The Placebo Effect During Any Challenge by Psychic Radha

Date 1/11/2023
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You should always encourage and trust in yourself.

You should always encourage and trust in yourself.

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We have all heard of the power of a placebo.  Generally, a sugar pill is given to a patient who is told it heals their particular illness. Guess what? They heal themselves. During WWII, Dr. Beecher who’d run out of Morphine began telling soldiers to get ready for their morphine IV using a simple saline solution instead. To his surprise, it worked for half the soldiers. The very suggestion they thought they were getting medicine was enough for half the soldiers to relax and feel no pain. 

Amazing, isn’t it?

So how does this bit of information impact you now?

If you can look at any of your challenges, anxiety, or fears with a compassionate gaze combined with an objective one – you will realize that what drives you to react negatively has no real impact if you believe it cannot hurt you, or destroy you!

How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts

Dr. Masura Emoto studied the effect of human emotions on water. He was able to show in pictures that the molecular structure of H20 (water) transformed.

Allow me to explain:

Anger, rage, and any negative emotion turned the frozen molecules of the water into rough shards.  Loving, sweet, positive emotions transformed the frozen water into the most exquisite snow crystals. Not only that, even sound frequency impacted the water. But what is the most extraordinary test he did was to have a temple priest bless a polluted waterway into water that was restored to pure water that could be consumed. 

How can we explain it in simple terms? The world is made up of energy.  

Think of electricity and how it can light a room or electrocute a person. These are both examples of energy, but we hold one as positive and one as negative. Your brain shares its cells with the heart. You’ve heard of people getting heart transplants and suddenly craving mushrooms or a beer and yet never craving these things before, right?

Well, here is why I have shared all these examples:

You are so much more than what meets the eye. You are made up of energy, too.

You have the power to transmute fear into faith. Anger into joy. Anxiety into peace. Hate into love.

There is no challenge you can’t tackle with the right approach. What you think about expands

You decide. 

Nothing will destroy you. If anything ever challenges you, face it with faith, with surrender, with calm. These experiences will build your power up. The Universe has your back. It will catch you. Should you fall. Get back up.

In fact, just know this. YOU WILL FALL. This will be part of this journey. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Make your past failures a badge of honor. There is a famous writer who for the first part of his writing failures wallpapered his walls with his rejections. Today he is a best-selling author. 

There is nothing wrong with failure. You would never yell at a toddler that she is a loser for falling. So why are you yelling at yourself for falling? You can create a new reality free of negativity.

Encourage yourself.

Trust yourself.

All events are cyclical.  Everything changes - it must change lest we become a static society. It is the law of nature that change is a paramount part of our evolution as a species and as light beings. 

Quantum physics tells us that we are energy. Pure energy. And you can transmute, transform, anything that blocks you from your light.  But how you ask?

Check back for some answers in my follow-up article "5 Ways to Recalibrate and Transform Yourself Today." 


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