The Laws of Wellness Part 1 by Psychic Lynette

Published Date 3/4/2015
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Being Well every day starts with a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast!

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Psychic Source is pleased to introduce “Wellness Wednesday.”   For the next 3 Wednesday’s we will present a new article in “The Laws of Wellness” series written by our very own Advisor Lynette.  Enjoy!  

In the chaos our world can often feel like, it is imperative that we keep ourselves grounded, well and happy, first and foremost.  When we begin to learn to do this, practice it every morning before beginning our busy days and again before we head off to sleep to bring each day to a close, we will have reached the first step in the Laws of Wellness.

The Laws of Wellness are a set of goals for feeling good, and taking care of ourselves, on all levels, created by this writer, as a psychologist and a spiritualist, over many years of experience in working with those who are not well.

The Laws of Wellness- Part 1 

Ground Regularly
Sit on the edge of your bed when you have a few minutes in the morning (and you will repeat this process in the evening before bed).  Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground (bare feet are best for our natural energy flow), and that your posture is good, with your arms at your sides, palms up on the bed.  

Close your eyes.  Visualize a beautiful, brilliant white light just above your head.  The brightness does not hurt your eyes.  Inhale slowly, filling your lungs to their maximum capacity, and picture pulling this loving, healing, positive white light into your body through the top of your head (your crown), filling your entire being, and shining out through the bottoms of your feet as you now slowly exhale. 

While you exhale, know and believe that you are also ridding yourself of any and all negative energies. Doing this to close your day before sleeping also helps to prepare you for a restful and peaceful night, especially if you suffer from insomnia or worrisome dreams.

Get Enough Sleep
Speaking of sleep, this sounds easy enough, however, insomnia is a problem that plagues many people. Please do ensure that you have a thorough check-up with your physician if you do suffer from constant insomnia first, to rule out any physiological causes.  Once you have done this, try taking these steps to get into a good sleeping cycle.  

The first thing is to figure out how much sleep you need to function well; and this will, of course be different for everyone.  You may determine this simply by experimentation.  Some people need just six hours sleep, while other require eight or more, so it's important to figure out what you need as an individual.  

Once you know how much sleep you need, start going to bed at the same time every night (at least during the work week, and as much as is realistic).  The second piece to this is to set your alarm for the same time every morning (even on weekends).  Even if you feel tired at first, get out of bed once that alarm sounds, and prepare to begin your day. 

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated
Because we are all so very unique, changing the way we take care of ourselves is a process.  When it comes to learning how to eat well (specific to your personal needs), and to implementing changes in diet and eating habits, start by seeing your family doctor. It is always wise to then visit a nutritionist especially if you have medical conditions and if you are taking medication. 

Your physician can help you to make transitions safely, and at the best pace, and a nutritionist can advise you on what changes are needed in your food intake (amount), and the types and combinations of food you need to eat for optimum health, as well as how to start and how to 'stick with it'. 

I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of staying hydrated.  Many people do not feel well because they are simply not drinking enough water/fluids that hydrate on a consistent basis.  It is important not to over-hydrate (that is dangerous, just as dehydration is dangerous), and having the help of a specialist in nutrition to advise you on how to maintain healthy hydration is just as important as eating healthy.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for Wellness. Please return next Wednesday for the second part in our Wellness Wednesday series looking at “The Laws of Wellness” by Advisor Lynette.   Be well!

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