Meditation, Visualization and Weight Loss by Psychic Joseph

Date 11/3/2016

Meditate and Visualize yourself the way you want to look!

Meditate and Visualize yourself the way you want to look!

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As we head into the busy holiday season, food is on many of our minds. From festive family gatherings of delicious home cooked meals, to year end parties and celebrations where there are all sorts of yummy treats and tasty adult beverages, food is a central part of our lives. As a result, it’s not unusual that around this time of year I speak with customers asking about weight loss.  I am not a doctor and there is no substitution for professional medical advice before trying any sort of diet or weight loss program. But I can offer a free weight loss visualization exercise that you can use nightly that has been very effective for many. Try it, you have nothing to lose except some pounds and inches!

Visualize the New and Improved YOU!
When you go to bed and all is still and quiet, take a few deep breaths and relax. In your mind’s eye, see yourself in a clothing store trying on a new outfit. See yourself standing in front of a full length mirror. As you are looking at yourself in this new outfit see yourself at the weight and size that you want to be. Do not see yourself losing the weight but see yourself as already having lost the weight.

If any negative emotions should surface in your mind, let them go. Let go of all the fear, worry, doubt, anger, sadness, disappointment or anything else that stands in the way of you living your greatest dreams. See them as a heavy black mass pouring out of your body, falling into the earth and dissolving. Know that they’re gone for good.

Now, go back to the scene where you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. See yourself being the size and weight that you want to be. See yourself incredibly happy, enjoying life to the fullest. Create these scenes in your mind as real as you can. Create the sights, sounds, smells and emotions as real as you can. See the colors and textures in the fabric of the clothing that you are trying on. Create the sounds and the smells of the day. If a child walks by eating popcorn, smell that popcorn. Make your visualization that real in your mind!

When you can feel the joy and happiness that you would experience from being that size and weight, surround yourself in a bright bubble of brilliant pink light. Look into the mirror and see the pink bubble of light totally surrounding your body. Hold that thought for a moment. Now, let yourself drift off to sleep normally and naturally.

Change Takes Time
If you forget to do this visualization for a night, don’t beat yourself up. We beat ourselves up enough already! Just resume doing this visualization exercise the next night. Remember, change takes time. Meditation for change is not like instant coffee. It is more like a slow brew. When you do this exercise have fun and enjoy it. It is OK for the outfit to change from night to night. It is OK for your hair color or style to change. This is your visualization, have fun with it. As your subconscious mind starts to accept what you’re seeing in your nightly visualization, it will start to make these changes happen in your life.

Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings as you take these steps to better health and well-being.

Joseph x7535

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Birdbrain0706: 5/26/2017 from Birdbrain, Thank you for this article Joseph and all your good advice you give me and also confidence and reassurement. I am truly blessed and thankful for all your care and kindness many blessings for all you do. Sincerely Birdbrain.

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