The Pursuit of Happiness

Published Date 8/1/2017
Category: Health & Wellness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness often feels elusive. It's often been described as chasing after a butterfly - a feeling that is fleeting and hard to catch. By its very nature as an emotion, this is exactly how it works. Emotions are meant to flow. So can happiness be pursued? How do we live more contented, peaceful lives? Watch this video to learn what our Advisors have to say.

Happiness is an inside job
When we try to find happiness in a relationship, career, money, or other external benchmarks or goals, it's as if happiness will somehow magically appear when we achieve our goal. It doesn't work that way. As our Advisors explain, we can't find what we don't already have inside. If we're not happy within ourselves, our happiness upon achieving our heart's desire will be the kind of fleeting sensation that leaves us wondering what's next.

Happiness is a choice
Psychics and psychologists agree that we can choose to be happy, and there are many techniques that one can practice that really make a difference. Practicing gratitude, fostering forgiveness, blocking negative thoughts, and meditating have all been proven to work. The key to all of these practices is self-love. We have to start by feeling worthy of happiness and making the investment in changes required to support our choice to be happy. If you've been a people pleaser your whole life, you may balk at the idea of turning the focus towards your own needs and desires. But it's the one sure way to move from depending on others to make you feel happy, to finding your inner light. So go ahead, and appreciate what makes you unique, flaws and all. Forgive yourself for your imperfections and recognize failures as learning opportunities. Accept that self-love is the opposite of being selfish, because when you love yourself, you actually have more love to give. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin and to value your own unique gifts will help you project confidence to others and live a happier life.

Happiness isn't always easy
Let's face it - it's hard to remain optimistic when everything is going wrong. The emotion of happiness will naturally give way to other emotions and that's okay. What we want to hold onto is not the fleeting emotion of being happy, but the inner sense of being at peace within oneself, despite the outward circumstances we face. This inner contentment or soul alignment is the true measure of happiness.   

Our Advisors are here for you
Talking with our Advisors can provide a new perspective and create an emotional shift from negative to positive. They can guide you towards finding your own inner light and place in the world, where you are not dependent on others for your happiness. If you seek greater contentment, techniques for choosing happiness over fear, or even guidance on how to shift into more self love, contact one of our Advisors today.  


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