psychic readings and other practices that help you move past the discomfort.

Yoga can also help you identify aspects of your physicality that might impact your mental health. For instance, a particular movement might cause a pain in your shoulder or back, which could indicate an underlying problem. That subtle pain might have caused you to think negative thoughts without you having recognized the source.

Creating a Healthier Body

When you don't feel well, your mind suffers just as much as your body. For instance, if you've ever endured the flu or a cold that never seemed to go away, you might have experienced symptoms like frustration, depression, or anxiety.

Yoga can't prevent the common cold, but it can help you build muscle strength, increase your flexibility, and teach you about your body.

When you attend to your body's needs, your mind becomes clearer and more focused. You might experience relief from negative thoughts and emotions.

Combining Yoga With Other Techniques

You don't have to commit to a life of constant yoga routines to enhance the mind-body connection. You could get a tarot reading for guidance, see a professional for acupuncture, meditate every night before bed, or practice positive self-talk.

Think of yoga as a starting point. You'll deepen the connection between your mind and body so that you're prepared for other techniques and pursuits. Plus, yoga might become a lifelong passion because of its positive impact on both your mind and your body.

Everyone can benefit from understanding the mind-body connection. Yoga offers just one effective way to explore that connection so you're able to better control your thoughts and your movements.


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