The Day of Light: A Spiritual Wake Up Call

Published Date 6/21/2019
Category: Health & Wellness

Happy Day of Light 2019!

Sun kissed skin, toes in the sand, warm starry nights, ah, yes, summertime is here. Today, June 21st , we celebrate the 2019 Summer Solstice, also known as the Day of Light. For many, this is just another day to soak up the rays of the start of summer but for others, it marks a very symbolic moment on the seasonal and spiritual cycle. 

The Day of Light has been celebrated since the beginning of time and is one of the first astrological observations in human history. All over the world you can find sacred, ceremonial monuments and structures designed for sun worship that date back to ancient civilizations, cultures and religions. The unparalleled energy of the sun provides healing and life-giving abilities, no wonder it’s been respected throughout the ages. 

On June 21st, the sun peaks at the highest point in the celestial equator, comes to a pause, and opens a portal of intense energy, light and warmth. Summer has bloomed, Mother Nature is in her glory and an overcoming sense of gratitude fills the air as we enjoy all the gifts the season has to offer. But did you know that the Day of Light brings forth another very special gift of spiritual evolution? The chance to dive deeper into your journey of personal, spiritual and intuitive growth can be yours if you choose to embrace it. 

Embracing the Light

Just like the cycles of the sun, we all have highs and lows in our spiritual journey. The Day of Light is a divinely guided opportunity to “wake up” on a spiritual level. Just like the rays of the sun, psychic energy is flowing and the connection between self and spirit is peaking. If you are seeking to illuminate the pathway to your spiritual purpose, the Day of Light is a wonderful opportunity to soak it all in. 

Symbolically, the change of season gives us the chance to make personal changes in our lives. The element of fire aligns with the sun, as it shines a light on things that need to be purified. Opening your space to a spiritual growth requires us to reexamine old patterns and letting go the things that no longer serve us. Allowing the sun to cleanse your mind, body and soul from these negative thoughts, feelings, toxic relationships and the things that hold us back will allow you to make room for new energy. 

What are your deepest desires, hopes and dreams? What is holding you back? Are you ready to travel further down your spiritual path? The Day of Light is an invitation to awaken, a triumphant victory of light over darkness that we can help you manifest to your fullest potential. 

Your Pathway Starts Here

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All week long we’ve been preparing you for today’s Day of Light celebration with powerful tools designed to assist you in your journey towards spiritual evolution. These tools will help you sharpen your intuitive abilities, deepen your connection to self and spirit and help you move forward in various areas of your life. 

If you missed any of this week’s special articles, now is your chance to go back and check them out.
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Happy Day of Light 2019!

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