I've Found Spiritual Awakening, But What's Next?

Published Date 6/3/2018
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What can you expect after a spiritual awakening?

When you achieve a spiritual awakening, you may expect life to get much easier, especially given the magnitude of such a breakthrough. Many people find, however, that this type of experience often prompts unintended consequences. Get an idea of what you can expect after a spiritual awakening and learn what’s next.

Understand Whether You’ve Truly Had a Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is a life-altering experience, and it certainly isn’t something that happens overnight. Most people strive toward this heightened state for years, actively clearing their minds of negative thoughts and making peace with themselves and their environments.

If you feel as though you’ve experienced a spiritual awakening in a relatively short amount of time, ask yourself whether you’ve simply become spiritually aware instead. In some cases, the ego convinces you that you’ve found enlightenment when you’ve simply reached the next step toward an awakening, with countless steps more to ascend.

Keep in mind that spiritual awareness simply means that you’re aware of the greater workings of the universe, but you haven’t achieved enlightenment yet. In contrast, a spiritual awakening is a sort of self-realization that causes you to completely rethink who you are and how you factor into your environment.

Know That a Spiritual Awakening Is Just the Beginning

Many people strive to achieve enlightenment with the mistaken belief that this is the end of a journey. Once they reach this pinnacle, they imagine that they can transcend many of life’s difficulties. In reality, however, a spiritual awakening is a beginning, not an end. It’s the start of a challenging road that promises many difficulties ahead.

In many cases, the challenges ahead are simply the same difficulties that you’ve long dealt with. After all, just because you’ve achieved an awakening doesn’t mean the rest of the world has also reached enlightenment. As any authentic psychic can advise, these unexpected difficulties can lead to dismay, disappointment, and even depression.

Learn to Navigate Your Disappointment

No matter how extreme your feelings of disappointment become, it’s important to know how to navigate them. Otherwise, you could find yourself experiencing depression and not being able to act on your enlightenment.

First, understand that you aren’t alone. Most people who achieve a spiritual awakening experience some type of disappointment after reaching this state. Remind yourself that your discomfort will pass as you continue to forge a path forward.

In addition, any disappointment that you experience is in the service of a greater good. You may not see the whole picture yet, but you’ll understand it all eventually. Talking to an unbiased confidant or a trusted adviser can be incredibly helpful as you work through your conflicted feelings. With a psychic reading online, you can give your disappointments a voice as you focus on the right way to move forward.

A spiritual awakening is a magnificent achievement, but it doesn’t always produce the results you anticipate. Know what to expect when you awaken, and you’ll be better equipped to make the most of your heightened spiritual state.


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