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Published Date 9/25/2016
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Can you see your chakra energies?

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Have you been seeing spots of random colors? Have you been wondering what it’s all about? Did you getting a little concerned about what was going on, or who to talk to about it, or whether or not to get your eyes check?  Well before you go, lets lift this and confusion, let's talk about the awakening of consciousness. 

Shifting Energy
Right now the planet has been going through some cycles and these cycles create energy shifts. Through the energy shift of the planet, all of us beings are evolving with this shift. This new energy is creating changes in our energy bodies.  Before I get carried away, let me explain... 

Through the last retrograde, which was in January 2016, the Earth went through some energy changes and solar shifts. These shifts created some interesting situations. Some people were going through major ups and downs emotionally, while others were experiencing headaches or flu like symptoms. This energetic shift was opening us up to being more adapted to another level of who we are as human beings. This new level was to awaken our abilities to see the chakra energy system. 

An Energetic Body
With our body we have energetic fields around us. This is called the energetic body. There are layers of our energetic body called the etheric body, the emotional body, and the mental body. With the current energy of the planet, we are adapting and becoming more receptive towards these energies. The emotional body energy is where the chakras are. 

The 7 Major Chakra Energies:

- Base of the spine down to your feet
Color: Red 
Related Emotions:  Being present and grounded, survival instinct, flow of life

- Your sexual area
Color: Orange
Related Emotions: Wellbeing, Abundance

- In your stomach
Color:  Yellow
Related Emotions: Confidence and control of life

– Around your heart area and arms (which is your heart line) 
Color: Green 
Related Emotions: Love, loving feelings, and happiness 

- Throat and mouth areas.
Color: Blue
Related Emotions:  Communication and creativity

Third Eye
- Between your eye brows and your sinus area 
Color: Indigo
Related Emotions: Intuition, ability to make decisions 

– Top of your head and slightly above
Color: Purple 
Related Emotions:  Connection to inner and outer beauty 

Adapting to Shifts in Energy
Now that we are opening up to these new energies, it’s time to learn a little about them. Each chakra spirals clockwise, and sometimes the energies get blocked. Usually in order for our energy to be in the flow, we just need an understanding how they work.  If you are currently seeing spots of certain colors know that this is just a part of us adapting to the new shift. These energies are associated with your emotions. Also know that it is normal.  But if you feel that there is a part of you that still wants a medical opinion, by all means you should not be afraid to seek it. 

If you are interested in learning more about your energy, or understanding yours better, then call me today and I will provide you some insight. 

Love and Light, 
Hailey x9468

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