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Published Date 4/5/2020
Category: Health & Wellness

Stop and enjoy the flowers as spring breathes new life into the world.

As spring approaches, the world comes alive with fresh bursts of green and welcoming warm weather. This is the perfect season for some celebratory activities suited to the invigorating air. Try these options to enjoy the springtime to its fullest.

Take a Hike

Enjoy the warming weather with a nature walk or hike through a state park. Keep your eyes open for signs of new life bursting forth, such as baby animals, budding leaves, and fresh shoots popping through the soil. Pack water and some snacks, and enjoy an extended escape into nature to bask in the beauty of the spring season.

Build a Campfire

A campfire is the perfect way to banish the chill of spring evenings while clearing the yard of fallen twigs and branches to prepare for the warm months ahead. Gather around with hot dogs, s'mores, and a guitar to celebrate the end of the stark winter months and the beginning of a long season of outdoor fun.

Plant Something New

Plan a garden this spring and get to work cultivating the space. Start delicate seeds indoors, clear out your garden area, and begin planning for the fruits, vegetables, and flowers that you hope to harvest throughout the coming months. Plant some new resolutions with your garden as well. Speak to a phone psychic for some guidance on the best goals right now. Write these on a piece of seed paper and plant it so you can watch your garden grow along with your projects.

Dine Al Fresco

Plan a special meal outside. Pack a picnic to take to a breathtaking overlook and enjoy a simple spread of cheese, crackers, and fruit as you take in the scenery. If you prefer to stay home, you can set up a table and chairs outside and enjoy a full meal fresh from the kitchen. Highlight spring flavors like tender asparagus, plump artichokes, and crisp radishes.

Air Out the House

Open the windows to let the fresh air in, and get to work on your spring cleaning. Let go of items that you don't want or need anymore to create a simpler space with plenty of room for new opportunities. Try a tarot reading for some guidance on what you should let go of. Make your own cleaning products infused with refreshing essential oils that smell like spring. Try lavender, lemon, and rosemary to welcome the season.

Feed the Birds

Welcome migrating birds back home with tasty treats. Slather a pinecone in peanut butter and dip it in birdseed for an easy, natural bird feeder. You can also fill a traditional bird feeder with an enticing seed blend. Don't forget to put out some nectar for the hummingbirds!

Spring is an energizing season that beckons you to abandon your winter abode and return to nature as she comes to life. Make the most of these magical months with creative activities that give you a breath of fresh air.


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