What We Need to Understand About Beauty

Published Date 6/26/2017
Category: Health & Wellness

Beauty is more than just skin deep

You’ve likely heard the old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it isn’t always easy to take that simple concept to heart. In fact, most people succumb to negative self-talk or picking apart perceived flaws from time to time. To embrace your exquisiteness to the fullest, however, it’s essential to understand a few important things about beauty.

Beauty Is a Social Construct

The first step toward feeling comfortable in your own skin is accepting that beauty is a social construct. It isn’t always easy to believe this idea, especially if you’ve spent years measuring yourself against models in magazines and regularly determining that you fall short of the ideal.

For proof that beauty is a social construct, simply look at what people in other parts of the world consider gorgeous. You might be surprised to learn that your skin tone, hair style, or weight is considered perfect in another corner of the globe.

Beauty Is Internal

If you’ve had the chance to meet or even befriend anyone who exudes kindness, generosity, and positivity, you’ve learned firsthand that true beauty is internal. That’s because even the most beautifully made-up face, perfectly arranged hairstyle, or flawless body can’t hide meanness or a negative spirit.

Instead, a person’s external features can only convey what’s inside. When you focus on being a force for good and promoting an optimistic, giving spirit, your outer appearance will communicate these beautiful attributes.

Your Body Does So Much

No matter how you feel about your body, it’s essential to remember that it’s much more than a billboard advertising your looks. It also provides a home for your soul and allows you to do countless activities.

Rather than picking out parts of your body you’d like to improve, take the time to be thankful for what your body can do. Whether you love to dance, eat, sing, write, or love others, your body is the reason you can do all these things.

Self-Care Is Essential for Self-Love

As any love psychic can advise, you have to love yourself before you can pass that feeling along to others. One of the keys for self-love is taking care of yourself. This includes treating your body right with nutritious food, regular physical activity, and ample rest. With regular self-care and a conscious effort to accept and appreciate your appearance every day, you’ll be on the road toward self-love in no time.

Confidence and True Beauty Go Hand in Hand

When you’ve fully accepted yourself, regardless of whether your appearance fits the mold of beauty in your part of the world, you’ll finally feel comfortable in your own skin. This complete and utter confidence in yourself and the powers of your body is the key to true beauty. When you exude confidence in yourself and who you are, those around you won’t be able to ignore your attractiveness and positivity.

Getting past the social constructs that define beauty and learning to embrace your own unique loveliness is no simple task. However, as the best psychics know, accepting yourself and taking a holistic approach to beauty are the keys to self-love.


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