Meditation for Children by Psychic Radha

Date 4/2/2021
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Psychic Radha recommends to teach children how to meditate as young as possible.

Psychic Radha recommends to teach children how to meditate as young as possible.

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The COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world has placed fear over many and that includes our children. While we have been asked to limit our time spent gathering indoors outside our personal bubble, time spent in nature including long walks on the beach, exploring the sights in the woods, or relaxing by rivers and streams can all calm the nerves. It’s important that we teach our children (no matter how old or young) that they are safe and that all things have a cycle and that this too will be survived and overcome.

Please do not limit your children because they are “kids.” If you believe in reincarnation as I do, then you know that your kid’s soul is as old, if not older, than yours. Though their neurological system is not fully awakened, their soul has always been and always will be ignited. So now you as the parent, mentor, and guide much teach your child to control the raging voice of fear and self-loathing called the false ego AKA the Monkey Mind. 

Teach ‘em Young!

Mediation is easy for children, yes even kids with ADHD, ADD, and Autism as they have what is called the ability to hyper focus that is their super gift! At the age of 3, my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s and we began many holistic protocols. He started meditation when he was 8 years old, beginning with his crystal cactus, he named Haiku. With this crystal he could sit and focus his attention upon it (which is one form of clearing the mind). Over time he developed a love of meditating to control his “Monkey Mind.”

It took years for this process to take hold, and had I started him at 3 when he was first diagnosed, it would have been even sooner for him to gain control. Nature was the very epicenter of his healing. Talking long hikes and exploring rivers and streams was what brought him to a place that aligned him with the Universe. 

Our children need to be grounded (and I don’t mean punished, lol), for they are closer to Source then we can remember. To steer them away from the panic of our current age, we must do everything we can to pull them into the magic of their very being, of nature, of consciousness and self-awareness of their own power to receive divine guidance. Which they can and often do, it’s the adults who teach them otherwise. 

Heal Yourself and the World

Mediation is the very key to healing any illness with the self and the world. There is too much scientific data now that supports how mediation literally rewires the brain. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a big presence in that new understanding. If you have not heard of him, I urge you to research his work to better understand why his mediation methods work exponentially to tap into the full potential of the human mind. 

All kids are transformational, they only wait for you, their parent, to anoint them with the guidance to their own limitless minds. The sooner you can begin them on this journey, the sooner they will reach this place of enlightenment and joy!


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