Today is the Day of Light and Our Advisors are Focused on You!

Published Date 6/21/2015
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What will you focus on during The Day of Light?

Today is the day where Psychic Source brings Advisors, customers, and the rest of the world together to join hands and hearts in a day of warmth, goodness, love, and light. The second annual Day of Light, June 21st 2015, is being held on the summer solstice to hold true to a newfound tradition. At 12pm today, all participating Advisors will meditate for goodness, focusing on projecting energy to those who’ve asked to be included.

The event has been spread via social media using the hashtag #PSDayofLight and followed via our Twitter/Instagram handle @PsychicSource . 
Feel free to meditate for peace along with our Advisors at noon today, and don’t forget to spread the word (and the love!).

If we all put our intentions into the Universe together, great things can happen!

In honor of today being JUNE 21st, Psychic Source is pleased to present quotes from 21 of our Psychic Advisors where they completed the following thought…


“Sending energy that we all can bring balance into our lives and manifest our true desires in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned.” – Joseph x7535

“Praying for you.  For joy. For hope. For unity.” – Catalina x9200

“This one moment in time when all of us at Psychic Source come together to impart positive energy, light, peace and happiness collectively to those who request it.” – Roxanna x7008

“Positive thinking. Positive thoughts allow positive things to happen.” – Caron x8188

“Sending love, light and healing to everyone that needs it. I will be focused on sending love to all the broken hearts that need healing and mending.” – Marie x7394

“Encompassing each one who comes to me with the white light of healing and the peacefulness of positivity to their heart.” – Stella x7343

“The energy that I have within me.  I will recharge that energy so that I can project whatever it is that my valued clients need.” – Nevaeh x7933

“Loving and healing the planet, as well as every living thing on her.  It is critical that we devote ourselves to the compassionate treatment of all.” – Cass x7943

“Sharing the energy within me to help others grow the light within themselves.” – Ben x7915

“Allowing myself to be an open channel for love, light and healing. I will ask that all this blessed energy be sent to those who ae open and ready to receive whatever is their burden; be it physical, spiritual or mental.” – Elijah x8233

“My clients first because I care about them and often put them in my prayers. Then I will concentrate on everyone else and pray we can all come together on this special day and find peace of mind, guidance and strength.” – Cadwen x8357
“Bringing peace of mind to the body and soul and balancing of everyone’s chakra.” – Samantha x7675

“Prayer. Whatever words you say, make sure you believe them, and you will have them.” – Penelope x7710

“Sending Reiki energy to all.  It only takes one to make a difference in the world we live in.  The universal energy of Reiki brings healing to the planet, the animals and to all the people of the world.” – Paige x7868

“Our hearts and minds in a symphony of love and healing ripples around our Mother Earth. Amazing miracles will occur!” – Kay x7102

“Universal Love.” – Betty x7514

“Sending the gift of love, light, and energy in general, to all those in need, as well as those that don’t realize they need it.” – Lexi x8036

“Teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony!” – Arthur x8237

“Healing Earth’s oceans, rivers and water everywhere with loving vibrations.  The Earth, humans and animals are all made of mostly water.  It’s molecular structure is visibly altered by loving thoughts.” – Emily x9072

“Sending healing energy for all those in pain, be it emotional or physical.  It’s so exciting to be a part of the collective energy for the greater good.  Together we can accomplish something very powerful!” – Lauren x9193

“Sharing God’s love, giving energy and positive thoughts to everyone around the world.  It’s a day to be selfless by thinking about others, and not ourselves.” – Eve x9188

Now that you’ve read what just a small sample of our advisors are focused on today…

What will you focus on during THE DAY OF LIGHT?  Let us know and share your comments below.

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