The Empath's Holiday Survival Guide by Psychic Ruby

Published Date 12/12/2017
Category: Health & Wellness

It is important to make time for yourself at the holidays!

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It’s that time again. The holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with family and friends, but for some of us this time of year is a mixed blessing. The holidays can be stressful for anyone, but for people who acutely feel the emotions of other people, they can be a minefield. As an empath myself, raised in a family where the person who yelled the loudest loved you the most (supposedly) I have learned a couple of strategies for coping with holiday stress.

1) Make time for yourself. 
This may sound selfish, but you are doing your loved ones a favor by taking some “me time”. Carve out blocks of time in your busy schedule, even if it’s only ten minutes, and do something calming or recharging. This could be as easy as taking a break from shopping by getting a cup of chamomile tea at a coffee shop and taking a few deep breaths. Busy malls can be an absolute nightmare for empaths, which takes us to number two.

2) Raise your shield.
What does this mean? Your “shield” is an energetic barrier that keeps other people’s energy out. You may have heard of the human aura, but did you know that you can modify your aura by using the power of your mind? Before I go into a potentially stressful situation, I imagine stepping into a suit of medieval armor, and as hokey as that sounds, it works like a charm.  An unexpected benefit is that I imagine myself sitting down to dinner with my family in my armor suit and it makes me laugh.

3) Give No F%&#$
You read that right. Sometimes we empaths can take on WAAAY too much emotion to the point that every little thing can become overwhelming. When we let our potentially elevated emotional state dictate our words and actions, the results can be disastrous. Remember that you are only in control of YOU. Everything else will turn out ok in the end, even if the turkey IS dryer than the Sahara. Your energy and attitude matter far more than life’s inevitable imperfections. We can’t all be Martha Stewart, some of us are Snoop Dogg!

4) Breathe!
No, really. Wise yogis know that you are only as deep as your breath. When your breathing is shallow and rapid, the blood supply to your nervous system is compromised, your adrenals can’t function properly, and your body makes more stress hormones. Breathing deeply and slowly whenever you remember to can make all the difference in how you feel! Especially when Uncle Gordon has his 4th cup of eggnog and wants to talk politics.

On behalf of the Psychic Source family, I would like to wish you a very happy and safe holiday season. May your December be filled with warmth, joy and the appropriate amount of fruitcake, no more. 


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