Stop Looking for Happiness in the Wrong Places

Published Date 4/18/2020
Category: Health & Wellness

Practice mindfulness and you can find happiness in the moment, not the future.

It's easy to pursue happiness as though it's something that's perpetually out of our reach. Unfortunately, this approach often leaves us seeking for most of our lives and rarely delivers the daily boost of joy that you deserve. Try these tactics to adjust your approach to happiness so you can find contentment where you are.

Find Joy in Activities, Not Things

Many people look for happiness in their next purchase. They believe a new outfit, house, car, or device will finally help them achieve the joy they're seeking. Unfortunately, the newness of these items quickly fades, and most purchases offer little more than a fleeting sense of exhilaration. 

Try looking for happiness in what you do, not what you have. Take a brisk walk, go stargazing, get a love tarot reading, or snuggle up with a furry friend. Fill your life with meaningful moments and you can find happiness that doesn't clutter your home with things.

Seek Stability, Not Excess

Money can buy many important things including a safe home, healthy food, and clean water. However, there is a point where excess money isn't always worth the time and effort that it takes to earn. If you're financially stable, more money won't necessarily buy the happiness you seek, while some self-care and time away from work could be just what you need.

Enjoy Completeness, Not Codependency

A healthy relationship can bring a great deal of happiness to your life, but it's important to view your relationships as something that you add to a lifestyle that's complete on its own. If you feel that you must have a partner to be whole, you're at risk of falling into a codependent relationship. Make sure you can stand on your own two feet before you invite another into your life.

Pursue Wellness, Not Weight

If you get too attached to a number on the scale or measuring tape, you may find yourself pursuing an impossible ideal that you've attached to your happiness. Instead of seeking a particular milestone in pounds, pursue a greater sense of wellness and enjoy your good health fully no matter what curves it comes with. Setting the right goals will help you achieve a deeper and more sustainable sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Love Today, Not Tomorrow

If you're constantly pursuing the happiness that you believe you can achieve tomorrow, you'll miss out on the joy that you can experience in this very moment. If you're having trouble seeing all the things you have to appreciate in the now, speaking with an authentic psychic might help. Practice mindfulness so you can stay aware of the blessings and gifts that the universe has given you today.

With the right approach to happiness, you can recognize this as something that's always available. Train your brain to practice mindfulness and gratitude and you can enjoy happiness in almost any moment.


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