Veganism and Compassion

Published Date 1/2/2020
Category: Health & Wellness

Veganism can open your sense of compassion

For most people, making the change from omnivore to vegan is no small shift. Instead, it’s a significant lifestyle change motivated by compassion. Learn more about how a deep sense of care for all of the living beings in the world can inspire veganism, and decide whether this lifestyle is right for you.

Personal Health

In other cases, the initial decision to dabble in a vegan diet comes from a desire for better personal health. Unlike diets that boast rapid weight loss and dramatic physical changes, however, adopting a vegan diet contributes to a more gradual and more rewarding transformation.

With proven benefits like improved energy levels and skin that looks years younger, the external reasons for eating a vegan diet are apparent. When you consider the long list of internal benefits from a plant-based diet, like added fiber, low saturated fat, and increased amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, it’s also clear that anyone who adopts a vegan lifestyle also has a well-defined sense of compassion and love for herself.

Love for Animals

While some vegans alter their diets in order to feel and look better, just as many change their lives due to their love for animals. Compassion plays a significant role in this mode of thinking, as an emotional connection to animals reveals a deep inner sense that all living creatures should have the ability to live their lives.

It’s no surprise that people who feel this way tend to lead vegan lifestyles instead of simply eating a vegetarian diet. Abstaining from all animal products allows vegans to take a compassionate stand against both animal cruelty and exploitation. Talk with an authentic psychic to better understand this type of compassion.

Environmental Benefits

The positive effects of a vegan diet extend far beyond personal and animal health. If you already recycle, reuse, and lower your carbon footprint in order to demonstrate your care for the earth and everything it provides, the environmental benefits of veganism will especially appeal to your sense of compassion.

Creating animal products puts a tremendous strain on the environment at every step of the way. Not only does producing enough feed for livestock require a significant amount of land and resources, but the process also burdens the environment with deforestation and unsustainable transportation methods. In contrast, a vegan diet requires fewer crops, less water, and a smaller area of land, which contributes to a healthier planet.

Human Sustainability

Instead of devoting agricultural land to the development of animal products, many vegans prefer the idea of maximizing available land and water to encourage human sustainability. This means no land is wasted on food production for animals, and all available land supports healthy and sustainable human development. Since a plant-based diet requires far fewer resources, adopting a vegan lifestyle can be the perfect demonstration of your compassion for humanity as a whole.

Veganism can mean many things to many people, but at its roots this lifestyle is one of compassion. Don’t hesitate to consult with an online psychic to learn more about the role of compassion in your life.


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