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Published Date 11/14/2017
Category: Health & Wellness

It's important to sometimes say no to others to make time for yourself

If you’re like many people, you find yourself lamenting that you don’t have more time in the day for yourself. "Me time" is important to your health, and you should make an effort to carve out some time for it.

Let Go of the Guilt

It can be difficult to put yourself first when you’re overcome with guilt. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking of "me time" as simply being selfish. The truth is, prioritizing your own well-being is not only fair, it helps you be there for others because you’re in a better place yourself.

Practice thinking of at least one wellness activity a day as a prioritized commitment. Remind yourself that you deserve it if that guilty feeling starts to creep in. Of course, sometimes emergencies will take priority at the last minute, but training yourself to view your own wellness as a top priority helps keeping it that way become the norm.

Schedule in Time

If you’re having trouble finding that time to devote to yourself, try marking it in your calendar. This makes it less likely that you’ll cancel on yourself and helps it become part of your routine. When you see the slot on your calendar, treat it like a real meeting, just as important as anything else you’ve penciled in.

One way to steal some time for yourself if you’re having a lot of difficulty finding it is to wake up an hour or so before you usually do. Going to sleep earlier and then waking up earlier has tons of health benefits. It also allows you to squeeze in some time for yourself, whether that’s devoted to exercising or working on something creative or just enjoying a quiet cup of coffee or tea. Talk with an authentic psychic for some more strategies.

Write Down a Wish List

We all have those things we want to spend more time on but keep pushing off. Make yourself a list of these activities. Focus on things that make you happy or relaxed, not things that "need" to get done.

Then, rank the things you wrote down in order of importance for you. From there, you can pick one or two things on the list to focus on at first. Once you get into the habit, you can start to move through the list.

Get Comfortable With "No"

It’s okay to stop feeling guilty. Likewise, it’s okay to say "no" to other people. You might need to turn others down sometimes if you’re keeping your personal time a priority.

Though it’s tough to say "no" if you don’t like conflict or disappointing other people, family and friends who want the best for you will understand that you need some time for yourself. The best online psychics can give you tips on how to say "no" without guilt.

You’re just as important as the housework or tasks on the job that need to get done. Make sure you treat yourself accordingly. Even if it’s just for a few minutes each day, devote yourself to something you love.


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