The 3-Second Pause by Psychic Izzy

Published Date 3/27/2020
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Take 3 seconds out of your day to just be in the moment.

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Would you like to get more accomplished and find more balance in your life? Many of us lead busy lives with a lot going on. I always suggest to my clients when they check-in with me, regardless of the reason for their call, that they pause and take a few calming breaths and do their best to relax.

The power behind this pause request is generated through a number of key elements.
Calm your mind 
Relax your go-go energy
Enhance my ability to quickly tune into your energy
Bring focus and clarity to our conversation
Your body feels better and you may be able to listen more deeply

These methods often result in a more powerful reading, which is a great result on its own. But this quick power technique can also benefit you in daily life. 
When we are busy and active in life, whether professionally or personally, we can go on autopilot at times and miss the real message in conversations, overlook opportunities or take careless actions. Are you looking for easy ways to be more plugged in? Take note, this is a good one.

As Easy as 1-2-3

The technique is simply to “pause and take 3 seconds", to deeply breathe and tune into what is in the present moment. It is that “simple” awareness— that helps you to be in the moment, instead of getting stuck in something from the past or worrying about an upcoming encounter. 

The most powerful way to benefit from this method is to repeat it many times throughout the day. Think of things you do often: talk on the phone, access your smart phone, stop for a meal, grab a drink or snack, wash your hands, etc. You can attach this 3 second pause and breathing to the tasks. Or set a timer for several times a day, or even once an hour. Experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you

Do not be surprised or disappointed — if at first these choices come across as a hassle or if you run into some other resistance. Change can be difficult for most of us. Don’t think of this as just one more thing you have to add to your to-do list. Instead, view this as one of the best quick self-care tools that can immediately result in a happier YOU.

Observe the World Around You

I am an animal lover and I often am amazed at how these creatures seem to live in the moment. It is beautiful, and a real gift to live in the now. I choose to be inspired by these beautiful creatures by slowing down and taking time to notice what is right in front of me. Pay attention to your senses: what do you see, hear, smell, taste or touch?

Through using these techniques and increased awareness, I am talking about being more plugged into life — your Life! The more you dial down your quick go-go energy, the more you will get out of life. Appreciate the significant difference that just 3 seconds can make in your life. Give it a try and let me know what you learn!

Take Care, 
Izzy x9366 

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