The Art of Slowing Down

Published Date 10/2/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Slow down and savor the activities that help you relax and reconnect.

It’s easy to get stressed because of the break-neck pace of life. From being reachable around the clock to sharing so much of your life on social media, you need a break from all the expectations and demands on your time. There’s an art to changing your pace and slowing down.

The Benefits of a Slower Pace

According to the American Institute of Stress, 44 percent of Americans feel more stressed today than five years ago. With so many people under intense pressure, it's not surprising that three-quarters of doctor’s appointments result from stress-related health problems. It’s clear that slowing down and reducing stress are important to improving your physical and mental health.

Start by Downsizing

Examine the demands on your schedule, the enormity of your home, the quantity of your belongings, the number of commitments you have, and the size of your inner circle. To begin the process of slowing down, ask yourself where you can downsize. When you eliminate meetings, live in a smaller home, and spend time only with those who are closest to you, the number of stressors, demands, and expectations in your life decrease. At the same time, keep the commitments you value the most, such as meeting a close family member for dinner, getting your weekly online psychic reading, and attending yoga class.

Be Intentional About Adopting a Slower Pace

If you obsessively schedule every minute of your day, make room in your agenda to slow down. Call it meditation, a coffee break, or simply a private appointment. This time that’s allotted to slowing down is designed to help you maintain your well-being, so keep it with the same level of commitment as you’d keep a doctor’s appointment.

Don't Eat on the Run

One major sign of a rushed lifestyle is a penchant to eat meals in your car. If it seems unrealistic to avoid this scenario altogether, set a goal to eat only a small number of meals each week while you drive. Not only will you be safer behind the wheel, but you’ll find yourself slowing down to enjoy your food. As a bonus, it’s better for your digestive system to eat more slowly.

Engage in Activities You Can Savor

Researchers have shown that adults who engage in recreation and enjoyable activities are healthier and less stressed. Activities such as a half hour walk outside, tai chi, meditation, chats with an online clairvoyant, board games, and baths with essential oils are enjoyable and require you to slow down. When you choose to engage in these activities, you’re slowing down your work life to prioritize fun and relaxing activities.

Finally, embracing a slower pace means giving yourself time to get adequate sleep, which is seven to nine hours nightly for adults. If you don't slow down and rest, you risk losing out on all that life has to offer.


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