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Self-Loathing and How to Beat it by Psychic Radha

Date 6/16/2023
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Self-loathing is not uncommon, but you can heal from it over time.

Self-loathing is not uncommon, but you can heal from it over time.

Nothing is more avoided then discussing two subjects: Death and Self-loathing. These two realties both scare us and shame us. Yet nothing is more crucial then to face both with some sense of comfort because, I feel it’s safe to say that 99.9% of the planet suffers from self-loathing. So, let’s discuss its huge impact on your life and why you need to heal this ASAP out of your daily norm.

What is Self-Loathing?

Self-loathing is why big lottery winners will lose their winnings within a handful of years - they don’t feel they deserved it, but rather feel guilt and self-disgust that it came so easy.

Self-loathing is staying in a super abusive relationship, feeling that you aren’t good enough for anyone better and that somehow you have earned this kind of abuse.

Self-loathing is sabotaging an amazing opportunity, feeling that it’s too good to be true and it can't and won't last. 

Self-loathing can create a cocktail of misery and has driven people to suicide and homicide.  

But how do I heal from this you ask?

Healing from Self-Loathing

You listen to your internal dialogue during your meditation practice, while driving, while cooking, anytime you just have to listen!  That false ego (aka Monkey Mind) is there to ensure you will not escape its grasp. It will berate you, tear you down, and chew you out every step of your day.  So, do what many of us do in order to train that monkey mind of self-loathing into submission, CHANT!

Yes, chant a mantra over and over and over again until that voice is replaced by a swift moment of silence.  What you are aiming for is a recalibration of your deep inner world to allow the seat of your soul, the heart chakra, to become prevalent in your daily norm. This and pulling up a picture of yourself as a child (pick the age, are you 3, 4, 5, 6, or older?). Pick up this child and parent him or her the way you wished you had been loved. Give your little child that sense of unconditional love. 

That's going to be hard, you say?

I have regrets, shame, sexual shame, I was molested.  It may be challenging at first but over time you will see that this little innocent child didn't deserve the violence, the abuse, the gaslighting and that this child was pure of heart. Once you can wrap your head around that you will virtually hug and shower your little child with love, hugs and kisses and that is exactly what I want you to do.  Cuddle your child, adore your child until the self-loathing, like water hitting rock eroding your pain is released to reveal the light that you have covered over with pain, shame and self-loathing.

Self-Loathing and Money

Money is a neutral frequency that you must match in order to attract its permanence by your side. Like a well-trained dog, it doesn’t judge, but showers you with love, if you allow it.  So, what do I mean by, money is a neutral frequency?  Think of money as water. Water has no taste unless you flavor it with lemon, cucumber, honey, tea, or energy, yes, energy.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Money is the root of all evil.

Money doesn’t bring you happiness.

These sayings send a frequency to the universe to say, I am not comfortable with money.  I don’t want money.  I don’t trust myself with money as it may change me in ways I can’t control. These fears are frequencies that you are choosing to co create with the universe which creates lack of abundance.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, it’s no surprise that lottery winners often lose their wealth, it’s not that they are stupid and don’t know how to handle money. It’s that they are emotionally immature and unable to navigate the catacombs of self-loathing and lose the money purposely, by sabotaging its presence.

Here is a truth I share with my clients all the time.  Rich people, both evil and kind, share one common thought.

I deserve money!

Money always comes to me and always will!

When celebrities say that, money does make you happy.

It’s because they have never done the inner work to up their frequencies to find happiness in themselves.  That is why so many marry and divorce and marry and divorce. Because no matter where you go there you are. No one can make you whole.  

It’s hard work and it takes courage to face one’s shadow side. And because few have come to that place of success, addictions such as food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and shopping riddle people who are not set in self-love or at the very least self-acceptance. It’s no wonder they make such comments. Happiness, joy, contentment, inner acceptance brings you a high vibration that will attract money to you with very little effort. These shifts come when you walk away from fear and step into love. Love of you, love of life, love of the process of being here following your particular purpose in this incarnation.  

Harness the Energy of Money

The truth is money is a tool. You want to dig a hole to plant a fruit tree you need a shovel or else it could take days of sweat and sore muscles to get the same job done in a couple hours.  If you want to make a fabulous salad you need a bowl to contain it so you can enjoy. Money is no different, it’s a tool to gain experiences such as travel and time with your loved ones.  It’s a freedom, we can all agree is a contrast to it being absent. Money is a commodity we all need in order to thrive. There is no shame in that fact. And it’s that shame that you may have lodged in your root and sacral chakras that needs to purge, NOW!

