The Day of Light - To Light the World by Psychic Janax

Date 6/9/2018

A billion good thoughts can uplift and enlighten us.

A billion good thoughts can uplift and enlighten us.

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On June 21st 2018, Psychic Source celebrates the 5th Annual Day of Light, a day of spiritual awakening and meditation.

An individual drop of water on its own doesn’t seem that significant.  But take millions of tiny drops of water, and you create the powerful force known as an ocean.  This is no different when we collect millions of positive thoughts to create a force just as powerful...  

Get Ready for the DAY OF LIGHT!  

As the late psychic Edgar Cayce said: "Thoughts are things." Positive intentions can be directed out into the universe where they will multiply to help heal hurt and heartache. These literal rays of light can surround and rebound into the universe creating spiritual harmony. 

Prayer is positive focused energy. 
It does not have to be from a specific religious viewpoint but rather from a unified philosophy of positive powerful intention. A billion good thoughts can uplift and enlighten us, like angels' wings, to counteract the force of negativity, which is like gravity holding us back, and pulling us down. These positive thoughts can bring hope and healing of body, mind and spirit.

What one puts out, one gets back.
If millions of people put out good thoughts, wishes and prayers they will return to us. We truly are “All One.”  The human body is made of billions of individual cells that working together create an individual body. We, as spiritual beings are like those individual cells where together we can all create a being of light as our auras blend and merge into unified light.

Let us all join forces, and become the force, to focus on good so we all may be showered with help and hope. A billion sparks of love and light, like fireworks, will shower down upon us. Conscious concentrated concern and compassion for the well-being of all with directed thoughts of love will empower us.

Purity of Purpose
In unity there is a stronger force field that can raise the vibrations of everyone and everything, as everything is energy vibrations. Purity of purpose can bring forth positive changes in the world. As one candle can illuminate the dark, billions of candles (like good thoughts) can illuminate the universe and the universal mind.

Let us be the light that uplifts and enlightens us.

Be sure to join Psychic Source on Facebook for our day of positive thoughts and intentions on June 21st, 2018.  Details coming soon!

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