Make Peace With Your Restless Mind

Published Date 5/24/2020
Category: Health & Wellness

Is your restless mind interrupting your sleep and making meditation impossible?

Meditation is typically seen as the practice of stilling your mind and eliminating wayward thoughts. However, those who have a restless mind may find this nearly impossible. Don't give up on finding inner peace simply because your brain is busy. Use these strategies to make peace with your restless mind instead.

Observe Your Thoughts From a Distance

Stop trying to construct a mental fence to keep thoughts out. Simply let them wander, recognizing them as independent bits of consciousness. Rather than engaging with these thoughts, just give them a gentle nod and let them move on. 

For example, you might think "The weather is really cold today." Don't engage with the thought or you'll spiral into deeper contemplation such as, "I wonder if my jacket is warm enough. Will the kids be able to play outside this afternoon? I hope they don't sit inside and watch TV all afternoon. They watch too much TV." Instead, mentally acknowledge that it's cold and let the thought move on.

Don't Let Your Mind Define You

View your mind as something that's separate from your identity. Thoughts will come and go, but their content doesn't define you. Though you may have an angry thought, this doesn't mean that you're an angry person. Your identity is separate from the ideas and observations that pass through your mind. Speaking with an authentic psychic can help you internalize this concept.

Stay Mindful of the Moment

Mindfulness is a valuable practice that can help you settle your restless mind. This helps you separate yourself from thoughts that aren't relevant to the current moment. If you're battling financial worries when you're trying to meditate, bring your mind back around to the present. What do you hear, see, smell, taste, and feel? Focusing on birdsong, soft soil under your feet, the smell of incense, or the elegant arch of a tree can help you return to the moment so other thoughts can pass peacefully.

Challenge Destructive Beliefs

If you're struggling with destructive thoughts that keep entering your mind, you may find it particularly difficult to let these pass. Your brain can see these types of thoughts as threats that need to be addressed. In these cases, it's helpful to challenge the thought with facts. If your restless mind keeps telling you that you'll never find love, challenge it with the fact that there are many wonderful people in the world you haven't met yet. Talking to an online psychic may help you disprove these destructive beliefs. 

Flip Negative Thoughts

When your restless mind insists on serving up negative thoughts, take a moment to flip them before sending them on their way. Give yourself only a moment to reframe each thought. "It's gloomy" becomes "Rain will soon nourish the flowers." With practice, you'll start flipping thoughts instinctively so they don't bother you anymore.

A restless mind isn't your enemy. This can become the source of creativity and inspiration when you learn to work with it and not against it.


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