Incorporating Spirituality into Your Work From Home Routines by Psychic Izzy

Published Date 6/28/2021
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Guided Meditation Podcasts

When you need to add a meditative element to your work from home routine, this guided meditation podcast will help you strengthen your spiritual connection in under ten minutes.

The dynamic of working remote has a lot of changes compared to working in an ‘office’ with co-workers. While, the initial concepts of working from home can sound ideal, many of us end up working more time and getting burned out because we are not able to disconnect from work; it is all around us. So, it is very good to set firm boundaries around work at home and get away from technology and unplug in order to love life in whatever ways light you up inside and out. 

When you set up those boundaries and learn how to focus your time, effort and energy on the benefits of working from home and set up a strategy to be even more successful with your job/career, you can really enjoy more of the comfort, convenience and flexibility while still finding collaboration and the benefits of working in an office. Here are my tips for maintaining connection with your spiritual self while working from home.

1) Get Off the Grid and Schedule “Me” Time, Consistently
Self-care is essential. Create a routine or change it up to meet your needs. Just do it.

2) Connect With Nature and What Really Matters to You 
Take a walk, ride your bike or go on a nature hike. Find your way and get outdoors.

3) Create an Outside Workspace
Consider creating a workspace on your balcony. porch or deck. Or take a stroll at a park or other natural location to find inspiration and motivation for your work projects. Sometimes, we just need a change of pace. And with flexible time schedules, it is important to listen to your soul and make the changes you need the most. Always honor your needs and the situation. 

4) Declutter
Literally, reduce clutter in your workspace for ease and peace. And just as important declutter all the activity in your mind and emotionally. When the home-office space around you is supportive, everything is much more productive.

5) Reflect & Ponder
How are you changing through recent world and at home changes? What are you feeling pulled toward? And what is holding you back from living the life you deeply desire? Start to diminish and cut ties with what is holding you back, while you dedicate more of you to what makes you feel stronger, happier and more empowered in work and life overall.

6) Expand Your Mind
Allow yourself to expand on what is getting your attention, whether that is brand new or a broader approach to a topic you want to go deeper with. Be curious and try new things.

7) Pay Attention to What You Feed Yourself, On All Levels
Are you feeling healthy, or like you need a restart on virtually everything? Lean into your priorities for mind, body and spirit. Yes, you can start with baby steps- just move in a positive direction that honors who you are today.

8) Move Your Body- Yoga, Stretch, Hike, Dance and Sing
Create an enjoyable experience to consistently move your body. Whether this is a form of exercise, self- care, time in nature or just simply having fun— find your way. 

9) Meditate, Relax, Recharge Your Batteries
We all need time to recharge from the inside-out. Yes, taking a nap or relaxing on the couch and zoning out is helpful at times. Yet, we really need a deeper reconnection to our soul. Find what fits best for you: Explore a variety of meditation styles, guided or unguided, that support you on your way. This is meant to be deep self-care that you are eager to repeat regularly. I've recorded a guided meditation podcast to go along with this article to help support you with developing a meditation practice.

10) Let It Go…
Conflict at work can still happen, even when working remotely. Have an open mind and reflect before you respond and focus on commonality before you try to overpower the situation with your viewpoint. Listen to the other person or people, and hear what is being said, as well as the messages you pick up between the lines. Breath into the situation and ask for guidance for solutions. If this conflict, or anything else, is eating away at you, it is not supporting you on your current path. Make your choices and then pin it for later. Now is the time to cut the cord, or at least have much firmer boundaries so you can live in more calm and peace.

These ten steps can help you find a more connected, deeper version of you. And from that you will feel more like your essential you, be more proactive at work and live a lifestyle that fits you better. Yay for you! Keep up the proactive choices, drawing closer to what supports you on this engaging path of self-discovery and working from your heart and soul. Connect with one of our talented psychics to develop a personal approach to your questions and challenges on your spiritual journey.
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Izzy supports and empowers you. She is direct, insightful and compassionate as she tunes into your energy. Izzy has worked in this profession for more than a decade. She is a college graduate and a graduate of Enwaken Energy Coaching. Izzy is a Reiki Master and has extensive trainings and certifications in the fields of metaphysics, communication and intuition. Izzy is also a Pet Psychic, speaks to those who have crossed over and can help to locate lost items. Bring your questions and concerns, and she will shine a light on your path forward.

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