Letting Go of the Past: How to Move On

Published Date 1/6/2015
Category: Health & Wellness

If you want to find true happiness, you need to start by letting go of the past.

Negative experiences and bad memories can be taxing on our mental health. The best way to live a happier, healthier life is to let go of anything giving you bad energy in your life. Although it may not always be easy, here are five ways to help let something go.

Control What You Can Control

Way too often people focus all of their energy on things that are out of their hands. Worrying about things that are out of your control adds unneeded stress to your life and won’t change anything. Write a list of things that you can change or control, and spend your energy exclusively on those things. If it’s a mistake you made in the past, figure out how to prevent that type of mistake going forward instead of dwelling on the mistake.  Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t. Sometimes taking some time to talk to a psychic through psychic sites can help you work out what you can and can't control. 

Be Your Own Top Priority

It’s much more difficult to help others when you need to help yourself. To move on with your life, you need to spend some time healing from the past and learning how to be a better person in the future. It may seem selfish, but the only way to be the best you going forward is to spend much-needed time and energy to figure yourself out. This is your chance to make positive changes in your life to move forward in a happier, healthier way.

Focus on the Present

It’s okay to let your mind wander into the future every once in awhile, but your focus should remain in the present moment. Spend your energy on this moment instead of looking too far ahead or looking back. What you do today will impact your future, so it’s important to spend that energy making today count. Figure out how to make yourself happy in every moment, and staying happy in the future will come easily. A psychic phone reading is a quick and easy way to focus on the present and future. 

Let It Go

You don’t have to let your past go right this second. As with many things, this takes time. However, take positive steps to letting something go that is creating negative energy in your life. Stop rehashing a bad situation and let go of small stuff. If it’s a person who is affecting you, decide if that person should stay in your life, or if there is a constructive way to make the situation better. Don’t keep telling the same stories of how you were wronged. Let it go, fix it, or move on.

Start Fresh

If you want to let something go, work toward making new memories. Instead of sitting at home sad or angry, spend some quality time with friends or family and create better memories to replace the negative experiences holding you back. Work toward new or better memories to help you let go of the bad ones.

Once you finally let something go, you will find that you are much happier and ready to take on new experiences. Although it’s a process, it’s one that is well worth it. 


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