The Summer Solstice Marks the Day of Light When Our Advisors Focus on You!

Published Date 6/20/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Our Psychics are focused on YOU on the Day of Light!

As members of the Psychic Source community, we gather with people of every language, spiritual and faith tradition, to share a moment of true connection to one another in a global meditation. This is a time to reflect on your heart’s highest intention, and the love you’d most like to manifest towards yourself and others. Today is the day where Psychic Source brings advisors, customers, and the rest of the world together to join hands and hearts in a day of warmth, goodness, love, and light. 

The third annual Day of Light, June 20th 2016, is being held on the summer solstice to hold true to a newfound tradition. At 6:30PM Eastern Time, all participating Advisors will meditate for goodness, focusing on projecting energy to those who’ve asked to be included. Learn more about the Day of Light with our new video found here

Please feel free to meditate for peace along with our Advisors at 6:30PM today. Don’t forget to spread the word, and the love, by sharing your reflections on our Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #PSDayofLight. Also check out our special Facebook Day of Light event page where you can RSVP to the Day of Light, share your intentions, and read more quotes from our advisors.  

If we all put our intentions into the Universe together, great things can happen!

In honor of today being June 20th, Psychic Source is pleased to present quotes from 20 of our Psychic Advisors where they completed the following thought…


“Good health, spiritual blessings and peace for the world.  And for the safety of all animals: wildlife, sea creatures, pets and farm animals.... that every single one is free from cruelty, and treated with respect, kindness and love.” – Therese x7215

“Sending positive energy to support everyone in manifesting their dreams and desires while on this journey of life.” – Kara x9322

“Love and bringing those that are meant to be closer together. My focus will be on soul mates and removing any negative blocks that may be in the way of connecting with one another.” – Arielle x8367

“Healing souls on this planet from being hurt by prejudice, bias, jealousy, and negativity to the point that all souls find light, love. and happiness.” – Eliza x7896

"God's Universal Healing Energy. I will be sending forth into the World radiant healing Reiki energy, healing the hearts and souls of all those who ask for it and are in need of healing. “ – Barbara x7866

“My Deepest Prayer that this day of meditation brings a huge volume of increased light and love to this suffering planet, and those suffering all over the world.  There is nothing any soul in this world wants more than love.” – Faith x9292

“Connecting all of our heart chakras as one.” – Kimberle x8608

“Sending healing energy (Yes, I can heal from a distance) for everyone to embrace their "Dark Side" or "Shadow" (C'mon we all have one, LOL) and nurture it with love.” – Angie x9389

“Food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, peace for the weary and loving kindness for animals.” – Dawn x9187

“Projecting healing rainbow colors, infusing the Earth and everyone on the earth and around the Earth, creating harmony to flow easily through a circle of light. At the same time chiming my crystal bowl of healing light, sending the soundwaves completely around the earth bringing in good vibrations.” – Mazie x7124

“The upcoming presidential election.  Praying that we are able to find our way to elect the person that is best able to move us forward as a country.” – Rosie x9381

“Sending love, white light and healing energy to everyone participating in the Day of Light. May divine light and love surround and permeate the Earth and all its creatures, bringing harmony, compassion, abundance and positive changes in the season ahead!” – Lorraine x9422

“Bringing harmony and peace to those around me and those that my energy touches. I want the Light of the Universe to flow through me and out to those that need help and guidance.” – Narnia x7735

“Invoking love where there is hatred, healing where there is pain, peace where there is violence, bringing joy to life again.” – Ester x9390

“Sending ALL of my peeps, love, light & a great BIG soul family HUG XOXO” – Sadia x8659

“Opening my heart to be a channel for love and light, praying with a humble heart for all the earth's people in need of healing, love, and shelter. And praying for the earth's animals in need of healing, love, and shelter. Praying for oneness and peace, and for the healing of our planet.” – Moira x7776

“Abundance, prosperity and soul-based solutions for everyone.” – Seth x7596

“Love, gratitude and healing. I am sending healing energy to all who are in emotional or physical pain. We are all one in this journey.” – Lauren x9193

“Gratitude.  In this fast paced world, we forget to be grateful for what we have.  On this day I feel honored to join others in sending not only light and love, but gratitude to all that need and want this amazing energy.  Blessings to all.” – Lexi x8036

“Sending healing Reiki energy to the planet and all Sentient Beings (humans and animals).” – Paige x7868

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