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The Energy of Electronics - Feng Shui in the 21st Century by Psychic Ivy

Date 3/24/2023
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Is working from home messing with your Qi?

Is working from home messing with your Qi?

Feng Shui is a wonderful way to help manifest balance in all areas of life! For those not in the know, Feng Shui is an ancient practice that helps align your home, business or other space in a way that allows Qi (pronounced “Chi”) or the “energy of life” to best flow and support the space and those in it. It has been practiced for centuries; some sources show as early as 4000 BC! But in the era of smartphones, Bluetooth speakers and video meetings as a norm, this adds a whole new way of being mindful of Qi!

Mind your Qi

Electronics tend to hold a lot of energy. In addition to reminding many of work or productivity, they have the quality of making a space seem “on.” This is great energy for an early morning work conference call, but energy best avoided when spending time with loved ones unwinding. Each of the things you do on your electronic devices carry energy. Think of the way a work-related video meeting on your computer makes you feel. Or a true crime documentary you watch on television. These things have their time and place but making sure the Qi of these doesn’t end up in places it doesn’t belong is essential.

Keep the Work Separate

It is best to keep work or an office outside the room you sleep, if at all possible. Having a dedicated area just for work and its necessary electronics is ideal. If you have a small space, or a studio or loft type layout, you can still create a work area. Room dividers or screens, a cube cabinet unit or bookcase that is just high enough to “hide” a desk and computer area are some ways to work around an open layout and still have a semi-private area for work. When you finish work, close your laptop, or drape a piece of fabric over your monitor if your computer is in a shared area. This will help keep the workflow energy “out of sight, out of mind.”

Turn off the Television

Televisions are another electronic device to be mindful of in Feng Shui. The energy of the shows you are watching - actively, or in the background - does come through to some extent. Televisions are best kept outside bedrooms if possible. If not, instead of falling asleep to the lights and sounds of the TV, playing some white noise or relaxing sleep music is a much better way to let the Qi flow as opposed to something not so great for good sleep.

Take a Break from the Cell Phone

Think of all the energy your smartphone carries. Most people use their cell phone to call, text, email, browse the internet, check bank accounts online, check social media and complete other everyday tasks. Between all the interactions we have on our phones, there is a tremendous amount of energy! There are ways in your settings to only allow certain calls or texts to come through. This can let you be aware of a loved one who might have an urgent situation they need to talk to you about, while also not letting those relentless spam calls about your extended car warranty interrupt your rest. If like most of us, you charge your cell phone overnight, avoid keeping your phone’s charger next to the bed for a number of reasons. If you use your phone to wake up, you’ll have to physically rise and get out of bed to turn your alarm off, which is wonderful for anyone who isn’t a morning person. And of course, the temptation to invite a collection of the energy that might happen with a late-night endless social media scrolling session in bed is gone.

Feng Shui For Everyone

As our times have changed, Feng Shui has changed too. The beauty of Feng Shui is that its principles can be applied to a wide variety of spaces. Whether you want to have Qi flowing its best in your Manhattan Studio apartment, or your garage office in Los Angeles, it’s important to focus on how electronics can impact Qi. But with such a comprehensive understanding of energy, a little Feng Shui will keep your colleagues’ energetic vibrations on your work computer, your boyfriend’s voicemail’s Qi in your cell phone, and your favorite reality television program’s energy in the television only and give you peace. 

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Psychic Ivy utilizes her knowledge of Feng Shui through her work as a mixed media artist. Her art has been featured in galleries and exhibits in the Midwestern and Southern U.S. She loves working with clients to understand how to create aesthetically and energetically pleasing spaces. She offers Feng Shui consultations by video call on Psychic Source.


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