Intuitive Weight Loss Podcast by Psychic Rhiannon

Date 11/9/2021
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With gentleness and compassion, Psychic Rhiannon discusses some of the pitfalls can that occur in a weight loss journey and shares intuitive techniques you can use to combat them.

Focusing inward rather than outward on reasons for why I was overweight was the key that unlocked the barrier to successful weight loss in my own life. This idea aligns with concepts of intuitive weight loss. The goal of losing weight shifted from acceptance from society to acceptance from myself. This conviction is NOT based on any rational thought; it is simply a belief that I aspire to without reason or understanding. I also stand strongly with the conviction that being overweight is not a character flaw. I know of many overweight people that are happy, healthy and quite successful and confident.

Cues - Cues and triggers are, at least for me, one in the same. I have a reactive mind, as I believe most folks do. I often REACT to things, people or even thoughts and respond without really considering why. Often, I react so quickly, I do not have time to think about how to stop or HALT the reaction. Paying attention to the cues/triggers that made ME head to the kitchen, became a powerful strategy for losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF. Interesting to note and remember is that what triggers or cues my eating may not be the same for others. We are all unique and although we may share common experiences, fears, joys and ideas, how we respond and cope can be very different. I cue off of sights, smells and thoughts. Television commercials are dangerous cues for me as I enjoy watching television; I really do. The sight of certain food items can even have me smell the food item even though that is not possible; thank heavens we don’t have smellovision! I have found ways of coping with commercials by:

  • Getting up and walking away from the program until the commercials are over and the program resumes.
  • Recording television programs I enjoy watching and then fast forwarding through the commercials.
  • Using subscription based providers that allow me to watch programs I enjoy without commercials.
  • Using a recording device such as DVR to record programs and then fast forwarding through the commercials.
  • Turning down the sound and looking away until the commercial(s) end and the program resumes.

Creative Visualization - Using this strategy/technique, I either paint, draw, sketch or imagine what I will look like once the weight is off. This is an image that is more effective if it is detailed. Do not fret or worry if you do not have the ability to draw, sketch or paint; neither do I! Thank goodness no one ever had to actually observe my creation - LOL! Creating this item and viewing it several times a day is a powerful tool. I cannot emphasize that point enough. The beauty of creative visualization, too, is that it can be applied to just about anything. It does not have to be associated with weight loss. However, when it comes to weight loss, I did carry this one step further and also used this technique to prepare myself for those times when I would like more confidence in certain situations. Holidays and family/friend gatherings where food will be served can be frightening. By creatively visualizing how I would act during those scenarios, I was able to bring myself to a place of confidence. An example would be Memorial Day where items would be served that I desire to avoid. I do not use the word, can’t. That is negative self talk that does not lead to confidence or success. When I say I can’t have something, that often feels like some unseen force is denying me the opportunity to enjoy something. By saying I do not WANT it, I feel more in control and retain more power. I have also learned to use the phrase, “ I will not put anything in my mouth that will lead to suffering.” Since being overweight can sometimes be a source of suffering, by making the choice to avoid these food items, I am honoring myself and my desire to end suffering.

Forgiveness - Through research and outward and inward exploration, I have come to realize that weight can sometimes be related to hanging on to situations, items, relationships and ways of being that no longer serve my highest good. I’ll admit it; I believe I can resource just about anything. A few years back, I held a garage sale and I labeled it as, “Help a Hoarder Become Reformed.” The response was amazing. I have come to realize that in the same way I hold on to the things I have already mentioned (that no longer serve my highest good), I also tend to hang on to pounds and calories. When I began to realize that by forgiving those that I believed had offended me (including MYSELF), I could shed the pounds more easily. Now I apply this concept to every aspect of my life.

Manifesting My Desires - As a human on Planet Earth, it is my birthright (and yours) to have desires fulfilled. I/We need only ask the Mother/Father Universe (or God, however you may know Him/Her). The most effective way to do this is to create a list. I believe strongly in putting pen to paper. There is something very sacred about this act and I just feel that this will add more positive energy and thereby, ensure success. Some of the reasons I put on my list are:

  • More money in pocket now that I am not spending it on extra food.
  • Looking and feeling better about the way I look.
  • Being able to shop for clothing “off the rack.”
  • Saving more money on clothing as PLUS sized items tend to cost more.
  • Being able to move more easily (dancing, walking, exercising, etc.)
  • Fitting more easily into spaces that are sometimes restrictive for larger people (car seats, bus seats, airplane seats, rides at amusement parks, etc).

Place the list somewhere where you can view it several times a day and be sure to look at it and read each item. The more extensive your list, the better.

Acceptance - It is my sincere hope that you grasp and value the idea that you are perfect as you already are and that the reason to shed the extra pounds is personal and YOUR choice. By allowing this idea to permeate every cell in your being, you will find an amazing release that you may have never experienced but which you so very much deserve. Blessings of light and love ~ Rhiannon

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Advisor Rhiannon is a Master level teacher and spiritual social worker with experience counseling children and families, aging and disabled individuals, mental health clients, HIV-positive individuals, and the dying. A life-long learner with a penchant for service to others, Rhiannon continues to explore new and innovative ways of acquiring and honing lightworker tools. Recent intriguing topics include remote viewing, Chaos Majik, Sigils, and Using Mindfulness Based Techniques for Freedom from Addictions.


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