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The Benefits of Healing Reiki Guided Meditation Podcast by Psychic Amy

Date 11/23/2022
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In this guided meditation Psychic Amy will share the healing power of three different types of reiki, explaining the distinct vibration of each of them.

Usui Reiki, also known as Universal Energy, is a tried-and-true healing modality which can be used in conjunction with any ailment, whether this condition is physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual in nature. Every living being possesses an energy field that projects about six feet around their physical body. This field, sometimes referred to in plain language as the “aura,” is the main focus of healing Reiki energies. 

Reiki is one of the oldest known healing modalities in the world. It can be used to channel healing, therapeutic energy to anyone. Even pets can receive a healing session, whether it be a hands on or via long distance therapy. Human and animal recipients alike will sleep quite well once the session is complete.

Healing Reiki Hands

The Benefits of Healing Reiki

So, what are the benefits of Reiki healing? Reiki therapy is great for dealing with getting the issues out of the tissues, so to speak. Reiki therapy sessions can remove blocks and issues no matter what form they may take. The point of receiving Reiki healing is to remove any blockages from the client’s energy field. Moreover, Reiki healing can also be taken as a preventive measure.

Most importantly, Reiki therapy can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Certain symbols can actually help speed up the healing process for the client. For example, there is a symbol that can speed up the healing process for a client who has suffered a broken bone.

A word of caution is in order here, however. A Reiki healing session must be done after the bone has been set by an accredited medical doctor. Conducting the therapy session before the broken bone has been properly set can actually impede the healing process for the client. It is therefore imperative that the client seeks a qualified Reiki practitioner who has an extensive knowledge of the symbols and their uses, and who always conducts their therapy sessions in addition to professional medical care rather than as a replacement for it.

A Reiki healing session can likewise help a client in conjunction with counseling or therapy services for emotional problems. It helps you move through the personal issues which come up during these sessions with greater ease and grace. As with physical medical issues, Reiki therapy to aid in emotional healing should be used in conjunction with professional counseling and/or psychiatric services, not as a replacement for them.

Another way Reiki healing can be used is to remove someone else’s energy from your field. This can be especially important if you feel you are experiencing a psychic attack. It is best to consult a qualified Reiki practitioner to see if this an option for you. There are many uses for this wonderful healing modality, and it would be a shame not to utilize this therapy technique to its full capacity whenever needed.

Reiki Distance Healing

How is Reiki Done Long Distance

If the client is not comfortable with the in-person method of Reiki therapy, then the long-distance method can be utilized. How is this performed? We live in a veritable ocean of energy fields that surround the entire planet, and which may even encompass the entire universe. According to Einstein, energy cannot be created or destroyed but merely changed or recycled. Reiki therapists can use this ubiquitous field of energy to change the personal energy field emanating from the client’s body. This method, referred to as “sending Reiki,” can be used by the practitioner to perform a Reiki healing session for a client located a lengthy distance away.

It should be kept in mind that working with energy fields is all about intention. The Reiki practitioner or Master in this case is intending to send the client what he or she needs. A vast knowledge of the symbols also helps the client. The client should never feel anything but relaxed and grounded during a long-distance healing Reiki session.

Different Types of Reiki      

Reiki has several distinct types to it. One of the most common is Usui Reiki, which is the most used. The second one is Karuna Reiki. Karuna Reiki is a higher form of vibrational healing. This energy channels Angels, Ascended Masters, and higher healing beings. It can be used interchangeably with other healing modalities.

Usui Reiki versus Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki means “compassionate action” in Sanskrit. Usui focuses on physical healing more than the spiritual healing. If you have studied Usui, then Karuna is the next step in your spiritual evolution.

Karuna Reiki practitioners notice it deepens their connection to Source and forgiveness especially of oneself. Once you begin the forgive yourself, it has a ripple effect. It reaches out to all aspects of life. You feel more peaceful and grounded.

Reiki Symbols

Using Reiki to Heal Mind, Body, and Soul

In Reiki, symbols are used to heal mind, body, and soul. Each symbol has a certain purpose and specific use. Once the practioner or client learns the symbol ,  they can draw it, envision it in the third eye, or activate it by saying it three times aloud. The levels of Reiki also help activate the symbol as they are attuned to the energy field of the individual.

Here are some examples of how specific Reiki symbols can be applied to healing:

Choku Rei is a symbol learned in the second level of Usui Reiki. Its uses are drawing the symbol on the hood of a vehicle for safe travels. Also, it can be used to clear negative energy from your aura.

The Sei He Ki appears as a wave washing across a beach or bird's wing in flight and is drawn with a sweeping gesture. This symbol is known to help restore the body's spiritual equilibrium or to help you recover from physical or emotional trauma from your past.

Hon Sha Za Sho Nen is a symbol used to send long distance healing to anyone in need of healing.

Rama is a Karuna Reiki symbol used for grounding. It is believed after the healing session is done, it used for grounding if you start to feel spacey and out of sorts.

Kriya is an excellent symbol to use to create abundance and goals. Use this symbol daily by drawing it on a piece of paper holding it between your hands and envisioning your goal coming to fruition.

Overall, a Reiki healing session can benefit anyone! So, why not ask for a session yourself and see how it may help you? People have been doing so to their benefit for well over a century!



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Amy is a straight forward yet compassionate advisor with a passion for helping those to awaken their own spiritual gifts and themselves using her skills in Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Healing, and Akashic Records since she was a child. She has conducted readings since she was 14. She is an ordained minister and certified Master in Reiki and IET.


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