The Healing Powers of Touch

Published Date 9/2/2019
Category: Health & Wellness

Why is simply touching someone so healing?

Touch has many forms, from platonic to romantic to therapeutic. Why is the feeling of touch so healing? How can we share this powerful tool with others while still respecting their boundaries? Let's delve into the mysterious healing powers of touch.

What Can the Power of Touch Do?

Mainstream medicine has become increasingly focused on the power of touch. Some studies suggest that this crucial component of traditional healing may benefit symptoms from a variety of ailments, such as asthma, high blood pressure, and migraine headaches.

Trials suggest that touch lowers stress levels, reduces pain, and helps manage glucose levels in children with diabetes. It can boost the immune system in people with cancer and even slow the progression of many diseases.

Why Is Touch So Healing?

Modern evidence suggests that touch lowers your heart rate and blood pressure by changing patterns in your brain waves. The embrace of a loved one is often quite therapeutic. So why does the touch of a practitioner also have a soothing effect similar to an angel card reading?

Stress increases your body's risk of contracting an illness. It floods the bloodstream with hormones that can interfere with the delivery of cytokines, a key element in your immune system. Massage, in particular, reduces the level of stress hormones in patients, allowing those cytokines to reach the site of an injury. Touch is also thought to increase levels of melatonin and serotonin, both feel-good hormones that speed up the healing process.

How to Share This Powerful Tool

How do you share the powerfully healing tool of touch and still respect people's boundaries? Often traditional medicine, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can make the body feel tender and causes sensitivity in the skin. Ask for permission before you share whatever form of physical contact you intend to give, such as a hug or a squeeze of the hand. Although touch is a genuine form of concern, it's not always welcome.

How Hugs Can Heal

Hugs are a great way of offering hope, reassurance, and empathy. A hug will lower your friend's blood pressure and reduce their heart rate. Habitual huggers also have higher levels of oxytocin. This hormone is released during contact and is associated with social bonding. Oxytocin induces anti-stress-like effects, including a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, helping you heal faster.

Massage Therapy

While you may think of massage as an occasional indulgence, it's a wonderfully therapeutic way to stay healthy and pain-free. Massage therapy can help speed recovery from injury and reduce stress. It relieves tension and is thought to improve the mind/body connection and boost overall wellness. Rubbing, kneading, and gently patting the skin helps reduce stress and encourages muscles to relax. Endorphins are also released, followed by a greater sense of peace.

Other than a psychic chat, what better way to communicate love and acceptance than by reaching out to someone? The power of touch might surprise you.


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