The Connection Between Eating Healthy and Psychic Ability by Psychic Kyle

Published Date 3/26/2015
Category: Health & Wellness

Eating healthy has many benefits.

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These days, there is so much information out there about eating healthy and sometimes it is hard to know if we are doing the right thing to take care of our bodies. When our bodies are getting all of the nutrients they require, they can function at the optimal level. From my experience this is also important for spiritual reasons. 

Respect your Body.
Your body is a temple in which your spirit lives; it is your home that cannot be taken away. If you give yourself the best possible fuel, then you will instantly begin to feel how your body is thankful you are choosing fresh healthy foods. You will feel more energetic and happier in your relationships and your career. 

Think before you Eat.
When we settle for food that we know isn’t good for us, we are instantly lowering our vibration and contributing to health problems. After some time of feeling unhealthy, our body becomes “blocked” with unnatural ingredients and foods that take lots of energy to digest like meat, bread, and dairy products. 

Moreover, the energy behind most commercial foods is negative. They are manufactured products that contribute to animal cruelty and environmental devastation. Choosing organic, plant-based foods for you and your family will come with so many advantages. Pick out foods where no animals are harmed because this greatly shifts your energy into something more positive when you aren’t carrying around all of that pain and sadness.

You can see how if you choose to eat foods that are natural and in their whole or raw state just like nature created, it is a much better option for you and the Earth. The more in-tune you are with the Earth, the more you will be able to sense your own natural intuition, and that can make your life truly magical. 

Eating to Enhance your Psychic Energy.
I notice a huge difference in my psychic abilities when I am eating raw, organic, vegan foods verses the processed and cruel other options. Heavy comforting foods can numb our senses and make us feel sleepy and relaxed because our bodies are trying hard to digest them, and this can take energy away from your psychic ability too.  

Now that spring has sprung, this is the perfect time to get outside, plant a garden and make the healthy eating choices you know are best for you! 

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