5 Card Tarot Reading for Self-Care by Psychic Ginger

Date 2/25/2022
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As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States today and prepare for what is often a very busy time of year full of family, friends, shopping, eating, and much more, it is quite important to make sure you take time to care for yourself in the midst of it all. If you believe you simply can't do it all because there are not enough hours in the day or feel like you wanna quit something but the deeper reality weighs in, you simply can't. Don't quit, rest.

Self-care is crucial to balancing the way we think and feel about the present. And done correctly, as in, we actually relax in the moment, we will create a new feeling about what's to come, not just at the busy holiday season but any day of the year. 

Today, in honor of Thanksgiving, I'm pulling five Tarot cards to take a look at what self-care reveals. I am going to start a conversation with the cards to show us exactly why it's so important. We often hear the expression be sure to "make time for yourself". Let's throw it all in now. I'm going to angle these questions around the present, and how we will feel moving forward.

Card 1 – Divine Wisdom

Divine Wisdom Tarot Card

Starting with the first card, asking ourselves why we are feeling so drained, we've hit a point we are so stressed nothing feels right.  Why did we let this get so bad? Our relationships are saturated in confusion. Work situations are pure pressure and we do not know if we are going to get that promotion. Divine Wisdom comes as our need. The roses in the imagine caught my attention first. Our garden is being infested and it's time to weed it. We awaken to reclaim some time where our spirit can refocus, and we can be present with ourselves. 

Open up by taking time where we put everything aside. Only we can do that for ourselves, no one else can consciously do this for us. People around us should subconsciously support and understand us when we need our space. The most important part is to use this time to step away from worries. Set a tradition that's personally yours. If we can't do that then we are heading toward a point to where what we are attracting is going to feed the confusion.

Card 2 – Justice

Justice Tarot Card

The next two cards lay claim to our inner landscape, things that are going to be seen and felt. The justice card shows that once you take this time, you subconsciously start a process of transforming your perspective. Usually by the time we actually make time for ourselves, we are already really run down. This card with the scales in a nighttime landscape sets the stage. It's literally the last, fair option. It's okay if this is generally your last resort for yourself. However, this card speaks to us needing to make it a habit. 

We can control how intense we are with our stress. We will be able to stabilize what we are confused about by being relaxed and focused. This card also asks us not to complicate our time with self-care. If you feel like you are unsure what to do, or what will relax you, then we're being triggered by the idea alone. Step back and take a walk. It's time to start with simple things.

Card 3 – The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot Card

Seeing the chariot come in after the subject of being fair and simple is cheeky. I love reading the inner benefits because of this. Our cards are now telling us to trust. Taking time to prioritize yourself will reorganize so many things and we need to trust that. Look at the image, you are holding the reigns and will direct your chariot better if you trust selfcare as a skill. When we are being aware of ourselves, we will give clarity a chance to seep in and nourish us. The opportunity to relish where we are now in this space will give us an idea of what our intentions are, and we will naturally reorganize subconsciously. I mention subconscious because relaxing puts us in a mood of appreciation. Having the pressure off will give us strength, which will build confidence.

Cards 4 and 5 – The Page of Swords and The Ace of Swords

Page of Swords Tarot Card Ace of Swords Tarot Card

Cards four and five indicate that we will see an immediate energy rise. They are what brings the change in our actions for the better.

Having the Page of Swords and Ace of Swords come in this reading shows us that our attitudes will be more enthusiastic, we will be more logical about how we want to handle the stress and responsibilities in our lives. The page of swords is a direct character shift. We will be more passionate. The ace of swords is a key and we need this to grow perceptions. Discerning what our next moves are without dreading it will help us sense the best steps to take. This card comes in when we are confident. 

I like seeing this combo because they speak of how to be objective. They show that if you’re not passionate or keen on an idea, then be patient. Circumstances will play out to your comfort level and know you are sensitive enough to catch when that's coming. Creativity will also bring the changes you need. Now is the time to pull in options with what you want to be responsible with. Now is a good time to mention when we feel our ideas and plans start to slow, we are coming to a point to where we should take some time for self-care. We may not have energy and we are going bottom out again, it's not a critical need yet. But taking the time will reset and bring the benefits of the justice and chariot cards on again. Also, this is how you will establish a healthy cycle. The momentum of having a self-care ritual will have a huge impact.

The Big Picture - Self-care

With this spread we took a look at why we need self-care. Some activities that the cards also suggest as a whole: be outside (especially if you’re inside all day). Enjoy some time around a bonfire or take a nature walk with music to help your mind ease into receiving messages. Hiking is another strong suggestion. Being around animals, especially birds, is a strong trigger. Birds have a keen sense of where they are, and we are personally taking a moment to be present. Watching a bird fly or hearing their calls is a very simple way to pull yourself into the moment. This could be as simple as going and sitting in the park. A little stretching or yoga is great to center ourselves so take a moment to make it about us. Learning to really breath and not rush these activities will ground you. 

Take Time to Meditate

Meditation is spoke of in this reading. The chariot and ace of swords bring an element in here that the evening will be a great time to watch the sunset, relax with a drink such as tea (or beverage of your choice) and let go of the day. This will be a time set aside where you are in the moment with yourself. Release the worries the day pressed on you. Slow down just enough not to think. After this time, you’re going to focus on being home with those you love.

I've enjoyed pulling cards over self-care. If you have any questions about how this will fit your needs, please reach out to your favorite advisor. We can build something that connects you to those around you in a much healthier way.

Happy Thanksgiving and make sure you take care of yourself, today and always! 

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