If later, you decide to live by bartering, that too has a money energy, which means an energy of value. Meaning your frequency has to match joy, has to match trust, has to match abundance in such a way that if you had no money people would be attracted to you to barter goods for services and vice versa.

Either way, whether it be money or bartering the frequency is the same neutrality and you set the channel to the frequency of self-worth and receiving abundance.

Rewire the Brain from a Habit that Spans Lifetimes

Meditations and manifesting in the present tense are the key to the brainwashing.  Yes, you want to wash your brain from old toxic patriarchal and matriarchal ideas of poverty aka lack consciousness. Please check out my other articles for some tips.

Don’t get me wrong, homelessness is not a person’s fault, let’s not shame those who are in those dire situations. It’s a system of thought that has them lost in a labyrinth of self-recrimination, deep despair and thus self-loathing. Let’s never shame those who have lost everything. Their way out is for us to help in any way we can, be it money, this sort of knowledge, and a hand up.

We’ve all needed help. Be it, from a broken heart, ill health, or financial issues caused by job loss, or other uncontrollable situations. Giving money insures you will receive money. For the Universe smiles down at such compassion and generosity. It’s that trust that there is plenty, that keeps lack at bay. It’s the knowing that what you give will be replenished.

Fear is not your ally, unless you use it as a tool to push through that membrane of lack illusion in the arms of abundance.

Self-Loathing and Sex

Sex magic has been used in the Tantric community for generations in many ways. There have also been those who use it in dark ways due to the knowledge that sexual energy is powerful energy.  But that is not how I use it, nor how many of my family, friends, or clients use sex magic.

We come from a place of light and love. A place of deep awe to the sacredness of our sexuality and that it can be used to co create the experiences we desire.  This must come from the highest place.  It cannot be used to manipulate or trap a desired lover to your side. For that is breaking Universal law of free will. And will boomerang back to you in the most unpleasant ways. Don’t ever do that.  However, when used appropriately, it is magical and utterly beautiful as it unfurls the perfume of your manifesting powers.

When you are ready to pleasure yourself, make sure to listen to high frequency music which you can find on YouTube, such as 1111hz, 999hz, 528hz, 432hz and make yourself comfortable. Your fantasy is to buy a new house, a new car, or attract a new beloved.

Use whatever gets you to that place of bliss. Understanding that anything negative that comes to mind as to be purged. That means stop, wait till your mind is back to a good place and imagine again you and your known or unknown beloved making love in this amazing house that you own, feel the passion, feel your heart burst with gratitude and as you fall into the BIG BANG of co-creation AKA the orgasm.  Know that you have just sent a powerful and undeniable message to the universe that this is the reality that you are now in.

As you come down from this amazing pinnacle of bliss, allow the echoed thoughts of that vision to bring you back. Feel that house, feel it with every cell. How do you feel?  Blissed out, deliriously happy? Feel it and stay there, savor that moment. Let it melt in your mouth, let it perfume you with its scent.

Abundance consciousness cannot survive in lack, and to pleasure yourself while watching porn, a girl or hot guy in a magazine who you will never meet, believe or not, creates a subtle grief and hopelessness that is deconstructing the potency of your sexual energy. It is best not do it unless you do it to co-create the world, the life, the partner, the love you want to experience.

Wasting such precious sexually energy on a person you can never have, such as a porn star or celebrity crush depletes your powers. When the root and sacral chakras are gunked up with sexual shame, trauma, loss, grief, and more your abundance is blocked. When money slows down and your bank account gets depleted, check in with your emotional bank account.

Maintaining relationships in life as you mature often involves letting go of expectations. Living our best lives means accepting and being happy with yourself as further explored by Psychic Phoebe. 

Purging Old Patterns

I have taken a client who could not afford $500 dollars rent per month. She was on welfare and could not find a job. What changed in her life? She began a daily meditation practice when the sun rose. She would meditate as the sun set, she chanted mantras of abundance when her false ego (AKA monkey mind) tried to scare her with possible homelessness.

Within an 18-month period, she went from that reality to paying $3100 per month rent and getting ready to buy her first house and working her dream job as a healer. Does she still meditate every day? Yes, she does. You don’t turn the engine of an airplane just because it’s in the air.

See the difference? Lack consciousness is all around us. You are not alone, most people don’t believe they matter, don’t believe they are worthy, it’s no wonder our kids grow up with this programming of lack and fear consciousness. We were those kids.

We have to purge those old patterns. It’s a day by day process. And when your monkey mind says not to meditate because <fill in the blank> you know that you are up to your old sabotaging shenanigans.  

Not easy, but oh so well worth it. Enjoy your newfound abundance.

PS: If you want to find out how to learn use these tools. Please contact me, Radha at x3490. I love sharing and much more on how to turn your life from lack to abundance

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