The Spiritual Importance of Cleaning Your Kitchen by Psychic Simone

Published Date 3/27/2017
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A clean kitchen is a sign of a clean soul!

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“When we mop a floor, wipe a counter top, scrub a toilet, dust a table, it is not so much about the physical dirt we are removing from the object, surface or space. It is about the dirt we are removing within us.”  -Tolulope Ilesanmi, Owner Zenith Cleaners Montreal, Canada

There is nothing more depressing than waking up to a dirty kitchen first thing in the morning. Dirty dishes that have been in the sink for the last few days have started to smell. Onion skins and crumbs crackle as you step on the floor. Burners on the stove are so caked with grease that it takes an industrial strength degreaser from The Home Depot to clean them off. And, that spill in the oven from the Christmas turkey is still there, now a blackened plaque. All of this is a sign of stagnant energy. But this stagnant energy is not just in the kitchen, it is a direct reflection of what's going on within you. 

Clear the Stagnant Energy
Because the stagnant energy is operating within you, you develop a powerful sense of immobility and feelings of being overwhelmed. You may find that you cannot read, write or speak clearly. To others, you sound confused. One quick and effective solution to clearing out that bad energy is to clean up the kitchen. Your kitchen represents home and hearth. It also represents your deepest self. As you clean and polish your kitchen, you are cleansing and polishing your inner self and your emotions.

To have a clear mind, body and spirit, you must have a clean-living space. Professional cleaner and co-founder of Zenith Cleaners, Tolulope “Tolu” Ilesanmi, has created a highly successful international cleaning business by using the task of cleaning as metaphor. He teaches that all cleaning is internal. When we declutter a space, the real decluttering occurs inside ourselves. Mr. Ilesanmi has taught his concept of cleaning to board members and corporate executives in business coaching sessions. Cleaning regularly, he believes, is training for dealing with the dirt and mess of life that we normally do not want to touch. 

Clean your Kitchen - Clean your Soul!
Now back to that kitchen. Start with the dishes first, then move to the stove/oven, leaving the floor last. Instead of using your dishwasher, wash your dishes by hand and don’t forget to wear gloves. Clear your mind as you wipe each dish in a circular motion. Scrub your flatware over and over until the food stuck on the utensil is completely gone. Same for the pots and super greasy pans. As you clean, say to yourself, “I am cleansed and free of all false notions that no longer serve me. I am cleansed and free.” When you have finished cleaning your kitchen you should feel lighter, free and clean.  

And maybe as a reward for your hard work…  celebrate by going out to eat and let someone else worry about the dishes for one night!  

-Goddess Blessings, 

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