Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves?

Published Date 1/20/2018
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Do you sabotage your dreams and goals?

If you’ve ever taken steps to prevent yourself from achieving something great or performing your best, you’ve likely engaged in self-sabotage. This practice is more common than you might think, even though it seems to contradict most people’s natural self-preservation instincts. Whether you’re guilty of self-sabotage or those you love do this constantly, you need to know more about this strategy. Find out how people tend to self-sabotage, some of the most common reasons for doing this, and how to stop.

What Self-Sabotage Looks Like

Self-sabotage doesn’t look the same for everyone. It may involve creating unnecessary conflicts with loved ones, consciously making unhealthy choices, or needlessly delaying important tasks.

If you’ve committed to a major work project that could determine whether you get the promotion you deserve, self-sabotage could come in the form of procrastinating until you no longer have time to submit your best work. If you’ve pledged to get in better shape or drop a few pounds, it could come in the form of inventing excuses not to go to the gym or sneaking junk food you know you shouldn’t eat. If you’re finally ready to commit to your significant other and build a future together, self-sabotage could look like picking silly fights for no reason.

Why Many People Engage in Self-Sabotage

Even though self-sabotage may look different for everyone, the results of this behavior and the reasons for it are often similar. As many of the best psychics know, many people have a constant fear of rejection and failure. If you experience these feelings, you might worry that even if you try your best to achieve a completely attainable goal, you could still fall short. Rather than letting that happen, you try to regain control over the situation by sabotaging yourself.

Many people also struggle with feelings of self-worth. This is a complex issue that can date back years or even decades and can make you feel like you’re inadequate, no matter how much you achieve in life. If you don’t truly feel like you deserve success, then you might take steps to ensure that you never quite get there.

How to Stop the Cycle of Self-Sabotage

It doesn’t matter if your goal is large or small or what your reasons are for sabotaging your wildest dreams. You can still take steps to stop the cycle and achieve the success you deserve.

Many advisors recommend taking a closer look at your self-compassion skills. You might be incredibly kind to others, but are you nice to yourself, too? To improve self-compassion, try taking an objective look at your situation, much as you would do with a friend. Approach your situation and your feelings with kindness and empathy. This could help you develop a more positive view of yourself while improving your ability to care for yourself and exercising more resilience in the process.

Sometimes an outside opinion can help you stop the dangerous cycle of self-sabotage. An online psychic chat can give you helpful insight into how and why you prevent yourself from doing your best, which can be an important step toward stopping this harmful practice once and for all.


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