Meditation on the Tarot by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 6/30/2018
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Pick your favorite Tarot card for meditation.

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There are many ways to meditate. Some examples are: 

Sitting meditation
- from the traditional crossed legged stance to just relaxing in an easy chair while looking at a candle.

Walking meditation
– this could involve simply walking through the woods while keeping the mind “in the moment”, as you notice everything in the present.

Moving meditation
- Tai chi is known as “moving meditation”. In this discipline, the practitioner follows tried postures in sequence in a form. The “whirling dervishes” are another example.

Perhaps one of the lesser known ways to mediate is by concentrating on the Tarot - one card in specific. This should be a card of your choice. For my example, my card I’ve chosen is the Star.

There are many tarot decks, and you should choose the one that resonates best with you. For this example, I’ve chosen the Llewellyn deck, which shows a beautiful woman, one hand outstretched, as the other carries a cauldron of water. She stands near a small pond. There are stars in the night sky above her. Although each designer interprets the tarot in their own way, the basics for each card remain the same (see image of the card above.)

A Closer Look
Let’s first look at the meaning of the Star card. The card is number 17 in the deck, coming right after number 16, the Tower, a card of extremity. The Star is a card of uplifting hope. The artwork depicts a woman pouring water on the land, as well as into the water. She is basically returning water to the sea. Giving back whatever she takes. As I frequently mention to my callers, gratitude is an energy right up there with love. Be grateful for all we have.

O.K. That’s the meaning of the card, but when using a tarot card as a meditation tool, there is much more to be done. First, when you choose your card, place it in front of you on a surface where you can look at it without straining. Sit comfortably and stare at the card. Notice every nuance about it. Your eyes will be drawn to the main element (in this card, most likely, the figure), notice the direction the body is moving. The outstretched hand goes over the pond (in this deck). Think: how would I feel in this situation? There are certainly many bigger powers outside of myself than I can readily see…

Discover the Power
Employ all your senses as you watch the card. Let your eyes be directed around the parameters of the picture. Notice the beautiful eight-pointed stars clustered together. Recall seeing star formations in real life and how they made you feel--so many light years away, the awe and power of the vast Universe! Immerse yourself completely in the world the card has revealed. Feel the sound of the water pouring onto the land, the trickle of continuing water falling. Next imagine the sound of water emptying into another body of water, whether it is the wide ocean, or a small pond. 

Be open to any subsequent thoughts that may arise. When all thoughts have ended, sit quietly for a few moments. Close your eyes and listen to your breath. Be open to any ideas or feelings that might come through.

When you are ready, open your eyes slowly, stay sitting for a few moments. 

It is done…
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