Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Published Date 8/26/2018
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Leave those negative thoughts behind and think positively instead.

For many people, an occasional, isolated negative thought may not be a cause for concern. For others, however, negative thoughts become an integral part of an unhealthy cycle that can ultimately lead to stress and reduced mental capacity. To prevent yourself from going down this harmful road, adopt some helpful strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and feeling more positive about yourself.

Identify and Replace the Negative

Once you've fallen into a cycle of negativity, stopping it can be incredibly difficult. In many cases, the challenge stems from identifying your actions, thoughts, or surroundings as negative. Rather than accepting everything around you as essential truth, the best online psychicsrecommend devoting energy to identifying the biggest sources of negativity in your life. They could be friends or family members, work projects, or even your social media habits. Next, find a way to give these sources of negativity less time, and replace them with something positive instead.

Develop Flexible Plans

For many people, an endless stream of negative thoughts comes from vague worries and fears of the unknown. Since you'll never be able to predict or plan for every aspect of the future, worrying and thinking negatively about what lies ahead will never be productive. Instead, channel your energy into developing future plans with more flexibility. This will enable you to move past your fears, no matter what the future holds.

Learn to Talk Yourself Down

Once you begin thinking negatively, it's easy to let those thoughts build and grow into something much greater. Rather than allowing yourself to become worked into a frenzy by a minor misfortune, learn to talk yourself down. Think about the big picture and consider whether a small stroke of bad luck will have much of an impact in a few minutes or a few weeks.

Focus on the Here and Now

If you tend to let your negative thoughts wander, you may agonize over something that happened or something that could happen. Much like a bad daydream, you let yourself get carried away by your thoughts. To overcome this negative thought pattern, force yourself to experience the present moment fully and focus on the here and now.

Teach Yourself to Seek Out the Positive

If you're naturally drawn to thinking negatively, you may need to train yourself to seek out the positive aspects of every situation. Try asking yourself to identify one good aspect of what you're experiencing or prompting yourself to consider what you can learn from a bad situation. Eventually, you'll find that these positive thoughts come naturally.

Practice Positivity

If you've been trapped in a negative cycle for a long time, it isn't always easy to start thinking positively about yourself. Instead, try practicing positivity toward others. Offer help to those in need, listen patiently to a friend, or be kind to a stranger. As these actions become commonplace, you'll gradually come to treat yourself with the same level of positivity and kindness.

Overcoming negative thoughts may not be easy, but you can do it if you're willing to devote the time and energy. Talk with a live psychic to get unbiased advice about conquering your fears and thinking positively about yourself.


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